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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca

Today's Best of Calls with Fonseca:


- Terez Owens says a 399-pound pumpkin, painted like Taylor Swift, has become popular on Instagram. Artist Jeanette Paras designed the pumpkin, which features Swift's red carpet look from the 2023 Grammys.

- WPMT says the police are warning families and schools about THC Halloween candy. They say the drug-infused candy closely resembles common candies. The police are asking parents to check their children’s Halloween candy before giving it to them

- The NY Post says health officials are warning of a rise in fraudulent Ozempic after several people in Austria were hospitalized. The patients suffered seizures because the Ozempic pens contained insulin instead of Semaglutide.The shortage of Ozempic has allowed criminals to bring counterfeit drugs to the market.

- UNILAD says Urban Outfitters is causing shock among millennials because they are selling "vintage" iPods. The iPod Color and iPod Classic are selling for between $199 and $349. The music players are described as refurbished and restored, with updated batteries and storage.

- Will Smith tells Billboard magazine that he is going to host a new podcast called Class of '88. "I'm hyped to share my first-hand experiences and those of some of hip hop's greatest legends as we delve into the origins of one of the most influential genres of music in history.

- Dark Horizons says MGM Studios is developing a sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s “Samaritan." Stallone will reprise his starring role

- UPI says a Berlin, Germany restaurant recently gathered 465 couples to break a Guinness World Record for the most people eating a single piece of spaghetti at the same time. The record required each couple to share a strand of spaghetti and a kiss within 30 seconds.


Pumpkin Day Trending ...

- 21% of people eat pumpkin pie even though they dislike it (Harris)

- 45% of people love pumpkin pie leftovers (Stasher Bags)

- 42% of people say pumpkin pie is their favorite Thanksgiving dessert (IBOTTA)

- 43% of people love pumpkin pie during the holidays (Swagbucks)

- 45% of people will carve a Halloween pumpkin (National Retail Federation)

- 10% of pet owners have dressed their pet in a Halloween pumpkin costume (National Retail Federation)

- 45% of parents enjoy Halloween because of pumpkin carving (Mumsnet)

- A survey by Bob's Red Mill reveals that pumpkin pie, apple pie and pecan pie are the deserts people look forward to the most during the holidays.


Billie Eilish tells Interview magazine that she doesn't like discussing her tattoos and their meanings. "I don't like to share everything. Like, I'm hesitant to show off my tattoos because I don't want people to be all up on my business all the time. They're for me, and I want it to stay that way."

Selena Gomez tells that she loves to sing Cardi B songs at karaoke. “Anything by Cardi B. I just looove her so much, she’s so funny and brilliant. I get to turn into a character – I can enjoy pretending that I’m a great rapper, which I’m not.”

Miley Cyrus tells Harper's Bazaar UK that she doesn't take her beauty routine too seriously. "I always say, lipstick and go! My favourite thing about being a girl is the glam, but sometimes it's too much. I like to keep it as simple as possible, besides any gender-specific stuff, because that doesn't matter. We've just got to be more ourselves and not try so hard. It's really just about being comfortable with who you are."

Selena Gomez tells Elle magazine that she has a list of things she's looking for in a potential boyfriend. “I've realized I'm worth the extra effort, so I've put together a list of traits I want my next boyfriend to have. I mean you gotta be cool, man. Not cool in the sense that people think you’re cool. You just gotta be nice and like, please make me laugh and also just be good to my family and people around you.”

Usher tells Vibe magazine that he wants to create moments his children will be proud of. "Ultimately, this is the time to create magical memories instead of just trying to be right, or trying to be the freshest or best dressed, you know? It's about creating iconic moments that people can remember and share with their kids, that I can share with my kids one day."

Travis Kelce tells the Paper Route podcast that he has no plans to retire anytime soon even though he is 34. "I live day to day. ...Every situation is different. I've been blessed, been fortunate enough to be on the field more times than not and getting those kind of opportunities. I'm going to keep enjoying coming into the building. I said a few months ago, I'm going to try and play until the wheels fall off. Who knows when the wheels fall off? It's different for everybody. You're gonna probably see me keep coming back."

The Albany Herald says Taylor Swift may have broken an NFL dating "curse" with her relationship with Travis Kelce. The so-called curse causes football fans to be on edge when celebrities date their favorite players. Swift is changing the narrative because Kelce has played better since they started dating

The International News says Britney Spears recently revealed in her memoir that her father had an unusual demand for men she wanted to date. The men had to undergo a background check, sign a non-disclosure agreement, and submit a blood test. She says the process was humiliating

TMZ says Britney Spears' ex-husband, Jason Alexander, is denying her claims that they were drunk and bored when they got married. Their short-lived marriage lasted for 55 hours. Contrary to what's written in Britney's new memoir, Jason insists that they were in love and sober when they tied the knot.

