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Fonseca Trending 07/12/22


- Fox Business News says Twitter is launching a new feature called Unmention. It will allow users to unmention or remove themselves from toxic conversations

- The Las Vegas Review-Journal says Sebastian Maniscalco is filming two upcoming comedy shows in Vegas for a Netflix comedy special. No word on when the special will air.

- KHON says Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson is going to host Shark Week when it returns to Discovery and Discovery+ on Sunday, July 24th

- Baller Alert says LeBron James is launching a new sports nutrition company called Ladder. He is going to sell nutrition and performance supplements, shakes and plant proteins.

- The NY Post says Robert Griffin III is going to replace Randy Moss on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown Show. The show airs before ''Monday Night Football''

- WSVN says Spain's Running of the Bulls continued yesterday as three people were gored. None were seriously injured. One man got gored in the calf

- QSR magazine says people flocked to KFC yesterday because they brought back their Mac and Cheese Bowl. The $5 bowl has mac and cheese, popcorn chicken, a three-cheese blend and 1,400 calories

- Thrillist says Twinkies has a new flavor for Summer called Tropical Blast. The sponge cake is filled with blue cream and tastes like fruit.


Restaurant Using Gas Prices To Set Food Prices: WRTV says the Big Lug Canteen restaurant, in Indianapolis, is using gas prices to set the prices for their food. General manager Eddie Sahm says the daily specials sell for whatever the price of unleaded gas is selling for. The restaurant offers typical bar food like wings and burgers.

Man Falls Into Volcano While Taking Selfie: The Daily Mirror says a 23 year old tourist recently fell into Mount Vesuvius while taking a selfie. The man tried to retrieve his phone, but lost his balance and fell into the Naples, Italy volcano. Other tourists called Emergency Services before firefighters managed to pull the man from the volcano. He was lucky to be alive and only suffered cuts and bruises on his arms and legs. "We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve."

Uproxx says Mickey Rourke was recently doing an interview with Piers Morgan when he allegedly slammed Tom Cruise for doing "Top Gun: Maverick". He said, ''I think he’s irrelevant, in my world. The guy’s been doing the same part for 35 years. I got no respect for that. I don’t care about money and power. I care about when I watch Al Pacino work and Chris Walken and De Niro’s early work and Richard Harris’s work and Ray Winstone’s work. That’s the kind of actor I want to be like. Monty Clift and Brando back in the day.”

The Daily Mail says Jennifer Pamplona, of Dubai, has spent $750,000 transforming herself into a Kim Kardashian look-a-like. The 29 year-old has had multiple plastic surgeries including a nose job, lip fillers, body fillers, a facelift, a neck lift, a fat removal procedure, cat eye surgery, a lip lift, breast implants, rhinoplasty, cheek fillers, fat injections into her thighs, eight ribs removed and fat injected into her butt cheeks. She says, ''I was going through so many different surgeries to have the signature Kardashian style. I was happy having this Kardashian style look, it made me money and I enjoyed life. I was happy, but now, I just want to be recognised as who I really am. I would look in the mirror and people would call me a Kardashian and then it started to get annoying.''

Gossip Ireland says Johnny Depp sings about his ex-wife, Amber Heard, on his new album ''18''. He and rocker Jeff Beck are releasing the album on Friday. In one song, Johnny sings “If I had a dime, it wouldn’t reach your hand.” During another track, he alludes to Amber by singing, “I think you’ve said enough for one ******* night.”

The Globe claims the producers of Jeopardy are begging Ken Jennings to save the show. A source tells the magazine, “The terrible ratings have put Ken in a position of power and he’s playing a genius hand. Even if Mayim gets the job full-time, they’ve made it clear they want Ken back in some capacity. They’re throwing all kinds of money and perks at him—but Ken’s playing hard to get! He can’t forget the way they treated him right after Alex Trebek died. The way Ken sees it, they were lucky to get him, and producers didn’t support him enough. There were complaints he was too awkward—but clearly fans prefer him to menacing Mayim! Ken’s telling friends he’ll consider an offer to return at least part-time but he also wants an apology!”

