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Fonseca Trending 04/05/22


- Showbiz411 says 7.8 million people watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. That's down from 8.8 million last year

- Marketing Dive says Miller Lite is now selling Beer Drops. The liquid drops can be added to other light beers to enhance flavor. The drops sell for four dollars and were produced to celebrate National Beer Day on April 7th

- The Dirt says Ellen DeGeneres has sold her spare Montecito, California home for $13.5 million. She bought the home for $12 million. It has three bedrooms, a detached studio, a fireplace, a soaking tub, outdoor showers and olive trees

- Dark Horizons says Amazon Prime has purchased Jennifer Lopez's new rom-com ‘’Shotgun Wedding’’. She and Josh Duhamel play a couple, who get cold feet before their wedding. Their entire wedding party is then taken hostage

- The Daily Mail says some tickets to last night's NCAA Championship game between Kansas and North Carolina sold for as little as $22 because Duke was eliminated on Saturday. People were hoping Coach K would make it to the championship game. When he didn't, ticket prices dramatically dropped


Gambler Wins $12 Million On National Championship Game: Brobible says a Houston mattress store owner, named Mattress Mack, won $12.21 million last night after Kansas won college basketball's National Championship game. He bet $8.86 million on Kansas to beat North Carolina. They did 72-69. KU was down 15 at halftime. They pulled off the biggest comeback in championsip game history

Egg Prices Skyrocketing: ABC says egg prices are skyrocketing because of the bird flu. Prices have jumped by 52% in the last two months because 11 million chickens and 2 million turkeys have died as a result of the avian flu. The average price for a dozen eggs is $2.88. Three percent of chickens have been affected by the flu

Newsweek magazine says Will Smith and Chris Rock could go head-to-head for a Best Actor Oscar at the 2023 Academy Awards. Will is going to be starring in a new movie called "Emancipation" about a runaway slave, who joins the Union Army. Chris is going to star in a new movie called ''Rustin" about a gay civil rights activist, who organized a march in Washington D.C..

Showbiz411 says the day after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, his friend, the Crown Prince of Dubai, flew him to his Middle Eastern Kingdom so he could relax. Will and the Prince are so close that the Prince's children call him 'Uncle Will'. He sends them custom gifts

Celebrity Insider says Tom Cruise recently invited Prince William and Kate Middleton to a private screening of "Top Gun: Maverick". A source says the screening took place in an IMAX theater. ''The theater was shut to secure the privacy of William, Kate, and a few other associates of the Royal Family and a few authorized companions.'' Tom welcomed the Royals and said, "I hope they like the film as much as he like it."

Amy Schumer tells Vanity Fair magazine that she was not allowed to make jokes about Alec Baldwin or James Franco at the Academy Awards. “Don’t Look Up is the name of a movie? More like don’t look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin’s shotgun. I wasn’t allowed to say any of that [at the Oscars], but you can just come up and [slap] someone.”

Entertainment Tonight says Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are starting to get serious. A source tells the TV show, "Kim and Pete are super serious and they both want to take their relationship to the next level. They are enamored with each other and are continuing to work on seeing their relationship blossom further, regardless of the drama that Kanye previously created. Pete decided to speak out because Kanye's behavior got to a point where he personally felt like he had to stand up for himself as a man and a protector. He is over the negativity that Kanye brought to him and Kim and her family."

The Daily Beast says Harrison Ford is going to star in a new TV series called "Shrinking". The Apple TV + series is about therapists dealing with significant changes in their personal lives. The people behind ''Ted Lasso'' are developing this series. Harrison's character develops Parkinson's disease and then has to re-evaluate his personal and professional life

The Daily Mail newspaper says Courteney Cox is launching her own line of candles and hand cream. She posted; ''I'm so excited to finally have my candles and hand cream out in the world. I wanted the candle's fragrance load to fill a room and the vessel shape and color to go with any style,' she captioned a photo of herself in an airy and bright living room with tons of natural light coming through a window. The prototype was actually hand thrown in my backyard. I wanted to make a hand cream that was super hydrating without being greasy and with a beautiful scent.'' Her scents include Cece (Cox's signature scent), Steeped Rose, Neroli Leaf and Cipres Mint.

Life & Style Weekly Magazine says Keanu Reeves may soon propose to his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. A source tells the magazine, “Keanu isn’t hiding the fact that he’s going to propose to Alexandra. His friends know how happy he’s been, he’s talked about making Alexandra his wife and he was recently spotted ring shopping in West Hollywood. Keanu and Alexandra have both been in relationships before, but this is by far the easiest. They just flow well together, they mesh perfectly. Maybe it’s because they’re mature, stable and know what they want from life. There’s no drama. And of course, they love each other. He adores Alexandra.”

Jason Momoa tells Extra TV that he and Kate Beckinsale are not dating. Rumors started after he chatted with her following the Academy Awards. Jason says , "It was cray. Have a conversation with a woman about her country, I was in England doing 'Aquaman 2.' Everyone is like, 'Are you dating?' No, no.''

Video Game Survey

A new survey by Buzz Bingo reveals that PlayStation players are in the best shape when it comes to gamers. 45% of them exercise between one and five times a week. Other findings:

- 28% of Xbox users exercise between one and five times a week.

- Only 8% of Nintendo Switch gamers exercise on a regular basis

- PlayStation users like the following exercises ... weightlifting (58%), push-ups (51%) and sit-ups (43%)

- Xbox users like the following exercises .. pushups (25%) and weightlifting (13%)

Dirty Laundry Survey

A new survey by the online bedding brand Dusk reveals that 25% of people have never washed their pillow. Other findings:

- 91% of people say bedding should be washed every 1 to 2 weeks

- 50% of people incorrectly wash their linens

- bath towels should be washed after every fourth use

Puppy Survey

A new survey by PuppySpot reveals that 80% of people pamper their puppy as much as possible. Other findings:

- 75% of people consider their dog a member of their family

- 80% of people say it's important that their pet is clean and groomed

- Top ways puppies are pampered ... treats and cuddles followed by long walks and new toys

- 30% of dog owners own a pet stroller

- 35% of people take their pet on vacation with them

Pet Survey

A new survey by the pet insurance company Many Pets reveals that 35% of pets have a social media account. Other findings:

- 40% of pet owners fill their social media pages with pictures of their pet

- 50% of people spend more time with their pet than they do their own family

Healthiest Cities in America … According to a new survey by Wallethub based on 43 key indicators including healthcare, food, fitness, green space and more

1 San Francisco

2 Seattle

3 San Diego

4 Portland, Oregon

5 Salt Lake City

6 Honolulu

7 Austin, Texas

8 Denver

9 South Burlington, Vermont

10 Washington DC

Dear Fonseca

My sister has been estranged from my family for several years. Recently, all of us started reconciling with her. She got mad at me over the weekend after I told her I am engaged. She doesn't want me to marry my fiance because he bullied her when they were in grade school and junior high. He has apologized for his actions, but she refuses to let it go. My upcoming wedding could throw a wrench into my family's reconciliation with my sister. She has basically given me an ultimatum... my fiance or her. What would you do if you were me?

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