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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 11/07/23

Best of Calls for October,


- People magazine says ‘’Dancing with the Stars’’ will honor Taylor Swift with her own night on November 21st. The six remaining couples will dance to Swift's biggest hits

- Hello Magazine says Jennifer Lopez recently wore a 161-carat Gucci diamond necklace on a date with Ben Affleck. The necklace has a pink tourmaline stone that is adorned with diamonds

- Geo TV says Tom Brady has not found a new girlfriend after his breakup with supermodel Irina Shayk. Brady is too busy with his businesses, parenting responsibilities, and being a part of multiple NFL teams to commit to a serious relationship.

- The Center Square says Jeff Bezos' move from Washington to Miami will result in the state losing millions in tax revenue. Bezos will benefit financially from the move since Florida does not have a capital gains tax. The capital gains tax in Washington meant that Bezos would have owed the state $70 million for every $1 billion worth of Amazon stock he sold.

- The Daily Mail says Elvis Presley's second cousin, Brandon Presley, is running for governor in Mississippi and could become the first Democrat elected governor in the state this century. Presley is gaining traction in the race and has out raised his Republican rival.

- ABC says Jason Momoa will host ‘’Saturday Night Live’’ on November 18th. He will be joined by musical guest Tate McRae.

- Chew Boom says Heinz has a new ketchup flavor called Pickle Ketchup. Its tangy and savory and will be available in the United States starting in early 2024

- Brand Eating says McDonald's has launched a new Eggs Benedict Burger in Portugal. The burger features an egg, a beef patty, Swiss cheese, spinach, crispy-fried onions, and hollandaise sauce on a toasted poppy-and-sesame-seeded brioche bun.


Home Alone Suite Offered This Holiday Season: The Points Guy says the Graduate Evanston Hotel, in Evanston, Illinois, is offering a "Home Alone"- themed suite this holiday season. The room looks like the McCallisters' master bedroom from the 1990 movie. It features a writing desk, a retro TV set and vintage decorations. Guests can upgrade to the King McCallister Experience with extra perks like Kevin's favorite snacks, a Polaroid camera, a Chicago-style pizza, and on-demand "Home Alone" movies.

The Daily Mail says Ed Sheeran recently surprised fans by showing up at a Suffolk, England pub where he poured pints of beer. The singer was celebrating his friend's birthday and watched a soccer match while there.

The Daily Mail says Joe Jonas thinks it's too soon for his estranged wife, Sophie Turner, to be kissing other men in public. A source tells the newspaper ‘’What is important for Joe is the well-being of his kids and finishing the tour he is on with his brothers. He would be happy to find love again and do all of that, but that is not even close to what is on the top of his mind as he wants to get on with the divorce and get on with his life. And if Sophie wants to galivant and kiss whomever in public, he doesn't really want to play those games. Joe feels that having his priorities in check and focusing on what is now and what is important is the way to move forward, and that is his obligation to his family and work. Granted it feels a little too soon, he has no control over what she does and can only try to figure out the best co-parenting agenda for them both. If she is doing this to hurt him, she is not going to hurt him any more than she already has, he will get through it with his chin up.’’

The News International says Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are living together.The couple is staying in a lavish hotel in London while Harry’s mansion is being renovated

Miley Cyrus says she originally auditioned to be Hannah Montana's best friend."I was too small and too young to fit in with… that group they had already casted. About a year had gone by… they called back and said they wanted to give me another chance now that I had grown up."

Sheryl Crow tells Jimmy Fallon that Olivia Rodrigo is the real deal. "She’s the real deal. She’s precious. She’s a great songwriter. She seems kinda unaffected by all of it, you know? When I was 19 — her age — I was like, ‘How do you fill out this application for college?!'"

Usher tells USA Today that his Las Vegas residency reinvigorated him. "When you've done this for as many years and for as many albums as I have, you kind of have a tendency to either become complacent or maybe you lose the energy and the excitement for it. But man, it reinvigorated my hope, my passion for entertainment."

Geo TV says Reese Witherspoon and Kevin Costner are allegedly secretly dating.Costner has been smitten with Witherspoon since she won her Oscar. A source says, “They've been calling and texting on the pretense of finding the perfect script, but it's becoming almost a daily occurrence. Kevin wants more Oscars for this, not tabloid headlines. He and Reese are always careful not to be seen together, but as soon as his 'Horizon' commitments are done, they may be more relaxed about being seen together in public.”

Life & Style Weekly says Taylor Swift is considering "flying home" from Brazil for Thanksgiving to be with Travis Kelce. A source says, They started dating while she was on break from her Eras Tour, but pretty soon, she’s going to be even busier than he is/ They want to spend as much time together as possible, but managing family and work obligations is going to make it tricky. This holiday madness could be the first big test of their relationship.”

NDTV says a fan of the show “Friends”, named Roshan Vadassery, is going viral because he has created an AI chatbot of Matthew Perry’s character, Chandler Bing.Roshan developed the bot for his mother because she is a big fan of the show and misses Matthew. The chatbot responds in Chandler's sarcastic style.

