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Fonseca Trending 06/23/22


- The Straits Times newspaper says China is tightening its coronavirus rules and is now requiring children to test negative for the virus before they can play in public parks. Children, older than three, need to show a green health code card before being allowed into parks.

- KFDX says Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is changing their name to Kraft Mac and Cheese. They are also changing their macaroni logo. The new one will have cheese dripping from it

- The NY Post says a ''Back to the Future'' musical, based on Michael J Fox's 1985 movie, is coming to Broadway in 2023.

- LAD Bible says YouTube star Jake Paul is going to fight Tommy Fury on August 6th at Madison Square Garden. Fury is the brother of heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury.


Fireworks Prices Skyrocketing Ahead Of July 4th: NBC says fireworks prices are skyrocketing because of supply chain issues and soaring transportation costs. Fireworks retailers say prices have jumped by 25% this year after jumping by 40% in 2021. It used to cost $5,000 to bring a fireworks container to the U.S.. That cost is now $30,000.

The Cowboy State Daily newspaper says Will Ferrell and his family are stuck in Cody, Wyoming because of the Yellowstone floods. The Ferrells have been spending time at a gourmet food market, a historic hotel, a cocktail lounge and a local campground. Ferrell has eight friends and family members traveling in three RVs. He and his group are heading to Bozeman, Montana where they plan to catch a flight home

Brad Pitt tells GQ magazine that a man conned him into believing that there was millions of dollars worth of gold buried on the grounds of his French estate. “I got obsessed. Like for a year, this was all I could think about, just the excitement of it all. Maybe it has something to do with where I grew up, because in the Ozark Mountains there were always stories of hidden caches of gold. The man was actually seeking money for some kind of radar company, an investment opportunity. It was pretty foolish in the end. It was just the hunt that was exciting.”

Brad Pitt tells GQ magazine that he knows the end of his career is near. ''I consider myself on my last leg, this last semester or trimester. What is this section gonna be? And how do I wanna design that?''

Brad Pitt tells GQ magazine that he has a recurring nightmare. ''It would always be at night, in the dark, and I would be walking down a sidewalk in a park or along a boardwalk and as I’d pass under an Exorcist-like street lamp, someone would jump out of the abyss and stab me in the ribs. Or I’d notice I was being followed and then another flanked me and I realized I was trapped, and they meant me grave harm. Or being chased through a house with a kid I’d help escape but got pinned in on the deck — and stabbed. Always stabbed.''

The Daily Mirror says Katy Perry recently argued with an Australian server over a table. Katy and her daughter Daisy entered a cafe in Port Douglas, Australia. Katy asked for a specific table. Server Indiana Paull told her she would have to wait. The two argued for a bit before Katy was finally seated. Indiana failed to recognize Katy because she was wearing a large bucket hat and sunglasses. Katy left her a large tip. Indiana posted; "When you are the first dumb oblivious b***h to tell Katy Perry she has to wait for a table. Katy Perry comes into your café and you don't recognize her and argue over a table then she tips and hugs you for treating her like an every day person."

The Daily Mail says a home invader recently broke into Casey Affleck's house.Casey was out of town. His girlfriend, Kaylee, woke up and saw the intruder staring at her. She screamed as he then ran off. Cops found the intruder nearby and arrested him. Kaylee may have been able to take down the intruder because she is trained in Karate, Taekwondo, Shotokan, and Krav Maga.

Super Mario producer Chris Meledandri tells Entertainment Weekly that Italians won't be offended by Chris Pratt's portrayal of ''Super Mario''. ''Pratt did a superb job as the Nintendo icon. When people hear Chris Pratt’s performance, the criticism will evaporate, maybe not entirely — people love to voice opinions, as they should. I’m not sure this is the smartest defense, but as a person who has Italian-American heritage, I feel I can make that decision without worrying about offending Italians or Italian-Americans… I think we’re going to be just fine.”

Jeffrey Ross tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he has been using Will Smith's slap of Chris Rock as a show opener. “The jokes on you! I have alopecia, and I am starring in the new ‘G.I. Jane’ movie!’” During one show, Jeffrey asked if anybody had alopecia. One woman did. “So she pulls away her wig, and this is an outdoor show, over 90 degrees. The crowd loves it, she’s laughing. Sometimes I think people are waiting to be roasted. In some cases, it can be very healing.”

Thieves Steal $2K Worth Of Barbie Dolls: WYOU says thieves recently broke into a storage unit in Monroe County, Pennsylvania where they stole $2,000 worth of Barbie dolls. The thieves also took $5,000 worth of rare trading cards. The police are investigating and think the collectibles and dolls may show up online.

TOP UNCONVENTIONAL FOODS PEOPLE HAVE GRILLED … According to a new survey by the Kansas City Steak Company

“A crate of jalapeños.”

“Mexican seafood.”

“Cow tongue.”


“Chicken and waffles.”

“Shrimp kabob.”

“Whole lizard.”


“Eggplant and fish.”

“Sweet potato, limes, oranges, and cake batter.”

“Avocados split into fours.”

“Grilled apple tossed salad.”

“Potato chips.”

Sleep And Obesity Study

A new study by Northwestern University reveals that limiting exposure to light before bedtime can help people stay slim. Researchers found that 41% of people, who are exposed to light before bedtime, are obese. They recommend not looking at phones or TVs before going to sleep.

Neurologist Dr. Minjee Kim says, "Whether it be from one's smartphone, leaving a TV on overnight, or light pollution in a big city, we live among an abundant number amount of artificial sources of light that are available 24 hours a day."

Music Survey

A new survey by Guitar Center reveals that 15% of parents want their kids to learn how to play the drums. Other findings:

- 18% of parents want their children to learn how to play the piano

- 16% of parents want their children to learn how to play the violin.

- 39% of school children are in a school band

- 24% of teenage musicians are part of a garage band

Dear Fonseca

I'm on several dating apps. A guy asked me out for a coffee date. I accepted, but am having second thoughts because my friends are killing him. They say I should have not accepted the date because coffee dates are like a job interview. They also said he put absolutely no thought into the date to try and impress me. Several other friends like the coffee date because they say if I don't like him I can bolt after one drink. Which set of friends is right? Should I go on the date?

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