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Fonseca Show - with Aaron Fonseca 12/13/23

Today's Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- ABC says has chosen "hallucinate" as its 2023 Word of the Year.The word is being used in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) programs producing false information.

- Zillow says families can now take a virtual 3D tour of Santa's House on their website. The interactive tour includes a floor plan generated by artificial intelligence and high-resolution photos of the different rooms. Santa's House is currently valued at $1.18 million

- CDL Life says a new petition is urging Mattel to introduce a Truck Driver Barbie. The petition, launched by the driver recruitment company TransForce, has garnered 700 signatures. TransForce believes that showcasing a Truck Driver Barbie will inspire young girls to become truckers

- Unilad says Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has broken the Guinness World Record for the highest-grossing tour of all time. The tour, which began in March 2023 and is set to finish in December next year, has already earned $1.04 billion.

- Page Six says Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song may be married. Song was spotted wearing a possible wedding band alongside her engagement ring.

- CNN says ‘’Brooklyn Nine-Nine’’ star Andre Braugher has passed away at the age of 61. He died following a brief illness.


Disneyland Selling $70 Candy Canes: The Mercury News says Disneyland is selling candy canes for $70 a pound. The 18-inch candy canes are handmade and sold on select dates at the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen. Some people think the price is too high, while others believe it's worth it for a Disney treat.

The Internet reacts …

“Wow! “That’s a lot of money for a candy cane.”

“Too pricey”

“I got two last year. Tasted alright, but it’s still just a candy cane.”

The Daily Mail says Harry Styles is facing criticism from fans for selling 'overpriced' candles. Priced at $100, fans are calling the candles a 'money grab' and questioning their affordability

The Internet reacts...

'I love Harry Styles but my hot take is that Pleasing is not at all a well thought out or executed brand and it feels like a money grab.'

'Why in gods names is your website so expensive @HarryStyles. Who can afford this stuff????'

Noah Kahan tells NME magazine that he never thought he would reach this level of success. "I never thought this was gonna happen to me. I don't have a lot of reference points for it."

Miley Cyrus tells Billboard magazine that perseverance is an important aspect to life. "I never thought I was the greatest or anything, but every time I fell on my face, I just got back up and kept going. I think that's resilience. You just keep going and you have thick skin and you keep trying."

Billie Eilish tells People magazine that she treasures her parents' love and support of her career. "My whole life, my parents have always been really, really supportive. They never pushed us to do anything we didn't want to do and they let us be who we wanted to be, but always made sure we got places and were supported and were driven."

Selena Gomez tells Glamour magazine that she has always been honest and open with her fans. "I've always been honest with the people who follow me. I just feel like I've never wanted to be that person who is like, 'Everything is perfect, everything is great.' Because that's just not real."

The Daily Mail says Tom Cruise was seen getting cozy with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova at a party in London. Other partygoers said they were inseparable and that Cruise seemed smitten with Khayrova. The pair arrived together and left together in the early hours of the morning. A source says, ‘’Cruise was very friendly – he kept being asked for pictures and politely declining. Eventually, the DJ had to make an announcement in Russian that Mr Cruise didn't want any photos. He spent most the night dancing with Ms Khayrova, but at one point he was just throwing himself around in the middle of a group of women.’’ Elsina is 36 while Tom is 61

Epic Stream says George Clooney has shot down the possibility of playing Batman again even though he had a cameo appearance in ‘’The Flash’’. With an upcoming DC Comics Universe reboot, it is unlikely that Clooney will have a significant role in the franchise's future. Clooney says, "Oh yeah. Somehow there were not a lot of requests for me to reprise my role as Batman, I don’t know why.’’

Page Six says George Clooney recently joked about his wife Amal's lack of cooking skills. He said; “My wife, who is a brilliant lawyer — she’s one of the great advocates of the world; she takes on ISIS and all these things — but I better be doing the cooking, or we will all die.’’

Female First says Kelly Clarkson recently got a tattoo on her middle finger to celebrate standing up for herself. Clarkson says the tattoo represents a moment when she stood up to a "vicious" person who made her feel bad about herself. The tattoo is one of her favorites.

Page Six says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in love. One of Travis' childhood friends says, “Taylor and Travis are so in love. It was so cute seeing them together, and I can see them getting married. We were in the suite at the game, which was filled with family and friends. Taylor is an absolute sweetheart. She is very down-to-earth and kind.’’

Page Six says Travis Kelce is planning to throw a lavish birthday party for Taylor Swift. She turns 34 today. A source says, “Travis wants to throw the best party possible. Money is not an object and he wants her close friends there.’’

Page Six says Drew Barrymore is being criticized for her behavior during her interview with Oprah Winfrey yesterday. She caressed Winfrey's arm and tightly held her hand.