Page Six says Jennifer Aniston is struggling with Matthew Perry’s death. Friends of the actress are concerned about her well-being, especially since this is her second significant loss within a year. The anniversary of her father's death is fast approaching. A source says, “Out of the remaining five, Jen and Courtney (Cox) are reeling the most, and Jen is probably the one who is struggling most acutely. It’s a second massive loss in less than a year, with the one year anniversary of her dad’s death just around the corner. She still hasn’t fully regained her footing from that, and now this has just completely knocked her off her feet.”

Page Six says Kendall Jenner recently bared her bottom in a racy holiday ad for Jacquemus. The "Kardashians" star wrapped herself in Christmas lights. Fans had mixed reactions, with some loving the hot and festive look, while others thought it was "s—ty fashion."

Entertainment Tonight says Larsa Pippen has clarified that she and Marcus Jordan are not engaged. She expressed that she will be engaged once she receives a ring. "We love each other, you know? It's gonna happen. I just feel like when the timing is right. It's in the works."

Katherine Schwarzenegger tells People Magazine that Chris Pratt will be doing their holiday cooking. "I'll tell you what, this Thanksgiving I'm going to throw that apron on him and that oven mitt and that's going to be a big new tradition in our family.’’

Contact Music says Nicolas Cage bought a two-headed snake after receiving a sign in a dream. He dreamt of a two-headed eagle. The next day, he received an offer to buy the snake. Cage donated the snake to a zoo after realizing the complexities of caring for it.

The Sun says Gisele Bündchen is working toward a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. The Brazilian supermodel has been dedicated to martial arts since her divorce last year. Gisele quit smoking and trains with a martial arts expert three times a week.

RadarOnline says Jamie Foxx is allegedly planning to propose to his girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp. A source says, “Jamie did not know if he was going to live, and he truly feels like he’s getting a second chance at life. He wants to make it count. He’s totally in love. He’s going to propose soon — probably over the holidays — and knowing Jamie, he’ll make it very romantic. Plus, he would love to have a son. But he’ll be just as happy if Alyce has a little girl. More than anything he wants to make the most of his time, and he feels settling down and doing the whole marriage thing is the right choice.”

Holiday Gathering Survey A new survey by Chinet reveals that the average person will attend five different gatherings this holiday season. Other findings:

- 22% of people want to skip Christmas dinner and New Year's parties this year

- 49% of people are looking forward to spending the holidays with co-workers

- 44% of people are looking forward to spending the holidays with their neighbors

- 48% of people plan to make a gingerbread house this year

Events people will be …

Thanksgiving dinner (74%)

Christmas parties (66%)

Christmas dinners (65%)

New Year’s party (54%)

Friendsgiving dinner (54%)

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Guys … According to a new article by Nine

1. Portable Bluetooth speakers

2. Experiences

3. Lego sets

4. Gaming units

5. Mood lighting

6. Pajamas

7. Decanters for whiskey and wine

8. Coffee accessories

9. Cameras

10. Watches

7 Things People Say They’re Too Old To Deal With .. According to a new article by The Daily Mail

Drama and arguments

Hangovers and drinking

Eating food that's 'not delicious'

Events starting past 9pm

Concerts without assigned seating

Lack of sleep

Social media

Top 10 Signs Your Co-Worker Is A Psychopath... According to a new article by Wealth of Geeks

1. They're sadistic

2. They're superficial at best

3. They're always bragging

4. They're confident, even when the evidence is overwhelming

5. They lie pathologically

6. They don't follow the rules

7. Their nature is parasitic

8. They are manipulative

9. They had early behavioral problems

10. They're not in touch with their emotions

The Best Cities For Singles … According to a new survey by Zumper based on median rent price, percentage of single population, cost of living, median income, unemployment rate, and access to dining and entertainment.

1. Atlanta, GA

2. St. Louis, MO

3. Minneapolis, MN

4. Boston, MA

5. Madison, WI

6. Washington, D.C.

7. Orlando, FL

8. Salt Lake City, UT

9. Richmond, VA

10. Pittsburgh, PA

8 Healthy Habits That Slow Aging By 6 Years …. According to a new article by Study Finds

Eat Better

Be More Active

Quit Tobacco

Get Healthy Sleep

Manage Weight

Control Cholesterol

Manage Blood Sugar

Manage Blood Pressure

14 Unhealthiest Thanksgiving Sides …According to a new article by The Daily Meal

Sweet potato casserole

Green bean casserole

Ambrosia salad

Jell-O salad

Dinner rolls

Mashed potatoes

Potatoes au gratin

Macaroni and cheese

Canned cranberry sauce

Candied yams

Sausage stuffing

Turkey Gravy


Pecan Pie

Dear Fonseca,

I have a simple 'complex' problem. The problem is simple. Someone who I have quickly become good friends with smells. It's 'complex' because I don't know how to tell them. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but I also don't want them to go around stinking because others may not be as understanding and kind as I am. I have no idea why they stink, but need to say something. Should I or let someone else mention it? If I don't say something, my friend may get upset and ask me why I didn't do something sooner? What should I do? I'm in a no-win situation.

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