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Fonseca Show - with Aaron Fonseca 11/16/23

Today's Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- US Weekly says the Christmas song that Travis and Jason Kelce sang with the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles debuted yesterday at No. 8 on the Apple Music charts. The single, titled "Fairytale of Philadelphia," is featured on the Philadelphia Eagles' holiday album and raises money for charity.

- Rover says the top trending dog name in America is "Kelce." Other sports-related names on the trending list include Wemby, Ekler, Belt, Bonds, Jokic, Knick, Rapinoe, O'Hara, and Point.

- Mariah Carey tells Just Jared that she will be performing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" at the upcoming 2023 Billboard Music Awards. The show takes place this Sunday

- E! News says Jimmy Kimmel will host the Academy Awards on March 10th, 2024. This will be his fourth time hosting the prestigious ceremony.

- Page Six says Jada Pinkett Smith allegedly plans to sue Will Smith's former assistant, Brother Bilaal, for claiming to have caught Will having relations with his "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" co-star, Duane Martin. Will is denying the claims.

- The Sun says McDonald's new line of Grimace-themed Crocs and socks sold out within hours

- MSN says Mountain Dew has been banned in 30 countries because of its high caffeine and sugar content, as well as the use of controversial ingredients like brominated vegetable oil.

- A new holiday travel survey by Upgraded Points reveals that 57% of non-pet owners would rather sit next to a pet than a child when traveling on a plane.


Fast Food Trending ...

- 50% of college students eat fast food and pre-made meals five times a week (VoucherCodesPro)

- 39% of people say fast food containers in a date's car would be a turn off (Your Tango)

- 23% of singles say taking a date for fast food is the fastest way to create a bad impression (

- 60% of college students eat fast food between three and five times a week (Slimming World)

- 57% of men eat fast food one to three times a week (Esquire magazine)

- 7% of people think eating fast food while driving is more dangerous than texting. (Rassmussen Report)

- 13% of people cook food specifically for their pet. (the pet insurance company Trupanion)

- 39% of people say fast food containers in a date's car would be a turn off. (Your Tango)


Top 10 Fast Food Mascots Of All-Time ... According to a article by Foodie News

1. Mayor McCheese / McDonald's

2. Chuck E. Cheese

3. Little Caesar / Little Caesars

4. Jollibee

5. Wendy & Colonel Sanders / Wendy's & KFC

6. Ronald McDonald & Hamburglar / McDonald’s

7. The Taco Bell Chihuahua / Taco Bell

8. Grimace / McDonald’s

9. The Noid and Chester Cheetah / Pizza Hut & Cheetos

10. The King / Burger King

Thirsty for News says Billie Eilish is seeking a restraining order against a man who has allegedly been threatening her and her family. Shawn Christopher McIntyre has been sending disturbing messages and violent threats. Billie is urgently seeking the restraining order to keep McIntyre at least 100 yards away from her and her family

Mariah Carey tells Just Jared that she will be performing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" at the upcoming 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

Post Malone and Alanis Morissette are going to perform during the live music special ‘’Christmas at Graceland.’’ It will air on NBC on November 29th.

Billboard Magazine says Dua Lipa recently invited her fans to the Houdini Estate in LA for an escape room and disco party. The party was held to celebrate her new single "Houdini." The pop star danced and sang and even took selfie videos with fans. After the party, Dua surprised everyone by showing up in the escape room.

Page Six says Joe Jonas surprised fans with several new tattoos dedicated to his daughters. He has a chest tattoo featuring his daughters' birthdates and a stick figure drawing done by his elder daughter.

Olivia Rodrigo tells People magazine that her family is very split when it comes to her fame. “My family is so proud of me, but they would have been proud of me if I did absolutely anything. My dad is like, you know, brags to his co-workers about me. But my mom is the complete opposite. She’s very modest and very shy. If people ever ask her about what I do, she’s just very coy.”

Selena Gomez tells that she can sometimes be reckless with her emotions. "I can be very reckless in my emotions, but I think that's what makes me human. I just try to always remind myself that there's going to be moments of weakness or when we make mistakes, and that those are just part of the journey."

Usher tells that having confidence in yourself is the most important thing you can have. "You have to have the mentality that 'I have what it takes. I am a star. I can make a difference,' and then eventually something will hit and then you'll be off to the races."

