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Fonseca Trending 08/16/22


- PennLive says 7-Eleven is bringing back their Bring Your Own Cup promotion on August 27th. Loyalty members will be allowed to fill up their own cup or other vessel for $1.99. In the past, people have filled cookie jars, fish bowls and wine glasses with Slurpees.

- WRTV says competitive eater Joey Chestnut is going to take part in the world popcorn eating championship on Tuesday, August 23rd in Indiana. He has been training by shoving handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. Joey is going to attempt to set a world record by eating more than 28 1/2 24-ounce servings of popcorn in eight minutes.

- Adweek says Miller High Life has created a new dessert. Their beer-infused ice cream on a stick has an alcohol by volume of 5% and hints of tobacco smoke. It costs $36 and is available on Tipsy Scoop's website.

- Fox Business News says Martha Stewart has launched her own line of pumpkin spice CBD gummies. She says they are available for a limited time. "The Pumpkin Spice flavor signifies the beginning of the fall season and I wanted to capture this delicious moment with our CBD gummies.''

- Footwear News says Jennifer Lopez recently took her children to a Broadway show. She wore six inch Valentino heels. The platforms contained crystals.

- A new survey of 1,000 women by the dating site Illicit Encounters reveals that women with size B cups are the most likely to be unfaithful. Women with F cups are the most faithful.

- Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has tested positive for the coronavirus and only has mild symptoms. He is isolating and is vaccinated

- WJET says a four year old Italian Greyhound, from France, has tested positive for monkeypox. The dog contracted the virus from his two male owners. He is expected to be okay


Recall Trending

- WLKY says Home Run Inn Pizza is recalling their frozen pies because some may contain metal pieces.The company has received numerous consumer complaints about the metal

- WDIV says Kraft Heinz is recalling 5,760 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry Juicebecause a cleaning solution may be inside the drinks.

- WJET says King's Hawaiian is recalling their pretzel buns and pretzel bitesbecause they may contain a microbial bacteria.


Costco Selling Xmas Trees In August: Nokia Mobile Phone News says some Costco stores are already selling Christmas trees. Mickey Mouse Nutcracker statues have also been seen in stores.

The Internet reacts ...

“No! I’m not ready for Christmas yet.”

“This makes me so happy, I can’t wait to decorate again.”

“Time to get that Costco membership.”

OK! magazine claims Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are planning to marry again this weekend at Ben's estate near Savannah, Georgia. They will have a rehearsal dinner on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and a barbecue and picnic on Sunday. A source says Jennifer is going to wear a Ralph Lauren dress. "It’s going to be all about J.Lo. Ben wants all of the focus to be on her for their big day."

Perez Hilton says Anne Heche's family is not inviting Ellen DeGeneres to her funeral. The couple previously dated. A source tells the website, “Anne’s funeral will be this week and Ellen will not be invited. It’s just close family and friends. It will be small and private. Ellen felt the need to say something after Anne died. They hadn’t spoken in years but given what their relationship meant to so many people around the world, she understands why she had to speak out.” says Orlando Bloom has allegedly been offering break-up advice to Pete Davidson following his split with Kim Kardashian. A source tells the website, ''Orlando and Pete have become very close these past several weeks so Pete felt comfortable opening up to him/ Orlando’s main tip is for Pete to focus on doing him for the time being and then, it sounds like *possibly* try to get back with Kim once he’s no longer working on the opposite side of the planet from where her entire life is based. Once he goes back home, if he wants, he can try to work to repair their relationship. Until then, Orlando explained to just give Kim some space and reconnect when the time feels right.''

Epic Stream says online betting sites think Tom Holland may replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. Alex Apati of Ladbrokes says Tom's odds are getting better as time goes on. "Tom Holland might not be the traditional Bond type, but the odds suggest he has a slight chance of replacing Daniel Craig, and plenty of betters seem to think the same."

US Weekly Magazine says Brad Pitt knows he will never reconcile with Jennifer Aniston. A source tells the magazine, “He feels the ship has sailed. He really wants to settle down with the right partner. He’d supposedly like to date a creative person who loves privacy, given that his last relationship with model Nicole Poturalski ended under too much media scrutiny.''

Brobible says Johnny Depp is going to direct a new movie about Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Al Pacino will produce the film. Johnny has not directed a movie since Marlon Brando starred in his 1997 film ''The Brave''

XXL magazine says Snoop Dogg is getting his own cereal called Snoop Loopz.The box features a blue dog holding a spoon and promises more marshmallows than other cereals. The cereal is gluten-free

Deadline Hollywood says the first Jumanji theme park is going to open in the UK in 2023. The park looks like the Jumanji jungle. There will be 40 rides and attractions, two hotels and a zoo with over 1,000 animals.

The Daily Mail says Madonna is spending thousands of dollars on her 64th birthday party. She is flying all of her family and friends to Sicily, Italy for the bash. All of the guests are going to stay at an 18th century palace. A source tells the newspaper, ''The plan is to have dinner and drinks outside under the Mediterranean sky with a live band. All of her family are flying to the island with her.''

Dogs Are Good For Dating

A new study by Spain's University of Jaen reveals that men have a better chance of finding love if they include a picture of their dog on their dating profile. Researchers say they studied 300 women and found that they feel at ease when they see a man and a dog in a picture together. "The current study has shown that the small-sized dog prompts more positive emotional reactivity and higher levels of safety than the medium-sized dog in most emotional contexts, pointing out that emotional and safety benefits from dog presence might also be related to size. We selected two unpopular, medium-and small-sized adult dogs (Portuguese podengo-like mixed-breed dog and wire-haired dachshund, respectively) to examine whether the positive dog effect was due to dog presence itself or dog specificity.

10 Signs That Someone Might Be Lying … According to a new survey by Online Betting Guide











Healthiest States ... According to a new study by Nice RX based on obesity percentage, cigarette use, fitness classes, binge drinking and other factors

1 Washington

2 Massachusetts

3 Utah

4 Vermont

5 Connecticut

6 Colorado

7 New York

8 New Hampshire

9 California

10 Oregon

Least Healthiest States ... According to a new study by Nice RX based on obesity percentage, cigarette use, fitness classes, binge drinking and other factors

1 Louisiana

2 Mississippi

3 Alabama

4 Kentucky

5 West Virginia

6 Arkansas

7 Oklahoma

8 Iowa

9 Indiana

10 Missouri

Dear Fonseca

I went on a date last Friday and thought it went great. The next morning, I woke up and saw that my date trashed me on Facebook and Tik-Tok. She slammed me because I did not pay for her Uber. We met at a restaurant and wine bar and had drinks and dinner, which I paid for. She was upset that I didn't pay for her ride home. I paid for everything else and didn't tell her to take an Uber. Her post said I was not a true gentleman and didn't go the extra mile. I think she should be responsible for her transportation not me. Should I have paid for the Uber? Is that now a requirement for men on dates?

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