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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 03/14/24

Our Best of Calls with Fonseca Today:


- Scripps says Dollar Tree and Family Dollar plan to close 1,000 stores. The remaining stores will stock items at higher price points, with some costing up to $7. Most of the closures will occur by June 

- Mashed Magazine says Starbucks is celebrating St Patrick's Day with a new green frozen drink. The “Luck of the Matcha Crème Frappuccino” is made with sweetened matcha, caramel syrup, whipped cream and caramel. 

- WPTV says Skyline Chili locations will serve "shamrock green spaghetti" to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The unique dish will only be available on Sunday

- Nations Restaurant News says Wendy's is launching an Orange Dreamsicle Frosty on March 19th. It will temporarily replace the vanilla flavor.  The chocolate frosty will still be available

- The News International says Ryan Gosling is going to host Saturday Night Live on April 13th. Chris Stapleton will be the musical guest. Stapleton posted; ‘’I’m just Chris’’.


- Footwear News says a new chromed-out Air Jordan 1 High is set to launch in early April.  The shiny metallic leather makes it stand out. The kicks cost $180.

- The New York Post says former CNN host Don Lemon was fired during his first day on the job at Elon Musk's X. Lemon was informed by Musk, shortly after recording an interview with him, that his cable news style was not an appropriate fit for the platform. Lemon's conversation with Musk is still scheduled to premiere on the platform this coming Monday.


House Passes Bill That Could See TikTok Banned In The US: FOX Business News says the House of Representatives has passed a bill that could lead to TikTok being banned in the U.S. The bipartisan measure passed by a wide margin and would require Bytedance, TikTok's parent company, to divest within 165 days. Concerns over national security threats and access to sensitive user data drove the decision.

TRENDING - Ironing Clothes With Pressure Cookers: NDTV says Tik Tokers are using pressure cookers to iron their clothes. A woman from India started the trend. Over 2 million people have viewed her video and are now imitating her.

Tate McRae tells Cosmopolitan magazine that she has unusual food items in her backstage area. ”It consists of hard-boiled eggs, dark chocolate, peanut butter, rice cakes, and Essentia [water]. Oh! And sliced turkey. It was partially made by my mom. If I didn’t have this, I’d be eating hot Cheetos every day.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor tells The Guardian newspaper that her son's opinion of her music keeps her humble. “My 11-year-old heard my song on the radio the other day. I was really proud and thought he'd be happy to hear mom on the radio. He said: ‘I think this song’s overrated.’ That brought me right back down to Earth.”

Justin Timberlake tells Cosmopolitan magazine that he's no longer bringing sexy back. "I was all about bringing sexy back in the mid-2000's. Now I know I don't have to bring it back. It's here, and it has been for a while. You don't have to bring something back that's still here."

Taylor Swift tells Time magazine that no love story is truly perfect. “I think the perfection of love is that it's not perfect. You can make it as perfect as you can, but even the tightest relationships are going to have disagreements or fights. The only thing you can do is recover from these bumps and make your relationship stronger.”

Teddy Swims tells that his mother cried when he told her he wanted to pursue musical theater. “I remember when I first got into musical theater, I went to my mom and said, “I think I don’t want to play football anymore. I just want to do this — only this.” Her response consisted only of crying and more crying. She said, “You’ve been playing football since you were six years old. Why would you do this?” She was so hurt by it. But I recall the first musical theater performance I did. I mean, I only had like two lines to say, but she heard me and she just said, “Maybe this is where you belong. This is your superstar moment.””

BSO says Jake Paul's brother, Logan Paul, has challenged LeBron James to a WWE match at SummerSlam in Cleveland. He also invited the Kelce brothers to join in. The exciting showdown is creating buzz among fans, who are eagerly awaiting LeBron's response to the challenge.

