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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 08/24/23

Fonseca Show Best Of Calls:


- Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte goes on sale today. The Jackson Progress Argus newspaper says Hefty is capitalizing on the Pumpkin Spice craze by bringing back its Pumpkin Spice Trash Bags. The limited-edition bags have hints of cinnamon. They sold out online last year

- A.V. CLUB says the Barbie movie will be released in IMAX theaters on September 22nd. The film will have brand new bonus footage

- Page Six says Britney Spears recently got a new puppy named Snow.

- Mashable says the (HBO) Max "Sex and the City" spinoff, "And Just Like That...", has been renewed for a third season. It is the most-watched returning Max Original.

- WWD says a pair of Nike Air Ships, worn and autographed by Michael Jordan, are being auctioned off again on September 13th after selling for $1.5 million in 2021. Jordan wore the sneakers during his fifth NBA game. The top bid is currently $160,000.

- QSR magazine says White Castle is now selling a new French Toast Slider. The breakfast sandwich has cinnamon swirl French toast slices, eggs, American cheese, and either sausage or hickory smoked bacon. It is available for a limited time

- The Daily Dot says a customer at a California 7-Eleven recently tried to fill a Home Depot bucket with Slurpees. The store clerk did not allow him to do it even though he insisted he would pay for the drinks.

- Fan Nation says some college football players are gaining weight for the upcoming season by eating Oreo pancakes. Oreos get crushed before the crumbles are mixed into the pancake batter. University of Oklahoma offensive lineman Savion Bird has gained 30 lb since the start of Summer by eating Oreo pancakes

- WVEC says a new survey by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt reveals that 40% of teachers plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) in their classrooms this year. Most teachers surveyed believe A.I. use is "inevitable" and can be helpful for creating lesson plans


Most Office Workers Call In Sick On August 24th: A recent study by Flamingo, a firm that helps companies manage employee absences and medical leaves, found that August 24th is the day when workers are most likely to call in sick. The next most common day for employees to miss work is February 13th. Researchers came to their conclusion after studying 300 businesses and 10,000 employees. Top reasons for missing work ... stomach bugs followed by anxiety and stress

Selena Gomez tells The Kelly Clarkson Show that her first kiss, with actor Dylan Sprouse, was awkward. "I was in love with Cole Sprouse....I was obsessed with that show [The Suite Life of Zack & Cody] and I thought we were going to be together one day. Then I guest-starred on the show, but I kissed his brother and I didn’t get to kiss Cole....It was my first kiss—on camera! It was one of the worst days of my life!”

The New York Post says a French man, named Dylan Desclos, is Justin Bieber’s doppelganger. He has the same tattoos as Bieber. Dylan performs covers of Bieber’s songs in France and on social media. He says, “I think our similarities look wise more are some points of our faces, and definitely our attitudes. I became a look-alike simply by going to a Justin Bieber concert. I would say the best and funniest reaction I got was people thinking I was Justin and knocking on my hotel door at 2 a.m. There were so many of them, taking pictures and asking me to sign pictures of Justin Bieber.”

GeoTV says Elton John wished Dua Lipa a happy birthday earlier this week by posting a picture of them along with the caption, "Happy Birthday Dua Lipa. Love you to the moon and back."

David Guetta tells Billboard magazine that his children used to hate that he was famous. “At first they kind of hated it, because people would ask me for pictures and autographs. They saw it as people trying to steal their dad. Now they’re teenagers and they’re happy about it in ways, but in the beginning they didn’t like it at all. They would ask me, “Can you just be a normal dad and stay at home?””

Us Weekly Magazine says Beyoncé recently sang about her imperfections during a concert in St. Louis. While performing her song "Flaws and All," she pointed to her chin, rubbed her stomach, and pulled her arm skin. Fans cheered and praised her for being honest.

TMZ says Kevin Hart recently injured himself in a race against former NFL player Stevan Ridley. Hart tore his lower abdomen and adductors while trying to beat Ridley in a 40-yard dash. Now in a wheelchair, Kevin calls himself the "stupidest man alive" for attempting the race.

