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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca)09/15/23

Today's Best Of Fonseca Show Calls:


- Variety Magazine says Apple's new iPhone 15 does not come with a charger or earbuds. iPhone 15 users will need to buy these accessories separately.

- A new survey by WalletHub reveals that 20% of people are willing to go into debt for the new iPhone 15. 75% of people believe the iPhone 15 is overrated

- Women's Wear Daily says the Miss Universe pageant is changing its eligibility rules. Starting next year, there will be no age restrictions. Any woman over 18 can compete. Before the change, the cutoff age was 28 years old.

- Fadeaway World says Michael Jordan earns $6 million every 8.6 days from Nike.Jordan earned $6 million in his first seven years of playing NBA basketball. His current net worth is $3.5 billion.

- Fortune Magazine says "60 Minutes" is going to air for 90 minutes during six episodes this Fall. The new expanded shows will start on October 8th. The show will still be called ‘’60 Minutes’’

- Yahoo Sports says Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers underwent surgery for his torn Achilles tendon yesterday. Rodgers said it "went great." He hopes to return to football in 2024.


NASA Shares UFO Report Findings: The Daily Mail says NASA has released a 33-page report on their year-long study of UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Sixteen scientists and former astronauts worked on the report. They did not review previous UFO incidents, but rather focused on how NASA can gather and analyze data on future alien sightings. NASA plans to appoint a Director of UFO research

iPhone 15 Disappoints Apple Fans: Apple recently unveiled its new $799 iPhone 15 and its $999 iPhone 15 Pro featuring USB-C charging, an action button and a 48 megapixel camera.

Business Insider says fans are disappointed with the phone’s lack of innovation …

‘’The iPhone 15 was beyond disappointing. Show some creativity once in a while. Samsung has phones that have screens that bend in half! We just want some innovation’’

‘’iPhone 15 Pro is incredibly disappointing First one i’m not even remotely tempted to upgrade to.’’

"This year's base 15 models are a slap in the face to loyal customers who (are) locked into the ecosystem and need an upgrade,"

Geo TV says Taylor Swift's fans are happy she's allegedly dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

They react …

“It’s about time she gets into her athlete era! she deserves a real man”

“Thank god shes finally done with malnourished singers and actors.”

“This will be her first attractive boyfriend”

“Oh my god she finally took a good pick”

Taylor Swift tells The USA Today newspaper that she's happier now than she's ever been. "Everything is just so perfect. I have great friends and the most amazing fans in the universe. I'm truly happy right now. I can't think of another place or time I'd want to be than right here and right now."

Olivia Rodrigo tells Rolling Stone magazine that living alone can be scary. “I really treasure my alone time. But living alone can be very frightening. I always get scared someone’s going to come in and murder me, or a ghost is going to come and haunt me.”

Dua Lipa tells Vogue magazine that she may want to have children one day. “I may want to have kids, but only when I'm ready. For me, when the moment is right, I will know. But, until then, I have other priorities. I want to continue making the most of my youth."

The Weeknd tells that he may one day stop calling himself The Weeknd. "I’m going through a cathartic path right now. It’s getting to a place and a time where I’m getting ready to close the Weeknd chapter. I’ll still make music, maybe as Abel, maybe as The Weeknd. I’m definitely trying to shed that skin and be reborn."

TMZ says Beyonce recently celebrated her 42nd birthday on a private island in French Polynesia. She stayed in a $20,000 a night villa with her family and friends.

RadarOnline says John Mellencamp's ex-fiancée, Meg Ryan is allegedly warning his new girlfriend, Kristin Kehrberg, about his "bad boy ways." Ryan and Mellencamp had an on-again, off-again relationship. A source says. "Meg believes John is poison to any woman and will only make Kristin miserable in the end. John may pour on the charm in the beginning — but he's selfish to the bone. Sooner or later he will slide back to his bad habits, like neglecting to call, forgetting birthdays, and showing up late — or not at all."

Page Six says Sofia Vergara's ex-husband, Joe Manganiello, was recently seen leaving a Venice, California gym with actress Caitlin O'Connor. He is 46 while she is 33. They looked happy and left in the same car. O’Connor has had brief roles on “Two and a Half Men” and “Days of Our Lives”

The NY Post says fans of "Dancing With the Stars" are upset over the casting of Adrian Peterson because he has a history of domestic violence and child abuse.The former NFL running back has been partnered with pro dancer Britt Stewart.

Fans react …

“We love you @brittbenae and we are so ready for you to get that mirrorball, but a known child abuser/DV?”

“britt i love you but this man abused the crap out of his child and wife”

‘’Shame on the producers!”

“You deserved better Britt wish I could vote for you’’ says Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are selling their Pacific Palisades, California mansion for $32 million. The couple bought the house in 2018 for $15.6 million. They recently finished renovating it. It has six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a gym, a spa, a movie theater and a golf simulator.

Geo TV says Taylor Swift's fans are happy she's allegedly dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

They react …

“It’s about time she gets into her athlete era! she deserves a real man”

“Thank god shes finally done with malnourished singers and actors.”

“This will be her first attractive boyfriend”

“Oh my god she finally took a good pick”

The Daily Mail says Snooki's daughter called 911 to complain that she was being mean for not letting her join TikTok. Snooki, who was having a few drinks at the time, was questioned by the police when they arrived at her home. Her daughter hid in the bathroom and cried. A source tells the newspaper, "Snooki was mortified."