In touch Weekly Magazine claims kids may have allegedly played a role in Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick breaking up. A source tells the magazine, “Anna has never wanted children, and Bill already had three kids from his previous marriage. It just wasn’t meant to be a forever love story. But they had a good run together with a lot of laughs, and they ended things as friends.”

In touch Weekly Magazine claims Meghan Markle was allegedly upset with several text messages Prince Harry received from his female friends. A source tells the magazine, “They were apparently just random messages that said things along the lines of ‘See you later x,’ but they had a massive fight about them. With all the private phone calls that have been leaked about the royals over the years, Harry has to understand how his words might be misconstrued.”

IGN News says the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico plans to honor Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's Breaking Bad characters with statues. Show creator Vince Gilligan says, "These larger-than-life bronzes of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman exist thanks to the generosity of Sony Pictures Television and the artistry of sculptor Trevor Grove, and I love them. It makes me happy to picture them gracing The Duke City for decades to come, attracting busloads of tourists."

The statues will be displayed inside the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Radar Online says former General Hospital star Steve Burton is divorcing his pregnant wife, Sheree. He claims the child she is carrying is not his. Steve cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. He posted, "I wanted to clear something up. Sheree and I are separated. She recently announced that she's expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine."

The Rock tells Delish magazine that his cheat meal now consists of a breakfast of 12 whole eggs and five large biscuits drowned in honey. "I love my cheat days, they have become legendary, which is a good thing. I do believe in working hard throughout the week and earning your cheat meals at the end of the week. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.''


The Worst Jobs in America … According to a new survey by MyPerfectResume

Cleaner—annual mean wage: $29,580 – $38,530

Waiter/Waitress—annual mean wage: $29,010

Janitor—annual mean wage: $31,860

Laborer—annual mean wage: $31,440 – $44,130

Truck driver—annual mean wage: $42,630 – $50,340

Wedding Survey

A new study by Helzberg Diamonds reveals that the average wedding now costs $33,204. Other findings:

26% of couples think they spent too much on their wedding

26% of couples say they felt pressure to have a large wedding

the average couple can save $19,480 by eliminating a free bar, flowers, a band or DJ and a videographer

Chocolate Survey

A new survey by Mars reveals that the average person consumes over 10,000 pieces of chocolate during their lifetime. Other findings:

- 53% of people have a favorite chocolate bar. 60% of those people say it's the same bar they liked as a child

- 47% of people stick to traditional chocolate bars rather than trying new ones

- 50% of people say chocolate should always be kept in the fridge or freezer

- 36% of people say the best chocolate bars contain caramel while 31% say they contain hazelnuts

- 27% of people eat chocolate after work

The Worst Office Passive-Aggressive Phrases …. According to a new survey by Preply

“As you no doubt are aware”

“For future reference”

“Not sure if you saw my last email”

“No offense, but …”

‘That was surprisingly good.’

Most Stressed Cities .. According to a new survey by Wallethub based on 40 key metrics including work stress, financial stress, family stress and health and safety issues, among other things

1 Cleveland

2 Detroit

3 Gulfport, Mississippi

4 Baltimore

5 Philadelphia

6 Memphis

7 New Orleans

8 Birmingham

9 St Louis

10 Toledo

Least Stressed Cities .. According to a new survey by Wallethub based on 40 key metrics including work stress, financial stress, family stress and health and safety issues, among other things

1 Fremont, California

2 South Burlington, Vermont

3 Madison, Wisconsin

4 Overland Park, Kansas

5 Fargo, ND

6 Columbia, Maryland

7 San Jose, California

8 Bismarck, North Dakota

9 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

10 Burlington, Vermont

Dear Fonseca

My family went to the mall this past weekend and saw several back to school sales already in progress. My 11 year-old son is begging my husband and I to buy him a $200 pair of sneakers. He says if he doesn't have the shoes his classmates will tease him. My husband refuses to buy the shoes and says our son needs to grow thick skin as he enters sixth grade. I tend to disagree and think we should get him the shoes to boost his confidence and do everything we can to make sure he's not bullied. Should we buy the shoes or not? Who's right... me or my husband?

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