A new poll by TIPP reveals that around 33% of people believe Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will stay together. Other findings:

- 30% of people think their relationship won’t last

- 36% of people are "not sure" about the future of their relationship

- 10% of those surveyed believe that the couple will get engaged soon

BSO Entertainment says Nike allegedly wants Travis Kelce to be the face of their brand in Asia. Singapore Airlines has offered Travis and Taylor Swift a multi-million dollar deal to become brand ambassadors

The Hollywood Gossip says Mama June allegedly refuses to help her daughter Honey Boo Boo pay for college. Boo Boo says, “She’s stingy when it comes to money. Mama said no and I was kind of expecting that, I’m not gonna lie. I saw this refusal coming because just how negative she’s been about college the whole entire time. She’s had nothing really positive to say about it. And she knows she’s got the money”. Boo Boo must rely on a scholarship and her own savings to pursue her education.

Female First says Christie Brinkley recently underwent surgery for skin cancer on her face. The 70-year-old model feels fortunate that doctors caught the basal cell carcinoma early. Christie is advising fans to be diligent with sun protection and get regular check-ups

Page Six says Tiffany Haddish was not drinking at Elton John's Oscars party because she's allegedly trying to get pregnant. One of Tiffany's friends says she was joking about the pregnancy. Partygoers weren't so sure as one said, “It didn’t feel like [she was joking]. She said it numerous times.”

The New York Post says Bill Murray hired a private investigator to retrieve his lost cell phone. He left in an Uber. The PI successfully located the driver. Bill got his phone back 

People Magazine says Valerie Bertinelli is dating a new man. She says, “I’ve met someone. And I’m incredibly grateful for him. It’s unlike any relationship that I’ve ever experienced with a man. I don’t want to say too much, but I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have met him, because I wasn’t expecting it! He was not on my radar. I was going to die with my six cats and my dog and be incredibly happy doing it. So this came out of left field, and I’m grateful it did. He’s very special.”

Contact Music says actor Anthony Daniels recently sold his C-3PO head for $843,750 at a 'Star Wars' memorabilia auction. The 78-year-old actor, known for playing the robot for over 40 years, also sold personal items like a script and metallic hands. A source tells the website, "He had a slight wobble about selling the C-3PO head, but eventually decided to let it go."

Work From Home Survey 

A new survey by Checkr reveals that managers see it as a 'major red flag' when employees resist returning to the office. Other findings:

- 56% of managers consider resistance to returning to the office a concern

- 68% of managers want remote work to continue, compared to 48% of employees

- 60% of both managers and employees feel that workers are overworked and stressed in the workplace

Dining Out Survey

A new survey by Habitat Burger Grill reveals that 66% of people feel guilty when dining out. Other findings: 

- 39% of people have cut back on their dining out budget

- 48% of people are more likely to eat out after a payday, 

- the average American spends over $2,500 a year on eating out.

Sentimental Survey 

A new study by One Poll reveals that 78% of parents feel their child is growing up too fast. Other findings:

- 83% of parents have become more sentimental since becoming a parent

- The average parent keeps nine items from their child's early years 

- 84% of parents have kept something related to an important milestone their child achieved.

op 10 Things Single People Are Sick Of Hearing... According to a new article by EVOKE. 

1. "Are you still single?" 

2. "There's plenty of fish in the sea." 

3. "At least you don't need to waste your money." 

4. "If you want my advice..." 

5. "I have a friend that would be perfect for you!" 

6. "Dating is a nightmare these days." 

7. "You're so lucky!"

8. "Have you heard of Tinder?" 

9. "I can't understand how you haven't found someone!" 

10. "You'll find someone when you least expect it."

Dear Fonseca,

My family is reeling from my wedding last weekend. My maid of honor got drunk and then made a speech that rocked the room. She stunned everyone when she said she and my husband had relations when I was out of town on a business trip. It happened very early on in our relationship. This brought the wedding to a halt. My husband and I haven't seen each other since because I'm staying at my parents' house. He's begging for a second chance and said the night he spent with my maid of honor meant nothing. He also said it was so early on in the relationship that it shouldn't count as cheating. Should I give him a second chance or not?  I'm on the fence.

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