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Fonseca Show - with Aaron Fonseca 11/10/23

Todays Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- ABC says some Christmas tree farms will not be selling Christmas trees this year due to a nationwide tree shortage. Christmas trees are expected to cost more this year because fertilizer and labor costs have gone up.

- The NST says a Picasso painting recently sold for $139 million. The painting, titled "Femme au Béret et à la Robe Quadrillée," features Picasso's lover and muse, Dora Maar. The piece is the most expensive painting auctioned off this year.

- Heinz has launched a new campaign that urges joggers to bring their ketchup packets along on their runs. They say their ketchup contains carbohydrates and salt which replenishes energy during long jogs. Heinz has even created special running routes in several major cities where runners can stop at restaurants for ketchup packets.

- The Daily Star says KFC has added two new items to its Christmas menu. The Stuffing Stacker Burger has two Original Recipe chicken filets with sage, onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, cheese and burger dressing. The Stuffing Tower Burger has just one filet.

- Food & Wine magazine says Absolut Vodka and Kahlúa are releasing a new cologne called "Blend No. 83". It smells like espresso martinis and has hints of dark chocolate, sugarcane rum, arabica coffee, velvet foam, and night musk. The limited-edition body spray is available online.

- WGN says Reese's Caramel Big Cups will be available nationwide starting on November 17th. A petition requested the return of the peanut butter caramel cups so Hershey obliged..


Barbie Xmas Trees Are Trending: Elite Daily says pink Christmas trees are trending this holiday season because of the Barbie movie. People are adding pink bows and ribbons to their tree. Large, pink ornaments are also popular.

Adele tells Gossip Ireland that she's ready to start drinking again after four months of sobriety. "I was literally borderline alcoholic for quite a lot of my twenties, but I miss it so much. I cut out caffeine.’’

Ace Showbiz says Harry Styles allegedly shaved his head in response to Taylor Swift's song, “Now That We Don't Talk". The song is believed to be about Styles. Fans say Styles took note of Swift's lyrics criticizing his long hair and immediately got a new style.

Lance Bass tells Y! Entertainment that he would love for 'NSYNC to go back on tour. "We love to put on a show, that was our favorite, favorite thing. We spent every dime that we made on our tours — which, in hindsight, I probably would've changed a little bit — so I think it would be fun to remind everyone what we do in our shows."

Olivia Rodrigo tells Billboard magazine that she finds solace in writing about heartbreak and loss. "As a songwriter, I feel like I've always been drawn to those really vulnerable, intimate, raw emotions – like the ones that you feel right when you're dealing with great loss or heartbreak or whatever. It's just really cathartic for me to write about those experiences and feelings, and I'm just so grateful that other people can connect with them too."

Selena Gomez tells Elle magazine that her passion for acting is getting stronger."I've had moments where I feel like, you know, maybe I should do a little more music and then I can focus on acting. But at this very moment, I am so driven with acting and continuing to produce TV shows and create content that I feel like acting is the path that God has kind of placed me on at this moment."

Usher tells People that his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, is a pro when it comes to dealing with kids. "She's better at it than me in many lights. I'm a man-man, so I'm like, 'This is what we're doing,' and I might be a little bit more disciplinary at times. Metaphorically, "If there's a slap and a hug, I'm the slap and she's the hug. But that creates balance."

Thirsty for News says Ben Affleck is allegedly in trouble with Jennifer Lopez for refusing to clean up after their pets. Their eight dogs and one cat are causing chaos in their home. Affleck's solution of hiring someone to do the work has not impressed Lopez, who feels he should take more responsibility

The Daily Mail says Justin Timberlake might respond to Britney Spears' memoir with a song. Music producer Timbaland wants him to address the backlash in a track. They have been writing songs together for Justin's upcoming album. Timbaland allegedly wants him to create a banger in response to the criticism. A source says, 'They have been writing for a while and have many songs for Justin's next album, but Timbaland has seen what these last few weeks have turned into and wants to get Justin to let his creative juices flow and make a song that will react to everything and also be a complete banger.'

