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Fonseca Show - with Aaron Fonseca 12/19/23

Fonseca Show on Vacation enjoy our Best of Calls while we are off:

Holiday Pay

According to a Daily Mirror survey, if mothers got paid for preparing for Christmas they would earn close to $30,000 for their work. The paper figured out women perform 11 jobs and are hopelessly under-compensated.

Those jobs include: - 46 hours cooking at $50 an hour.

- 96 hours choosing gifts at $30 an hour.

- 12 hours making costumes for nativity plays at $25 an hour

- 62 hours organizing events at $60 an hour

- 32 hours as a party hostess at $75 an hour

Extreme Holiday Makeover

A seasonal survey published in The Daily Mail reveals that women wear three times more make-up during the holiday season. Other findings:

- the average woman slathers on 12 products during the holiday season. In contrast, they apply just four cosmetic items on a normal day and a mere eight on an evening out at any other time of year.

- women spend an hour to create the perfect look for a Christmas party. That's up from 20 minutes of preening on a typical day and 40 minutes of preparation for a non-festive evening out.

Unwanted Gifts

A survey by Policy Expert reveals that 77% of Christmas gifts are unwanted. Other findings:

- 25% of people regift

- 33% of people donate their unwanted gifts to charity shops

- 10% of people try to return unwanted gifts

- 4% of people sell unwanted gifts on eBay

- 54% of people say giving gifts is their favorite thing about Christmas

Holiday Party Survey

A survey by Instantprint reveals that 53% of holiday office party trysts do not turn into long-term relationships. Other findings:

- 24% of people have kissed a coworker at an office holiday party.

- 25% of people have been embarrassed to go into work following an office Christmas party.

- 33% of people say those who work in their company's marketing and sales departments are the rowdiest at office holiday parties

- 17% of workers have a crush on a co-worker

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