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Fonseca Show Trending - Aaron Fonseca 10/05/23

Today's Best Of Calls:


- Yahoo News says participating Dunkin' Donuts stores are giving free coffee to teachers today on World Teachers' Day. All educators, including pre-school teachers and college professors, can get a free hot or iced coffee. No purchase is needed. Teachers can also add Dunkin’s Pumpkin Swirl flavor to their coffee for free

- Bloomberg says weight loss drugs, like Ozempic and Wegovy, are causing people to drink less alcohol. A study found that people consumed 62% less alcohol while taking these drugs. 22% stopped drinking entirely

- Mashed Magazine says Burger King is going to offer a new side called Have-sies starting on October 12th. Customers will be able to have a ’Have-sies’ mix of fries and onion rings together in one order. They can get the side with a combo meal or separately

- Variety magazine says Disney+ will begin cracking down on password sharing in Canada next month. The streamer issued a statement saying it reserves the right to TERMINATE account holders that don't comply with the new sharing rules . The move is expected to expand to the United States and elsewhere in the near future

- The New York Post says Disney is offering discounts on children's ticket prices for a limited time. Their goal is to boost attendance. Kids' tickets at Disneyland theme parks will be as low as $50 a day.

- The New York Post says Pete Davidson will host the 49th season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" on October 14th. Ice Spice will make her debut appearance on the show as the musical guest

- Brobible says Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson recently invited Colin Kaepernick to play in the XFL. Kaepernick asked the NY Jets to join their practice squad, but didn't get a reply. The Rock says he met with Kaepernick's agents, but hasn't heard back from them. “We met with Kap and his agents – whom I like a lot – earlier this year. Good meeting, looked to create an opportunity for him but I don’t think it’ll happen. We’ll see.”

- The Daily Mail says Bill Gates recently purchased a historic castle in Portofino, Italy for $60 million. Gates plans to convert Castello di San Giorgio into a luxury hotel


Olivia Rodrigo tells Variety magazine that she has turned a homework assignment into a song. “I took a poetry class at USC last year. I’ve always been really interested in poetry… And so I took this class, and it was amazing. I wrote this poem called ‘Lacy,’ about this sort of all-encompassing envy that I was feeling, for one of the assignments in class. It was like a homework assignment. And I loved it so much that I turned into this song. It’s one of my favorites.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells Pitchfork magazine that getting back together with an ex is overrated. "Getting back together with your ex, you guys, the sequel is never as good as the original. Never. I mean, heartbreak, I'm actually gonna have to go with underrated. I feel like if I never endured any heartbreak in my life, I wouldn't be half the person I am today and I wouldn't know myself near as well. Or really have any of my songs."

Page Six says Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are attending mediation for their divorce and custody battle. A source tells the newspaper, "Joe is committed to making it work with Sophie in mediation and doesn't want to put up a fight — as long as they can come to a fair agreement on the kids."

Ed Sheeran tells GQ magazine that he's planning to be buried in a "hole in the ground" on his estate. "I wouldn't say it's a crypt. It’s a hole that’s dug in the ground with a bit of stone over it, so whenever the day comes and I pass away, I get to go in there. People think it’s really weird and really morbid, but I’ve had friends die without wills, and no one knows what to do."

Selena Gomez tells Fast Company that she admires Beyoncé and Adele. "I look at someone like a Beyoncé, and I am amazed. My jaw drops. Every part of her is just impeccable, and it's just so beautiful. I went to her show and was blown away. But I'm just not that, and that's okay. We need goddesses like Beyoncé and Adele. But I'm just happy to be your best friend."

Geo TV says Taylor Swift is openly showing her love for Travis Kelce, unlike her past romance with Joe Alwyn. A source says, "Taylor has decided she's not going to hide anymore. She’s going to be her authentic self and enjoy life." Taylor and Travis reportedly have genuine feelings for each other and talk every day. A source tells the New York Post "Following her heart comes naturally to Taylor, and she doesn't think about the consequences or the optics of cheering him on."

