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Fonseca Show - with Fonseca 10/20/23

Today's Best Of Calls:


- TMZ says Britney Spears won't be doing any interviews to promote her new memoir, "The Woman in Me"

- Tire Business says Snap-on recently released a line of pink tools to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The tools are available for a limited time at participating stores. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various breast cancer charities.

- Simplemost says Mrs. Butterworth's is launching an "Elf" sugar cookie pancake kit and syrup for the holiday season. The products are inspired by Will Ferrell's popular Christmas movie. The pancake kit has a mix, frosting, and red and green sprinkles.

- Popsugar says Starbucks has added a Ghost Pumpkin Frappuccino to their secret menu. The Halloween drink is made with pumpkin, cocoa powder, spirulina, brown sugar and butter. It is selling overseas on regular menus

- PR Newswire says Cheetos recently debuted Cheetos Pretzels. The pretzels are coated in Cheetle dust and are available in Cheddar and Flamin' Hot flavors. Large bags cost $5.69.

- Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady, tells Fox News Digital that his “Brady Bunch” co-star Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady, plans to attend an upcoming episode of “Dancing With the Stars” to cheer him on.


Fonseca TIPS;

Worst Halloween Candies For Teeth: Fox News says a Beverly Hills dentist, named Dr. Kevin Sands, recently shared which Halloween candies are bad for your teeth.

Hard candies like jawbreakers and suckers can chip teeth and cause cavities.

Sticky candies like taffy and caramels can get stuck in your teeth, leading to tooth decay.

Sour candies have high acidity levels that damage enamel.

Sugar-free candies often contain citric acid which wears down enamel.

Chewy candies like nougat and toffee stick to teeth and allow bacteria to grow.

Dr. Sands suggests safer options like chocolate, powdered candy, Smarties, yogurt-covered raisins, nuts, popcorn, and sugar-free gum

The Sun says Lewis Capaldi recently helped a collapsed elderly woman in London. He called for an ambulance and stayed with her until help arrived. A source tells the newspaper, “Lewis is not just a superstar but a superhero. We saw him helping an old woman who had collapsed on the ground and it turned out he’d rushed over to help when he saw her. Lewis and his mates called an ambulance and made sure they stayed with the woman until help arrived. He clearly has a massive heart. Good on him.”

The Daily Mail says Britney Spears' new memoir, "The Woman in Me," has mistakenly been sold in stores in Mexico before its release date on October 24th.Fans have been sharing parts of the book online.

Billie Eilish tells Far Out magazine that honesty is crucial for aspiring musicians."If you write something you don't actually feel, or if you're singing it with the wrong type of emotion, or if you're focusing on a melody and forgetting about how you feel, it artificially builds this wall. You have to really know yourself, dig deep into who you are, and sing from the bottom of your heart."

Selena Gomez tells Teen Vogue magazine that social media can be a dark and scary place. "The problem I have with social media is that no one is held accountable. You can say whatever you want about whoever and there's no consequences. I think it brings out the worst in people. People share their most dark and twisted sides with a smile on social media."

Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz tells that people shouldn't be afraid to try new things . "Life is so short. You owe it to yourself to try something new every chance you get. Try a new food or a new activity at least once a month. It'll help you live a fuller life."

The Hollywood Reporter says the Screen Actors Guild has instructed striking Hollywood actors not to wear Halloween costumes inspired by struck content characters. They suggest dressing as generalized characters like ghosts. Popular costumes like Barbie and Wednesday Adams are not allowed this year due to the strike.

The Daily Mail says Taylor Swift is allegedly falling in love with Travis Kelce. His gentlemanly ways have impressed her parents, who think he's a great match for her. A source tells the newspaper, "Taylor is blown away right now and her family is all about Travis. She is trying to keep it together, but is obviously falling in love with him and he feels the same way."

The NY Post says Travis Kelce bought a $6 million Kansas City mansion to impress Taylor Swift. He allegedly felt self-conscious about his old home and wanted a more luxurious place for Swift. The new home is situated on three acres of land. Kelce's Chiefs salary jumped from $2.9M in 2022 to $11.2M this year, making the purchase possible." The new house has a pool, a waterfall, a tennis court, a pickleball court and a mini golf course.

Entertainment Tonight says Travis Kelce plans to visit Taylor Swift in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she has three concerts scheduled from November 9th to the 11th. The visit coincides with a bye week for the Kansas City Chiefs

Page Six says Taylor Swift fans caused chaos yesterday at a New Canaan, Connecticut restaurant. Swifties swarmed the eatery because a fan page said Swift, Travis Kelce and Blake Lively were inside. The restaurant had to lock their backdoor as people tried to catch a glimpse of the couple. The fire department and police were called to manage the crowd.

