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Fonseca Trending 07/11/22


- Fortune Magazine says the average price for a gallon of gas has fallen 19 cents over the past two weeks. The average price for a gallon is now $4.86

- The San Gabriel Valley Tribune says Sopranos star Tony ''Paulie Walnuts'' Sirico has died at the age of 79. A cause of death was not provided.

- The NY Post says Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst recently married her longtime boyfriend, Jesse Plemons, in Jamaica. The couple have two children together.

- Popsugar says Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria, got married over the weekend in Beverly Hills. She and her fiance, actor Michael Xavier, tied the knot in front of 200 people.

- The NY Post says Spain's Running of the Bulls continued over the weekend as two men were gored in their legs while trying to avoid the charging beasts. The men were taken to a local hospital to be treated.


Food Trending

- The Daily Beast says McDonald's restaurants in France are selling a new sandwich called the McBaguette. It contains two hamburger patties, lettuce and French mustard sandwiched between a thin baguette roll.

- Sora News says Pringles is selling egg sandwich-flavored potato chips in Japan. The chips smell just like freshly made egg sandwiches and are receiving five star reviews

- Chewboom says Kellogg's and Nickelodeon are teaming up for a new Apple Jacks flavor called Slime. The cereal turns milk green


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Thor: Love and Thunder,” $143 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $250 million to produce. The film has earned $302 million worldwide)

2. “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” $45.6 million.

3. “Top Gun: Maverick,” $15.5 million.

4. “Elvis,” $11 million.

5. “Jurassic World: Dominion,” $8.4 million.

6. “The Black Phone,” $7.7 million.

7. “Lightyear,” $2.9 million.

8. “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” $340,000.

9. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” $262,000.

10. “Mr. Malcolm’s List,” $245,416.

Starbucks' Chicken Sandwich Causing Customers To Run To The Bathroom: The NY Post says Starbucks has removed their new chicken sandwich from their menu because it is causing customers to run to the bathroom. Hundreds of Starbucks fans and Baristas have taken to social media to talk about how the Chicken, Maple Butter and Egg sandwich caused them to become sick ...

“Suing for the worst diarrhea of my life. i have been living in my bathroom for 2 days now”

“Had it last Wednesday… super sick… tested positive for campylobacter (food poisoning caused by raw chicken) Sunday.”

“Took out two of my baristas at my store”

“I’ve been DYING of stomach pain all day”

Pregnant Woman Ticketed For Driving In Carpool Lane; Says Unborn Kid Is A Passenger: The Daily Mail says Brandy Bottone, of Texas, was recently ticketed for driving solo in a carpool lane. She plans to fight the $215 ticket because she says her unborn child should count as a person. Brandy is 34 weeks pregnant. An officer said her unborn child does not count as a passenger. Brandy plans to fight the ticket in court on July 20th.

Elite Daily says a Golden Girls pop-up restaurant is going to open in Los Angeles on July 30th. The Beverly Hills restaurant is going to replicate The Golden Girls kitchen. Peak hour reservations start at $55. Cheesecake, lasagna, Cuban sandwiches, vegan sandwiches and soup and salad will all be served

The Daily Mail says some theatres in London have stopped showing the new Minions movie, ''Minions: Rise of Gru'', because Gentleminions are showing up and ruining the film experience. Young men, dressed in suits, are shouting "Go Minions'' at the screen. The Gentleminions trend started on Tik-Tok in Australia.

Blake Shelton says Gwen Stefani is a great cook. Celebitchy quotes him as saying, “Gwen’s Italian. She’s other things, too, but she really leans into the Italian part of her blood, and that comes with lots and lots and lots of family gatherings and lots of food. I mean, there’s a reason that my chin looks like a stork, and I’m OK with it!”

Cameron Diaz tells the Second Life podcast that she was a smuggler in Paris and Morocco before becoming a successful actress. ''I was there a full year and didn’t work one day. I couldn’t book a job to save my life. Then I got one job but, really, I think I was a mule carrying drugs to Morocco — I swear to God. This was the early Nineties and they gave me a locked suitcase that had my "costumes" in it. I’m this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in Morocco. I’m ­wearing torn jeans and platform boots, with my hair down — this is really unsafe. I told them, "I don’t know, it’s not mine, I’ve no idea whose it is". That was the only job I got in Paris.''