Britney Spears reveals in her memoir that she had a paranormal experience after her breakup with Justin Timberlake. TMZ says the experience occurred while she was driving through the Arizona desert. Britney believes it was a sign from a higher power.

The Daily Mail says Justin Timberlake is "not happy" with Britney Spears' new memoir. He has not reached out to her because he has nothing to say to her. Spears doesn't care if anyone is offended by the book because it's her truth.

RADAR ONLINE says Meghan Markle is allegedly pulling out all the stops to secure a leading role in Kevin Costner's upcoming Western film "Horizon: An American Saga". Meghan is reportedly using the success of her former series "Suits" to convince Costner she's the key to his future success. The Duchess of Sussex believes landing the role will solidify her Hollywood comeback and establish her as a serious actress.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Variety magazine that he thinks he would make a great President if he were allowed to run. “I feel like I would make a great president, Everything I’ve accomplished was because of America. America gave me so many opportunities and the American people were so embracive, and they just received me with open arms. There was no one there that stopped me from my success. So the only thing that I can’t do, which is run for president, I’m not going to complain about that. It would be “a little bit selfish if I go out and try to change the law.”

TMZ says Chris Pratt has sparked a debate about whether parents should keep their children's childhood trophies. The actor shared photos of his wife’s childhood trophies and asked if it's okay to throw them away once the child has gone through them. Pratt, who has three children, has gotten people talking about the sentimental value of childhood trophies. Chris posted; "I cannot say how proud I am of my wife for being a fourth-grade problem-solving superstar. There’s also a trophy for 'most improved two-year-old' in swim class. Wow!! Real talk… once your kid goes through the stuff, is it okay to toss? I mean… do we need the 'I was on a sports team trophy?'"

The New York Post says Marie Osmond is sticking to her decision not to leave her kids any inheritance because she believes it would harm them. She says, “To me, why would you harm your children [like that]? When you tell a child — I know, I’ve seen it throughout my life — that you’re leaving them all this money it un-inspires them. They don’t learn the joy of hard work, of picking themselves up when things don’t work. I believe in general that you rob children of the experience of figuring out who they are. They don’t learn that you cannot buy your child self-esteem — they have to earn that.”

The New York Post says Jean-Claude Van Damme is "ashamed" of his 1996 guest appearance on the TV show "Friends". He calls his acting in the episode bad and describes himself as looking like a ham. Van Damme said the cast was nice and that being on the show was a good memory.

Entertainment Weekly says John Stamos recently revealed that his excessive drinking caused him to forget filming ‘’My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.’’ He forgot that he had to return to the set to finish filming after his DUI arrest. Stamos eventually sought help for his substance abuse and has been sober for eight years.


Most Stressful Things About Hosting During The Holidays … According to a new survey by one pole

Making sure everyone enjoys themselves - 32%

What food to serve - 30%

Cleaning up in time for their arrival - 28%

Having enough room for everyone - 21%

Having activities to keep guests entertained - 18%

What drinks to serve - 14%

Making sure no one damages anything - 14%

Seating arrangements - 9%

Decorations - 7%

Friends Survey

A new survey by South Carolina Public Radio reveals the state of friendship in the U.S.

- The average American has 16 close friends

- 31% of people have between 1 and 4 close friends

- 29% of people have between 5 and 9 close friends

- 26% of people have between 10 and 14 close friends

- Only 9% of people have 15 or more close friends

Infidelity Survey

A new survey by RANT Casino reveals that 43% of workers have had an affair with a colleague. Other findings:

- People who work in sales are the most likely to cheat, with 15% admitting to a workplace affair.

- 14% of teachers and professors have had an affair with a co-worker.

- 13% of healthcare workers have had an affair with a co-worker.

- The most faithful professions are science and pharmaceuticals, business management, and law enforcement.

Music And Pain Study says researchers in Canada recently discovered that music can help alleviate pain. The study found that participants' favorite music significantly alleviated pain intensity and unpleasantness, while generic or unfamiliar music did not have the same effect. Emotional reactions to music were associated with lower ratings of pain. The findings suggest that music can be a powerful tool for pain management and can enhance an individual's ability to cope with physical pain. Doctoral student Darius Valevicius says, "We are exploring new dimensions of the psychology of music listening that have not been well-studied, especially in the context of pain relief. As a result, the data we have available is limited, although the preliminary results are fairly strong."

Dear Fonseca,

My son's 5th grade math teacher is on maternity leave. Her substitute is very nice and quite different from her. She is much more lenient. My son recently failed a math test. The substitute asked him if he would like to retake it. I think that's a great idea. My husband does not and thinks my son should eat the "F". He says it will teach him to better prepare for next time. He says retaking the test doesn't teach him anything and will make him soft. I think it's a good idea because it will improve his grade. The teacher is leaving it up to us as to whether or not our son should retake the test. What would you do if you were us? We are split and on the fence.

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