Swift-Kelce Romance Survey

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 55% of people are overwhelmed by the media coverage of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship. Other findings:

- 12% of people believe the media's coverage has been "about right" while 4% say it's not enough

- 54% of football fans say the NFL spends "too much time" focusing on Swift during Chiefs games. 13% say the NFL spends the "right amount of time" while 3% want more coverage

- 31% of people have heard "nothing" about the new couple

Radar Online says Cher’s strong sex drive is allegedly challenging for her 37-year-old boyfriend, Alexander "AE" Edwards. A source says, ""AE is frustrated and doesn't know what to do. Every time he wants to get something done in the studio, she's craving — and demanding — more. It's gotten to be a lot for him and, frankly, a burden for the relationship. Cher says AE's return has shaved 40 years off her age. She's telling people her health is better than it's been in years — and that's translating into her high libido. Let's just hope it doesn't drive AE away in the end.’’

Will Smith tells The Baltimore Sun that his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith has been both brutal and beautiful. "We call it ‘brutiful.’ It was brutal and beautiful at the same time. I have achieved every single thing I have ever wanted in my entire life. There is not one thing left that I desire in this world — all of the awards, all of the money, the family — everything I’ve ever dreamed. And those dreams were largely built on the foundation of Jada’s sacrifices. There were many times when Jada put her career aside so I could follow the dreams of mine."

The Daily Mail says Britney Spears' new memoir, "The Woman in Me," has mistakenly been sold in stores in Mexico before its release date on October 24th.Fans have been sharing parts of the book online.

Yahoo News says Britney Spears has a new line of merchandise based on her upcoming memoir, ‘’The Woman in Me’’. The merchandise features song lyrics and notable quotes from her book. Fans can purchase items like a $75 gray sweatshirt with "I Am Britney Spears" embroidered on it.

The San Francisco Chronicle says Julia Roberts recently sold her historic San Francisco house for $11.8 million. She bought the home in 2020 for $8.3 million. The mansion has five stories, four bathrooms, five bedrooms and views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just Jared says Kim Kardashian recently set limits in her love life, including age restrictions. After dating Pete Davidson, the 42-year-old reality star wants someone in their 40s. She's not in a rush to find a partner and is content with being single for now. A source tells the site, "Kim is genuinely ok being by herself for a minute and believes the right situation will come her way."

The Daily Mail says Matthew McConaughey was recently granted a five-year restraining order against a woman he claims has stalked him since 2022 with 'unhinged letters, emails, and frivolous lawsuits.' She even showed up at his book signing in Los Angeles last month. The woman is described as delusional and a threat

Streaming Survey

A new survey by Roku reveals that 29% of singles have a two-streaming-service standard for potential partners. Other findings:

- 21% of people get angry when their partner watches an episode of their favorite shared show without them

- 23% of people have pretended to enjoy a show because their partner likes it

- People are willing to give up sweets for a week (26%), coffee for a month (19%), or go a week without their phone (10%) to avoid spoilers

Top 10 Questions To Avoid On A First Date ... According to Dating Coach Devyn Simone

1. Why are you single?

2. How many dates have you gone on from [insert app name here]?

3. How recently did your last relationship end?

4. Why did your previous relationship fail?

5. Did you ever cheat on your past partners?

6. What are your major reasons for choosing to be single?

7. What were some negative aspects of your past relationships?

8. How many dating apps do you use?

9. How serious are you about finding a long-term partner on a dating app?

10. Have you had any terrible experiences from using dating apps?

Top 10 Foods and Drinks That Cause Bad Breath... According to a new article by YardBarker

1. Garlic

2. Onions

3. Tuna and Fish

4. Dairy products

5. Coffee

6. Spicy dishes

7. Sugar

8. Alcohol

9. Canned food

10. Meat

Top 10 Foods and Drinks That Combat Bad Breath... According to a new article by YardBarker

1. Water

2. Green tea

3. Fennel seeds

4. Parsley

5. Citrus fruits

6. Yogurt

7. Apples

8. Carrots and celery

9. Almonds

10. Mint

Dear Fonseca,

I am getting blowback from some parents because of the invitation I sent out for my 5-year-old's birthday party. I requested each attendee bring a gift with a value of at least $50. Some of the mothers thought I was kidding, but I'm not. I don't think there's anything wrong with requesting an expensive gift. Cheap ones get discarded, broken or donated. Asking for an expensive gift for my son ensures this doesn't happen. Is my thinking on this wrong?

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