Page Six says David Schwimmer paid tribute to Matthew Perry in an emotional Instagram post. It reads: “Matty, Thank you for ten incredible years of laughter and creativity. I will never forget your impeccable comic timing and delivery. You could take a straight line of dialogue and bend it to your will, resulting in something so entirely original and unexpectedly funny it still astonishes. And you had heart. Which you were generous with, and shared with us, so we could create a family out of six strangers. I imagine you up there, somewhere, in the same white suit, hands in your pockets, looking around — ‘Could there BE any more clouds?'”

Rolling Stone says Jennifer Aniston remembered Matthew Perry in a heartfelt social media post. It reads: “Oh boy this one has cut deep… Having to say goodbye to our Matty has been an insane wave of emotions that I’ve never experienced before. We all experience loss at some point in our lives. Loss of life or loss of love. Being able to really SIT in this grief allows you to feel the moments of joy and gratitude for having loved someone that deep. And we loved him deeply. He was such a part of our DNA. We were always the 6 of us. This was a chosen family that forever changed the course of who we were and what our path was going to be. For Matty, he KNEW he loved to make people laugh. As he said himself, if he didn’t hear the ‘laugh’ he thought he was going to die. His life literally depended on it. And boy did he succeed in doing just that. He made all of us laugh. And laugh hard. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been pouring over our texts to one another. Laughing and crying then laughing again. I’ll keep them forever and ever. I found one text that he sent me out of nowhere one day. It says it all. Matty, I love you so much and I know you are now completely at peace and out of any pain. I talk to you every day… sometimes I can almost hear you saying ‘could you BE any crazier?’ Rest little brother. You always made my day…”

Rolling Stone Magazine says Lisa Kudrow recently paid tribute to Matthew Perry in an emotional Instagram post. It reads: “Shot the pilot, Friends Like Us, got picked up then immediately, we were at the NBC Upfronts. You suggested we play poker AND made it so much fun while we initially bonded. Thank you for that. Thank you for making me laugh so hard at something you said, that my muscles ached, and tears poured down my face EVERY DAY. Thank you for your open heart in a six-way relationship that required compromise. And a lot of ‘talking.’ Thank you for showing up at work when you weren’t well and then, being completely brilliant. Thank you for the best 10 years a person gets to have. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for all I learned about GRACE and LOVE through knowing you. Thank you for the time I got to have with you, Matthew.

Radar Online says Matt LeBlanc is allegedly planning to make drastic life changes because of the tragic death of Matthew Perry. The 56-year-old is determined to get healthy and shed at least 50 pounds. A source says Matt is consulting nutritionists and hiring trainers. "It's been a real wake-up call to how precious life is — and how quickly it can all be over. Matt's now saying he's going to do whatever it takes to get himself healthy again."

Geo TV says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are set to take their relationship to the next level. Their parents are set to meet for the first time. Travis' parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, will meet Taylor's parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, during Travis' upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Taylor's father, a lifelong Eagles fan, was seen wearing a Chiefs lanyard at her concert, raising questions about who he will support during the game.

The NY Post says Travis Kelce enjoyed meeting Taylor Swift's father, Scott, during her concert in South America. The paper quotes him as saying, “He’s a huge football guy. He played college ball, I believe a year at Hawaii and then a year or two, I forget how long, at Delaware. I believe he was a line-backer turned center. We got some good food, man. Had some empanadas and steak. They’re big on steak and all the different cuts of meat, yeah. We got some good steak down there, man.”

Thirsty for News says Meg Ryan is allegedly considering leaving Hollywood for good because her latest film, 'What Happens Later,' bombed at the box office and received negative reviews. The 62-year-old had previously taken a break from acting due to criticism. Ryan has also faced scrutiny over her appearance, with some speculating she had cosmetic procedures done.

The Daily Mail says Dean McDermott’s alcohol-fueled rages caused Tori Spelling and their children to be "petrified" and led to the breakdown of his marriage.McDermott downed tequila and prescription meds every night. He has entered rehab and hopes to make amends with Spelling and their kids. Dean says, “All Tori’s ever done to this day is want me to be happy and healthy and I inflicted a lot of damage and pain on that woman. Alcohol made me feel good enough. I started feeling good enough until it got to a point where it didn’t – it ended up in isolation.’ That’s what it led to and that’s what led to the brokenness and to what happened between me and Tori. I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t live that life anymore. I was tired of the anger and the yelling. “It’s going to be living the rest of my life making amends because I took something that was really beautiful and I just tore it down year after year, day after day.’’

Page Six says Tori is finding comfort in fast food. She Instagrammed a photo of a McDonald's McRib and called it the "comfort of an old friend."