ABC says Marvel Studios is giving fans an excuse note to skip work or school for the release of "The Marvels" and the season 2 finale of "Loki". The note, which was posted on social media, humorously allows fans to fill in their own name and excuses them from their responsibilities. The note reads: , "Dear *blank*, Please excuse *blank* early from work/school. The Loki Season 2 finale and The Marvels premieres and they cannot miss what happens next in the MCU. Thank you for your understanding. For All Time. Always. Higher. Further. Faster. @MarvelStudios."

Page Six says Britney Spears' mom, Lynne, denies throwing out her personal items.Lynne took to Instagram to share photos of the items, including dolls and journals. She stated that she would never get rid of them. Lynne offered to send them to Britney if she wanted them

Page Six says Robert De Niro's former personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, won a $1.26 million settlement against his company Canal Productions. The jury found Canal Productions liable for discrimination and retaliation. De Niro was not found personally liable. Robinson was cleared of any financial wrongdoing during her employment.

Kelly Clarkson tells People magazine that her children, River Rose and Remington Alexander, don't understand the concept of fame and think that everyone performs on stage. Her kids often join her on stage, but don't see it as anything unusual. River recorded vocals for one of Clarkson's songs

Female First says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have "very detailed plans" for the future. A source says, "Travis and Taylor are a very real couple, they actually spend a lot of one-on-one time together and have developed a very real connection. They have very detailed plans coming up on how to stay together while she’s on tour and he has games."

The International News says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are allegedly feuding over their Christmas plans. Harry, who misses London and wants to buy a property in the UK, wants his children to build relationships with their British cousins. Meghan has no desire to return to England and enjoys being a celebrity in America. This has caused tension between the couple, leaving Harry feeling homesick.

Jenny McCarthy tells US Weekly Magazine that she starts her day with daily affirmations and a slap. “I look in the mirror and say, ‘You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and gosh darn it, people like you’. Then, I slap myself in the face and get on with my day with that extra pep in my step.”


Holiday Shopping Survey

A new survey by Affirm reveals that 97% of people plan to go holiday shopping. Other findings:

- 47% of people have yet to start their holiday shopping because they are waiting for better bargains

- 80% of holiday shoppers are waiting for interest-free promotions and discounts.

Holiday Shopping Survey

A new survey by WalletHub reveals that 34% of Americans plan to forgo gifts this holiday season due to inflation. Other findings:

- 28% of people plan to spend less on holiday shopping compared to last year.

- 20% of Americans plan to apply for a new credit card to help with holiday shopping

- 50% of people say their holiday charity contributions will be affected by inflation this year

Taylor Swift Football Survey A new survey by The American Survey reveals that 89.3% of Americans want less Taylor Swift in their football coverage. Other findings:

- 89.9% of men and 88.9% of women want less Swift in their football coverage.

- 92% of people in their thirties want less Swift in their football coverage.

Coffee Survey

A new study by Express reveals that the average coffee drinker will consume 62,000 mugs of coffee over the course of their life. Other findings:

- the average coffee drinker enjoys three cups of coffee per day

- the most popular time for the first brew is … 7 am.

- 41% of coffee drinkers struggle to function properly until they've had their first cup of coffee.

- 43% of coffee consumers have been ordering the same type of coffee for over 20 years.

Top 20 Best Sports Cities In America ... According to a new article by WalletHub

  1. Los Angeles

  2. Boston

  3. Pittsburgh

  4. New York

  5. Dallas

  6. Miami

  7. Philadelphia

  8. Washington, D.C.

  9. San Francisco

  10. Cincinnati

  11. Atlanta

  12. Denver

  13. Seattle

  14. Kansas City

  15. Chicago

  16. Minneapolis, MN

  17. Indianapolis

  18. New Orleans

  19. Green Bay

  20. Detroit

Dear Fonseca,

I was excited to celebrate Veterans Day tomorrow with some of my neighbors until I found out that one of them is lying. I moved into my apartment a year ago and assumed my next door neighbor was in the military because he is always in fatigues. Last week, I was drinking wine with another neighbor when she let it slip that he is not in the military and just wears the fatigues to get discounts at local restaurants and other places. She says he does it because times are tough and inflation is high. I was so mad about the stolen valor. My brother, cousins and uncle all served in the military. What my neighbor is doing is wrong. I thought about turning him in and then remembered that he has three kids. I'm torn about what to do. What would you do if you were me? It's wrong what he's doing, but I also feel bad because he's doing it to provide for his family during tough times.

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