Viewers were uncomfortable and creeped out ….

“Drew is too overbearing and cringey & it doesn’t seem genuine the way she fawns all over her guests!!”

“The hand hold and the arm being caressed is past my boundary”

“Oprah's body language was so clear she wanted her hand back”

TooFab says Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is planning to turn his memoir into a movie. He wants ‘’Top Gun: Maverick’’ star Miles Teller to play him. "Last week before the book even got to anybody, they're contacting my team to try to make this into a movie already. I was a big fan of Top Gun, so I think Miles Teller would make a good Situation. Plus, I think he's like, 30-years-old, so he could probably get himself in some really good shape." Sorrentino's memoir, ‘’Reality Check: Making the Best of the Situation’’, is set to be released on December 19th.

E! News says Hilary Duff is pregnant with her fourth child. She confirmed the news on Instagram with a family photo and the caption; "Surprise, surprise!" The actress and her husband, Matthew Koma, already have two daughters as well as Duff's son from a previous relationship.

Hugh Grant says he is "too old" to do romantic comedies anymore. The New York Post quotes him as saying, “I got too old and fat and ugly to do romantic comedies, obviously. I love those films. I love the fact that people still like them, but I never felt comfortable really doing them,” he told Barrymore. “I don’t know about you, but I prefer more of a mask. I want to be someone else. Then it frees me up and then I quite like acting.”

TMZ says Alyssa Milano's mother, Lin Milano, is denying Shannen Doherty's claim that they blocked her from seeing Holly Marie Combs after her surgery. Lin categorically denies the story, stating that it would have been impossible for them to block Shannen from entering a hospital room. She also refutes Shannen's claim that she and Alyssa tried to create division on the set of "Charmed."

The Daily Mail says is celebrating the release of the new ‘’Wonka’’ movie by offering fans the chance to stay in Willy Wonka-inspired hotel suites in Los Angeles and New York City. Suites at the Park Lane Hotel and Viceroy Santa Monica are being transformed into sugary wonderlands complete with life-sized chocolates and tickets to watch the new film

Personality Profile - What Your Christmas Tree Choice Says About Your Personality … According to a new article by The New York Post.

those who opt for a small tree are … organized and prefer a minimalist approach

those who decorate their tree to perfection are … bold and outgoing.

people who choose an artificial tree tend …. to be methodical and specific

those who go all out with excessive decorations are … outgoing and enjoy being the center of attention.

Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Cookies ... According to a new article by FOX 5 Atlanta

1. Gingerbread

2. Sugar

3. Mexican wedding cookie

4. Black and white

5. Oatmeal

Top 10 Holiday Hangover Cures ... According to a new article by Marie Claire magazine

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

3. Avoid drinks high in congeners

4. Up the electrolytes

5. Practice mindful eating (and drinking)

6. Prioritize your sleep

7. Turn your phone off more

8. Get some fresh air - but don't push yourself too hard

9. Set boundaries

10. Know it's ok to bow out

Personality Profile - What Your Toast And Butter Choices Say About You …. According to a new article by The Daily Mail.

If you enjoy burnt toast and always butter toast to the edges … you are a fearless and controlled individual who values perfection.

Those who prefer dark brown toast are … decisive and take time to savor each decision, while also being open-minded and fair.

Medium brown toast lovers are … perfectionists who set high standards for themselves and expect others to follow suit.

Those who like their toast golden brown are … sensualists who enjoy the sensory experience of food

Those, who prefer white but crisped toast are … picky and like to think they're special.

Those who enjoy hot bread are … self-comforters who use food to enhance their mood.

Always buttering your toast means … you value teamwork,

Never buttering your toast shows a preference for focus and intensity.

Buttering bread when making a sandwich is a sign of tradition and loyalty

Having a pool of butter in the middle of your toast suggests self-indulgence.

Buttering toast to the edges means you're confident and have solid self-esteem

Not buttering toast to the edges indicates a chaotic and risk-taking approach to life.

TOP 10 TASKS THAT RELIEVE STRESS …. According to a survey by Noom

Cooking - 65%

Cleaning - 31%

Gardening - 30%

Doing laundry - 25%

Folding laundry - 23%

Mowing the lawn - 22%

Doing dishes - 20%

Organizing - 20%

Sweeping/vacuuming/mopping - 19%

Weeding - 18%

Dear Fonseca,

Last month, I attended my high school reunion where I reconnected with my high school sweetheart. Since then, we have been chatting every day. We are both married and have yet to tell our spouses we are speaking again. Is it cheating if I get her a Christmas gift? My sister says I shouldn't because it's cheating, but my best friend says it's harmless. Is it wrong to do?

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