Collider magazine says "Family Matters" star Jaleel White is returning to the role of Steve Urkel for a new animated Christmas movie. "Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie" will feature the clumsy character using the robot that he built in the original sitcom. He also creates a set of engine-powered reindeer for a mall Santa Claus. A trailer for the movie was released yesterday. The film will be released digitally on November 21st.

The New York Post says Travis Kelce was not included in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue because his publicity team rejected the offer without his knowledge. His brother, Jason Kelce, made the list without him. The siblings were originally supposed to be featured together in a "Sexiest Brothers Alive" package. Jason teased Travis on his podcast, saying, "Apparently, you guys found a way to decline it!

People magazine says many celebrities plan to have a turkey-free Thanksgiving this year. Mayim Bialik, Jane Lynch, Alicia Silverstone and Nikki Glaser are choosing to not eat turkey during the holiday. They say their decision supports animal rights. A source tells the magazine that famous people want a more compassionate celebration

The 10 Most Hated Christmas Movies … According to a new article by Wealth of Geeks

1. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas (2014)

2. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

3. Home Sweet Home Alone (2021)

4. Home Alone 3 (1997)

5. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)

6. A Madea Christmas (2013)

7. Deck the Halls (2006)

8. Unaccompanied Minors (2006)

9. Jack Frost (1998)

10. Surviving Christmas (2004)

TOP PEOPLE TO HAVE ON YOUR “APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TEAM” … According to a new survey by Quiznos

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — 43%

Chuck Norris — 36%

Superman — 33%

John Cena — 26%

MacGyver — 23%

“Bear” Grylls — 22%

Samuel Jackson — 22%

Jackie Chan — 18%

Elon Musk — 17%

Indiana Jones — 15%


Thanksgiving Student Survey

A new survey by Brainly reveals that only 28% of students can identify what day of the year Thanksgiving falls on. Other findings:

- 60% of students do not know where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.

- 45% of students don’t know that a sweet potato and a yam are the same.

- 25% of students don’t know that pumpkins are a member of the squash family.

- 31.8% of students prefer apple pie, while pumpkin pie was the second most preferred at 24.4%.

Friendsgiving Survey A new survey by Green Giant reveals that 50% of Americans plan to attend at least one Friendsgiving event this year. Other findings:

- 60% of people who celebrate Friendsgiving think it's much more fun than Thanksgiving

- 17% of people will be celebrating Friendsgiving for the first time this year.

5 Ways To Stretch Out Your Holiday Shopping Budget ... According to a new article by The Ascent

1. Open a credit card with a welcome bonus to earn cash back or points on your holiday purchases.

2. Focus on quality over quantity when buying gifts to give something thoughtful rather than overwhelming.

3. Buy discounted gift cards to save money on your holiday shopping or use them as gifts.

4. Utilize a credit card with a 0% intro APR to avoid interest charges while paying off your balance.

5. Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts from retailers and credit card issuers to save even more money during the holiday season.

10 People To Avoid Bringing As A Holidate This Season … According to a new article by Elite Daily

1. Your ex

2. Your overly political friend

3. Your clingy coworker

4. Your messy friend

5. Your friend who always gets too drunk

6. Your gossip-loving friend

7. Your judgmental family member

8. Your overly competitive friend

9. Your friend who can't dance

10. Your friend who never stops talking

Apocalypse Survey

A new survey by Quiznos reveals that 33% of people believe they would be the sole survivor of an apocalypse. Other findings:

- 54% of people believe their strong survival skills would help them outlast everyone

- 33% of people see themselves as the "top dog" who would undoubtedly survive.

Germ Study

The Daily Mail says several everyday surfaces are much dirtier than expected.

- Cell phones harbor 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats

- Toothbrush holders can carry E. coli due to moisture

- Office coffee cups can host coliform bacteria.

- Blowing out birthday candles spreads 1,000 strains of bacteria

Worst Cities For Porch Pirates .. According to a new article by SafeWise

1 Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

2 Memphis, TN-MS-AR

3 San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad, CA

4 Birmingham-Hoover, AL

5 Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO

6 Richmond, VA

7 Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, TX

8 Greenville-Anderson, SC

9 Grand Rapids-Kentwood, MI

10 Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA

Dear Fonseca,

I need your help in settling a family feud. We are a blended family of seven. I have the deciding vote on what type of dog we should get. The kids have been begging for one so my wife and I caved and said we would get them one for the holidays. My wife and several of the children want to get a dog from a breeder. The other children want to rescue a pound puppy. My wife says we should get a dog from a breeder because getting one from a pound is like buying a used car and someone else's problems. I see her point, but also know pound puppies need a good home too. I am the deciding vote. How would you vote if you were me?

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