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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 10/17/23

Today's Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- Dolly Parton is going to perform at halftime of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game on November 23rd. The game and performance will air on CBS

- MarketWatch says Best Buy is blaming their slipping sales on people buying Taylor Swift concert tickets. Best Buy CEO Corie Barry says people are spending Funflation dollars on experiences rather than electronics.

- Mashed magazine says Chick-fil-A recently released a free digital cookbook called "Extra Helpings". It’s designed to help reduce food waste and has 26 recipes.

- Forbes Magazine says as Halloween approaches "Thriller" by Michael Jackson is gaining popularity again. It recently moved from No. 21 to No. 7 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales Chart. Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" is also expected to chart again

- USA TODAY Sports says the Los Angeles Lakers recently waived guard Scotty Pippen Jr. He is the son of NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. His mother is Larsa Pippen.


The Daily Mail says Justin Timberlake is worried about what his ex, Britney Spears, is going to say about their past relationship in her new book, “The Woman In Me”. The book is set to be released on October 24th. A source tells the newspaper, "He's very curious what she'll reveal from their relationship. It's eating at him."

The Daily Mail says Joe Jonas was recently spotted enjoying a superyacht cruise in Miami with bikini-clad women. The singer showed off his biceps in a white tank top while chatting with a mystery blonde. A source tells the newspaper, "Joe and Sophie aren't getting back together soon, but they are on the same page when it comes to co-parenting."

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that dealing with constant scrutiny can be challenging. "You can't keep winning and have people around you all the time because everyone's going to think that you're a bad example. You can't keep being the golden child of the country music industry because then people think you're an elitist."

Dua Lipa tells The New York Times newspaper that she thrives in a high pressure environment. "I'm somebody who really loves to work, and I feel most inspired when there's a deadline. It makes me feel alive, and I love the idea of throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. I just think there's something beautiful about being able to create something that maybe isn't polished or perfect but has some sort of realness to it."

Olivia Rodrigo tells The Guardian newspaper that she's learning to navigate the complexities of being in the public eye. "I think the hardest thing about growing up in the limelight is feeling like you have to pretend to be perfect all the time. The pressure can be so immense, but I'm slowly learning that it's okay to be vulnerable and honest with people about your feelings and struggles. That's how we connect and grow stronger together."

BSO says Taylor Swift has allegedly purchased a suite at Arrowhead Stadium for the rest of the 2023 season. She and Chiefs star Travis Kelce continue to date. A source says, "Word on the street is that Taylor bought a box at Arrowhead for the rest of the season. Things are getting serious."

TMPSN says Taylor Swift has allegedly purchased a house in Kansas City to be closer to Travis Kelce. NDA agreements were signed, which is common when high-profile figures like Taylor invest in real estate. No official confirmation has been made on the purchase. Entertainment Tonight says the couple has no plans to move in together

TMZ says a security guard from Taylor Swift's "Eras" tour has gone to Israel. He is joining their Army to fight against Hamas terrorists. The unnamed guard was part of the Israeli Defense Forces before coming to the U.S.

The Daily Mail says Olivia Wilde has apologized for angering Taylor Swift fans with a comment about Swift and Travis Kelce's romance. She Tweeted; “I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate scientist”. Wilde said, “I meant no harm. It’s obviously a comment on how much attention gets paid to stupid things.’’

In Touch Weekly says Margot Robbie wants to be a mom after seeing how her Barbie co-star, Ryan Gosling, interacts with his kids. Margot has been married to Tom Ackerley for seven years. A source tells the magazine, "Margot's always wanted kids with Tom, but it was a matter of timing. She is now reading books on pregnancy.’’

Koimoi says Jennifer Lopez has glowing skin thanks to her placenta facial treatments. She also uses anti-aging products and has not had cosmetic procedures like fillers or botox. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Victoria Beckham also use placenta facials for their skincare. A source says, "The placenta is rich in vitamins and proteins, which help the skin regenerate."

The Daily Mail says Justin Timberlake is worried about what his ex, Britney Spears, is going to say about their past relationship in her new book, “The Woman In Me”.The book is set to be released on October 24th. A source tells the newspaper, "He's very curious what she'll reveal from their relationship. It's eating at him."

Britney's fans react..

“Now why would he be concerned if he didn’t do anything wrong”

"I have a feeling this man's career is coming to an end pretty soon"

"I bet she has tea on him and he’s nervous she’s going to spill it."