Variety Magazine says Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce thinks the NFL's coverage of him and Taylor Swift is too much. “I think it’s fun when they show who all is at the game. I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time, they’re overdoing it a little bit for sure… especially my situation. I think they’re trying to have fun with it.”

TMZ says Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey hopes Taylor Swift will attend the Kansas City Chiefs - Minnesota Vikings game. He believes Taylor's presence will boost the local economy. The city was previously nicknamed "Swiftieapolis" when Taylor performed there

The Daily Mail says Britney Spears danced to "Somebody That I Used To Know" after her estranged sister, Jamie Lynn, was eliminated from ‘’Dancing With The Stars’’ on Tuesday. Jamie Lynn and her partner had a higher score than four other teams, but were still booted

The Daily Mail says Britney Spears' father, Jamie, recently moved in with his other daughter Jamie Lynn after another unsuccessful rehab attempt. He lives in her guest house and helps with her children while she's away. Britney is allegedly furious with her sister for letting their father move back in. A source tells the newspaper, "Jamie just got out of rehab, but is already drinking again, which worries Lynne and Jamie Lynn."

The Drinks Business website says Brad Pitt is launching a new champagne called Petite Fleur. It has hints of spring flowers, red fruit, and citrus flavors. Around 65% of the new bubbly is made from Chardonnay

The New York Post says Kathy Griffin recently trolled Britney Spears by posting a video of herself dancing with knives like she did. She wore a pink bikini and waved kitchen utensils. Griffin says Spears became "too free" after her conservatorship ended.

People magazine says Brian Austin Green had "stroke-like" symptoms for four years without having a stroke. He couldn't speak, read, or write. Brian finally found a doctor who said that gluten, dairy, and stress were responsible for his condition. His health improved after he changed his diet

Radar Online says Kevin Spacey was rushed to the hospital after his left arm went numb at the Tashkent International Film Festival in Uzbekistan. Tests and scans showed that the 64-year-old actor did not have a heart attack. Spacey later appeared on stage at the film festival and confirmed that he is ok

The Robb Report says Barbara Walters's dazzling jewelry collection will be auctioned off in November. The auction includes a 13.8-carat diamond ring by Harry Winston, gem-set earrings, and other rare pieces from her $8 million estate. The diamond ring is expected to be sold for as much as $900,000.

Geo TV says Tom Cruise allegedly owes $728 to a dance instructor named Shirley Ballas. Cruise took a three-hour dance lesson to impress his then-wife, Nicole Kidman. Shirley says, "Come on Tom, if you're out there, get your check book out."

TOP 5 HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR 2023 ... According to

1. Barbie

2. Wednesday Addams

3. Maverick (from "Top Gun")

4. The Little Mermaid

5. Queen Charlotte from "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story"

Car Nickname Survey

A new survey by Volkswagen reveals that 31% of car owners will name their new car as soon as they get it. Other findings:

- 32% of car owners believe a car can have "a real personality"

- 65% of people feel protective of their car as soon as they've given it a name

Top 10 Cheating Red Flags To Look For In Photos With Your Partner... According to a new article by Best Life

1. Their posture looks tense or closed off.

2. Their facial expressions are inconsistent.

3. They're not smiling with their eyes.

4. There's excessive touching with someone else in the photo.

5. They're leaning away from you in photos.

6. They avoid looking into the camera.

7. They're standing farther away from you than usual.

8. You're both looking in different directions.

9. They look disconnected or disinterested.

10. The chemistry between you two appears off.

Dear Fonseca,

My entire family is mad at me because they say I ruined my wife and I's gender reveal last Sunday. My wife sliced a cake that was pink inside. Everyone was cheering because she is going to have a baby girl. My family got mad when I said I was hoping for a boy. They couldn't believe that I could be so shallow. My wife says I ruined our big moment and that I shouldn't have said that out loud. I don't think I did anything wrong by expressing my true feelings. I will love my daughter, but really want a son to play sports with. Did I do anything wrong with expressing my feelings? Am I a jerk like everyone says? Is there anything wrong with wanting a boy?

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