The Daily Mail says Prince Harry recently celebrated his 39th birthday with Meghan Markle at a German brewery in Düsseldorf. The couple and a dozen of Harry's friends enjoyed local beer and traditional food. Harry reportedly drank six beers while Meghan had one.

Page Six says Irina Shayk is seeing Tom Brady, but still wants to marry her ex, Bradley Cooper. The supermodel recently spent time with both men. While Shayk has fun with Brady, she hopes to settle down with Cooper, the father of her 6-year-old daughter. A source tells the newspaper, "Years have been put into the relationship with Bradley, and she hopes to settle down with him."

TMSPN says Aaron Rodgers recently suffered a torn Achilles tendon, putting his future with the New York Jets in doubt. Gambling 911 lists his odds of retirement at 3/1.

What will Aaron do next? ….

Found a cannabis company 6/1

Regular Podcast Host/Co-Host 7/1

Act in a Movie/TV Show 10/1

Appear on a Reality TV show 10/1

Get Married 12/1

Play in televised golf tournament 16/1

Announce Fatherhood 20/1

Buy a Pro Sports Franchise 25/1

Become a game show host 33/1

Found a psychedelics company 50/1

Become State Farm Insurance Salesman 100/1

Work for CDC 100/1

Top 5 Happiest NFL Fans After Week 1... According to an article by

1. San Francisco 49ers - 36.3% positive tweets

2. Cleveland Browns - 36.1% positive tweets

3. Atlanta Falcons - 29.4% positive tweets

4. Green Bay Packers - 29.2% positive tweets

5. Detroit Lions- 27% positive tweets

Top 5 Angriest NFL Fans After Week 1... According to an article by

1. New York Giants - 21.1% negative tweets

2. Houston Texans - 15.4% negative tweets

3. New York Jets - 14% negative tweets

4. Chicago Bears - 13.8% negative tweets

5. Baltimore Ravens - 13.7% negative tweets

Top 10 Dating Red Flags Based On Birth Order ... According to a new article by Get Reading

1. Oldest siblings may have control issues

2. Oldest siblings can feel taken advantage of if left to do all organizing

3. Middle children are likely to compromise in relationships

4. Middle children may hold resentment towards other siblings

5. Youngest siblings have a tendency to be charming

6. Youngest siblings may struggle with responsibility

7. Only children might be overly independent in relationships

8. Only children could struggle with sharing and compromise

9. First-born children are usually organized and ambitious

10. Birth order can influence behavior in adult romantic relationships

Nap Survey

A new survey by Nature's Bounty reveals that 65% of adults feel the urge to nap before noon. Other findings:

- 26% of people can't get through the work week without a nap

- 39% of people want to nap three to four hours into a workday

- The average workday nap lasts 51 minutes

- 34% of people have fallen asleep at an event due to inadequate sleep the night before

EVENTS PEOPLE MISSED BECAUSE THEY WERE SLEEPING/NAPPING … According to a new survey by Nature's Bounty

Sports game - 30%

Meeting with friends - 28%

Birthday party - 28%

Family dinner - 28%

Street fair - 27%

Day cruise - 27%

Romantic date - 27%

Concert - 27%

Graduation - 26%

Job interview - 26%

Festival - 26%

Fitness class - 25%

Dinner/drinks with co-workers - 25%

Wedding - 24%

WHERE HAVE PEOPLE TAKEN A NAP? … According to a new survey by Nature's Bounty

A friend’s home - 30%

My vehicle - 28%

Public transportation (bus, subway, train, plane) - 27%

Beach - 25%

Movie theater - 24%

Cafe or restaurant - 24%

Library - 23%

Park - 23%

Doctor’s office - 23%

Pool - 22%

Corporate office - 22%

Museum or art gallery - 22%

Store - 20%

Parents On Devices More Than Kids

A new survey by Campspot reveals that 60% of parents spend more time on their electronic devices than their kids do. Other findings:

- On average, parents spend five hours a day on electronic devices

- 80% of parents own three or more electronic devices, while 81% of kids own at least two

- 79% of parents claim their experiences with their children are more memorable without electronic devices present

- 52% of parents have attempted to limit technology usage within their house

Top 10 Foods To Ease Anxiety... According to a new article by Wellness Magazine

1. Dark chocolate

2. Chia seeds

3. Pumpkin seeds

4. Eggs

5. Walnuts

6. Yogurt

7. Salmon

8. Green tea

9. Spinach

10. Lentils

Dear Fonseca,

My son is a freshman in high school and has asked a girl he likes to homecoming. She accepted. The dance and homecoming weekend are in several weeks. My high school boyfriend was not on social media until seven weeks ago. He is coming in for the homecoming football game and has asked me to dinner. I'm happily married, but haven't told my husband that I've been speaking to my ex-boyfriend for a month and a half or that I've accepted his offer to go to dinner. Is it wrong that I'm keeping this a secret and just for myself? It's exciting and enthralling. I kind of feel like I'm doing something wrong even though nothing physical has happened. Am I in the wrong? Is this cheating or just harmless flirting? I'm confused and full of emotions..

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