Ace Showbiz says Jada Pinkett Smith and her estranged husband, Will Smith, are working hard to mend their relationship. Jada is committed to restoring their "life partnership". She tells NBC, "We are working very hard at bringing our relationship, yes, bringing our relationship back together... back to a marriage again. Husband-wife marriage for me, for my healing process.''

Will wrote a letter about reading Jada's memoir “Worthy”. It was read on the On-Purpose podcast. "I just turned the final page of Worthy. It is amazing to realize that despite having lived most of my life by your side, I still found myself shocked and stunned and caught off guard, laughing, then inspired, then heartbroken. I was all over the place. It's one thing to hear anecdotes at a family barbecue, but it was truly overwhelming to take in your story, potently condensed in this way. Jada is one of one, a rare blend of power and delicate sensitivity. I know it wasn't easy to excavate the depths in that way. I applaud and honor you. If I had read this book 30 years ago, I definitely would have hugged you more. I'll start now. Welcome to the Authors Club. I love you endlessly. Now go get some Merlot and take a rest.”

The Sun says Britney Spears' family is concerned about her mental health. Britney has undergone therapy and counseling to get over her darkest times. Her family is worried that opening up about these personal moments in her memoir, "The Woman In Me", could have a negative impact on her well-being.

Suzanne Somers' husband, Alan Hamel, tells People magazine that she seemed fine after they returned from a trip to Chicago to address her mobility issues."The first few days we were back, she ate, she had a great appetite and she was taking her meds. But by Saturday, she stopped eating and taking her medications, and was unresponsive. I was staying up most of the night just talking to her. Then I kissed her, and she responded to that, and it was a physical response with her lips. I knew she was still with us, and I knew that she could probably hear what I was saying. Then finally it was over. I knew that she did not want to be in a hospital setting. That was the difference. So it was very peaceful, and that's the way it all went."

Gwen Stefani tells Entertainment Tonight that she misses Blake Shelton on “The Voice”. "Let's face it. Blake, he's such a huge part of this show. I mean, he is The Voice in so many ways, so it does definitely feel weird to be back without him. It feels kind of like [my] first season, before I knew he existed. It's kind of weird, but it's also like, I'm having so much fun."

TMZ says Tyler Perry is helping a 93-year-old woman in danger of losing her South Carolina home. Josephine Wright's current home is part of a land dispute with the Bailey Point Investment Group. Wright's family has owned the land since the Civil War era.Tyler is going to build her a new house. Tyler's construction crew will break ground on the new home in the coming weeks.

Child Eating Styles Survey

A new study by the University of Bristol reveals that children's eating habits can be categorized into four groups …

- 16% of kids are considered "fussy eaters"

- 23% of children are labeled "slow eaters"

- 34% of kids are "seagull" eaters, grabbing food when they see it

- 27% of kids display a "but I'm not hungry" eating style, where they only eat when they feel like it

Top 10 Health Benefits Of 30 Days Without Alcohol ... According to a new article by Dnyuz

1. Improved sleep

2. Better hydration

3. Weight loss

4. Decreased liver fat

5. Lower blood pressure

6. Enhanced mental clarity

7. Boosted mood

8. Reduced risk of cancer

9. Strengthened immune system

10. Financial savings

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Candies ... According to new shopping data by Instacart

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

2. Peanut M&M's

3. M&M's

4. Tootsie Pops

5. Twizzlers

6. Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars

7. Sour Patch Kids

8. Candy Corn

9. Kit Kat

10. Starburst

Holiday Spending Survey

A new survey by NerdWallet reveals that 36% of shoppers would prefer to share experiences with loved ones this holiday season instead of exchanging gifts. Other findings:

- 56% of consumers won't be able to buy as many gifts as they'd like due to inflation

- Americans plan to spend $831 on holiday gifts this year

- 31% of people have still not paid off their credit card debt from the 2022 holiday shopping season

- 74% of Americans plan to use credit cards for holiday gift purchases this year

- 27% of people plan to start holiday shopping earlier than in previous years

Dear Fonseca,

My husband and I went to one of his work functions on Saturday night. He was dressed in a tuxedo while I was dressed in a beautiful formal gown. He kept introducing me as his "Trophy Wife". We argued about this on the way home. He said he was proud to show me off and thought I would take the phrase "Trophy Wife" as a compliment. I do not because it makes me look like a bimbo. I'm not only attractive, but I'm smart. I think "Trophy Wife" is an outdated derogatory term. He does not. Where do you stand on this? Am I overblowing things? Is "Trophy Wife" a compliment or not?

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