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Fonseca Show - with Aaron Fonseca 01/25/24

Today's Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- The Daily Mail says Netflix's password sharing crackdown has paid off, as the streaming giant added 13 million new subscribers in 2023.

- The Hollywood Reporter says Netflix may be planning to raise prices again after retiring their Basic tier. A letter to investors reads, "As we invest in and improve Netflix, we’ll occasionally ask our members to pay a little extra to reflect those improvement."

- Buzzfeed News says Paris Hilton's son peed all over her face when her mother Kathy tried to teach her how to change a diaper. Kathy says Paris got nailed because she put the diaper on wrong.

- Reel 360 News says M&M's has created a Super Bowl ring for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial. The ring features real diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter candies.  

- People Magazine says Jennifer Lopez will be the musical guest on ‘’Saturday Night Live’’ on February 3rd


Billie Eilish tells Perez Hilton that she and her brother were incredibly honored to receive an Oscar nomination for their Barbie song. “We are so incredibly honored to receive a nomination for ‘What Was I Made For?’ As lifelong fans of film, music in film and the Academy Awards, this means everything to us. We are so grateful to the Academy, its members, and to be recognized alongside so many songwriters that we respect and admire.”

TMZ says Taylor Swift's alleged stalker has been to her home 30 times. David Crowe, who was arrested twice in three days, was arraigned on stalking and harassment charges. Prosecutors claim Crowe keeps asking to speak to Swift

Ariana Grande tells Elle magazine that she's proud of the lines she's getting on her face as she gets older. ​““For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me. And now I feel like maybe it’s not. I was just like, ‘Oh! I want to see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines. I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper, and I laugh more and more.’ And I just think aging is such a—it can be such a beautiful thing.”

Tate McRae tells The Los Angeles Times newspaper that she hates seeing pictures of herself. “I hate taking photos, and I hate seeing myself on video. I would spend all day getting glammed up and have 50 people staring at me on a set, and then you’re filmed, and then I would always think I looked horrible."

Olivia Rodrigo tells that being an actor helped her hone her songwriting. “Being such a young actor, I was always encouraged to be hyper-emotional and expressive. My parents were always great about that, which meant I was able to write emotionally, without ever being afraid to explore those parts of myself.”

TMZ says Taylor Swift's alleged stalker has been to her home 30 times. David Crowe, who was arrested twice in three days, was arraigned on stalking and harassment charges. Prosecutors claim Crowe keeps asking to speak to Swift

The Daily Mail says Taylor Swift's alleged stalker was caught climbing into her dumpster just minutes after being placed on supervised release. An eyewitness says, ‘I just saw him digging through this dumpster, taking out some blankets and then he just went and sat down on the loading dock a few doors down [from Swift’s apartment]’. David Crowe has been ordered not to contact Swift.

In Touch Weekly says Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon are allegedly discussing having a baby. A source tells the magazine, "Ines is at the age where her biological clock is ticking/ But Brad is fitter than most guys his age — and he definitely wouldn’t be the first Hollywood star to have a baby with a much younger woman. They have gotten really serious and she may already be pregnant."

Judge Judy tells US Weekly that her "#1 regret" is passing on a "Legally Blonde" cameo. “My one regret, actually … when [Reese Witherspoon] was doing Legally Blonde, they reached out through someone and said, ‘We’d like you to be the judge. It’s the biggest mistake I ever made in my career, and I’ve told this to Reese, not playing that part in that movie. So, sometimes you have to take the adventure and run with it.”

Celebrating The Soaps says Joe Exotic is seeking legal advice from Kim Kardashian while he is in prison. He reached out to her on Instagram and is asking for help in proving his innocence.  Kim has not said whether or not she is going to help 

Ozzy Osbourne made a shocking confession on The Osbourne's Podcast when he said he sometimes doesn't love his wife Sharon. "Sharon is like my soulmate, sometimes I love her, sometimes I don't love her, sometimes I'm angry with her, sometimes I'm crazy about her, sometimes I'm very jealous of her, sometimes I wanna kill her. But through it all, at the end of the day, I love her more than anything in the world. Put it this way, I couldn't live without her, I don't wanna live without her. And my love for her now is bigger than it ever has been" says Sam Asghari is allegedly seeking more money than what Britney Spears is offering to settle their divorce. A source tells the website, “Sam is going for everything under the sun. Sam feels he should be compensated properly for everything he went through with Britney. The exact amount he wants is being kept confidential, but he’s not happy with what Britney and her team have proposed. There’s a lot of wrangling back and forth. Britney is in no mood to be pushed around or rushed into signing over another huge check to Sam. She wants to stick to the letter of the paperwork and feels that’s all he’s entitled to, period.”

Bryan Cranston tells Entertainment Tonight that he would love to do a "Malcolm in the Middle" revival.  "It would be fun to explore now. All these boys who are now grown-ups and on their own with kids of their own, and it'd be fun to explore that. I'm open to that... I'm going to lock it down."

Tori Spelling tells the "90210MG" podcast that her  "90210" co-star Luke Perry secretly dated Madonna. “I will never forget him pulling me into his dressing room and telling me. I felt so confided in. ‘Oh, my God, he’s telling me about Madonna.' I was like, ‘You’re the coolest person in the whole world. One, cause you’re Luke Perry, and two, because Madonna wants you'” 

Coffee Survey

A new survey by Drive Research reveals that 83% of people say taste is the top reason they consume coffee. Other reasons include an energy boost (67%), productivity increase (43%), and perceived health benefits (29%). Other findings: 

- 18% of people prefer to drink their coffee black

- 61% of people love coffee cake 

- 54% of people love coffee ice cream

- 25% of people love espresso martinis

Most Desired Gifts For Valentine's Day … According to a new survey by




Weirdest Valentine’s Day Gifts  … According to a new survey by

Edible underwear

Poorly done hand-drawn portraits

Unwanted DVDs


Venus flytraps

Top 10 Silly Things People Do To Try And Look Cool ... According to a new article by Max My Money. 

1. Curse Words. 

2. Bragging About Less Sleep. 

3. Purchasing Brands. 

4. Vaping. 

5. Calling on Speaker. 

6. Posting Money Pictures. 

7. Bragging About Busiest Life.

 8. Blasting Car Stereos. 

9. Making Fun of Others. 

10. Competing With Others' Bad Habits.

Dear Fonseca,

My family and I just moved into our new home. We found some boxes in the attic. My kids started going through them and found an envelope. They opened it and started screaming because it was stuffed with cash.  I told my husband we should call the realtor and return the money to the home's previous owners. He was totally against that and said, ''Finders Keepers Losers Weepers''. He says it's not our fault they left the money behind plus they overcharged us for the house. Would you keep the money or not? He and I argued about it in front of the children so it's important to do the right thing. He doesn't think so. 

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