YouTube star Jake Paul tells the Flagrant podcast that he believes he will knock out Mike Tyson when they fight. “I want to start off by saying I love Mike Tyson. I love him, his family, he’s such a great guy, a wise man who has taken me under his wing. I owe him a ton of credit for helping me start my career with the Nate Robinson fight on his undercard. I think he thinks that he would knock me out, and I think that’s maybe the reason why he doesn’t want to do the fight. I think he wants to avoid maybe knocking me out, hurting me. Maybe him watching this fight will help, and I think there’s a very very high chance that I knock him out. He’s not the same fighter that he was once was and he knows that”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have allegedly gone over their wedding budget. A source tells the magazine, “They’re already $1 million over budget. Most people don’t get a second chance like this. She needs to take a step back before she scares Ben off. Jennifer Garner is urging Affleck to proceed with caution. She gave Ben a shocking warning along the lines of ‘This is what you’re signing up for—for the rest of your life. She wants him to understand what he’s getting into.”

US Weekly Magazine says things are heating up between Alex Rodriguez and his 25 year-old girlfriend Kathryne Padgett. A source tells the magazine, “They haven’t put a title on their relationship yet and aren’t going around telling their friends they’re official. The two have been hanging out for the last few months. They never get bored together and have a lot of fun. Sparks are flying between the pair. He is always leaving flirtatious comments on her IG. … He’s really into her.”

Chris Hemsworth tells Vanity Fair magazine that he wants to star in another Star Trek movie. “If J.J. Abrams called me tomorrow and said ‘Chris Pine and I want to do it,’ I’d probably say ‘Yeah, let’s go for it!”. He played George Kirk, the father of Captain James T Kirk.

Personality Profile: What Your Dreams Mean... According to a new study by Sleep Seeker

Snakes … Snake dreams can represent a rebirth and moving on. The snake is also representative of a toxic person or situation in your life that you’re trying to escape from.

Being Chased … Dreams of being chased can indicate fear, close-mindedness or avoidance in your everyday life.

Dogs - Dreams or nightmares about dogs can depend on the dog’s mood in your dream. Happy dogs can represent recovery or nurturing from a loved one, while dreams about aggressive dogs indicate communication issues.

Cats ... Being scratched by a cat in your dream can indicate feelings of being threatened while interacting with a happy cat can represent fertility, love or landing back on your feet after a tough situation.

Pregnancy ... Your pregnancy dreams could be an indicator of growth in your life, nurturing career opportunities, or they could symbolize starting again.

Flying … If you dream about flying, this represents freedom or the desire to have freedom from a situation. If you are flying with ease in your dream this could be symbolic of you regaining control.

Hair Falling Out …A dream about your hair falling out could mean that you are concerned about getting older and having to deal with everything that comes with aging including hair loss.

Falling …Dreams about falling mean that you are feeling inadequate or are losing control

Crashing a car … Dreams about crashing mean you might be feeling guilty about something that you have done in the past.

America’s Sweatiest Cities .. According to a new survey by based on average Summer temperature, relative humidity, days above 90 degrees and exercise rate

1 Orlando

2 Corpus Christi, Texas

3 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

4 New Orleans, Louisiana

5 Tallahassee, Florida

Top 10 Best Cities For Singles To Move To For Love ... According to a new survey by Zillow

1. Wichita, KS

2. Austin, TX

3. Milwaukee, WI

4. Denver, CO

5. San Antonio, TX

6. Houston, TX

7. Dallas, TX

8. Seattle, WA

9. Washington, DC

10. Boston, MA

Dear Fonseca

The 14 year-old girl across the street has been sneaking her boyfriend in during the day. Her mother is at work. I told my husband what is going on and he told me not to say anything to the mother because it's none of our business. He says I am a nosy neighbor. I think I have a responsibility to say something from one parent to another. My husband says I need to mind my own business. Where do you stand on this? Should I say something? My husband says we should not be getting up in other people's business

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