Page Six says Halle Berry recently finalized her divorce from Olivier Martinez after eight years. She must pay him $8,000 a month in child support for their son, Maceo. Halle also has to pay for Maceo's school expenses and health insurance. Halle has a reported net worth of $90 million.

Collider says Tom Cruise's movies do better when he runs in them. Rotten Tomatoes found that in films where Cruise runs less than 500 feet, the average box office is $113 million. When he runs between 500 and 1,000 feet, his film's average $413 million at the box office. When Cruise runs more than 1,000 feet, his film's average $471 million. Rotten Tomatoes concluded Cruise’s movies are more popular and make more money when he runs more.

TMZ says Britney Spears is considering reconciling with her father, Jamie Spears. Jamie has been dealing with kidney and knee issues and Britney doesn't want to wait too long to repair their relationship. Jamie is also open to reconnecting. He is expected to have more surgery this Friday.

The Daily Express says Britney Spears recently posted a topless video with Kanye West's music in the background. She quickly deleted it. Fans think she might have a crush on Kanye or be teasing a music collaboration.

The Daily Mail says Taylor Swift won't perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Las Vegas this year because she is too busy with her tour. She doesn't think it would be a career-defining moment. A source tells the newspaper, "She will do it eventually, but she is in no rush at all to do it in Vegas or do it in the next couple of years."

The Las Vegas Review-Journal says Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo wants AC/DC to perform at halftime of this year's Super Bowl.

The New York Post says a $1,200 sightseeing tour that would take people close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Montecito, California home was recently canceled because of privacy concerns. Thomas Markle's friend, photographer Karl Larsen, launched the tour. It was going to take guests to locations where Meghan grew up and where she lives now. Larsen posted; “I am the only person who has an open communication pathway between Meghan’s camp and the rest of the Markle family. There is nobody on the planet that knows more info that [sic] me and I’m the only person that’s qualified to put on such a tour.”

The Inquisitr says Kim Kardashian recently made fun of herself for failing the bar exam. Kim has been studying law since 2018. She posted a picture of Snoopy and then quoted Jay Z's song lyric; "I ain't passed the bar, but I know a Lil bit...".


TV Insider says Chip and Joanna Gaines are producing a new roller-skating dance competition series. The show will premiere in early 2024 on the Magnolia Network. It will feature top roller-skating crews from across America.

The Guardian says Simon Cowell allegedly sold his London home for $38 million less than the asking price due to safety concerns. He had lived in the house for 16 years, but feared for his family’s safety after multiple break-ins.Cowell now plans to move to the countryside.

The Daily Mail says Kevin Costner's ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, claims he is hiding his financial records. She wants more details about Kevin's upcoming film series, Horizon. Baumgartner's legal team says Costner has been "stonewalling" them.

Page Six says Leonardo DiCaprio and model Vittoria Ceretti were recently spotted getting ice cream in Santa Barbara, California. They were in deep conversation as they walked out of the ice cream parlor. He is 48 while she is 25

Barbie Movie Survey

A new survey by ResumeBuilder reveals that the Barbie movie has influenced moviegoers' perceptions of women in the workplace. Other findings:

- 53% of moviegoers say the film improved their view of women in the workforce

- 57% of moviegoers say the film improved their view of women as leaders

- 89% of moviegoers found the film 'very' or 'somewhat' inspiring

Top 5 Ways Wine Can Improve Aging Skin ... According to a new article by Best Life

1. Wine has anti-inflammatory benefits.

2. It can keep your skin hydrated.

3. Wine promotes collagen production.

4. It can improve blood circulation to the skin.

5. Wine may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Work Meeting Survey

A new survey by the hybrid video app Mmhmm reveals that 47% of people say half of work meetings could be canceled. Other findings:

- 25% of people say the majority of their work meetings are useless

- 42% of people say the highlight of a work meeting is if it's canceled

- 39% of people book new meetings to get out of existing ones

- 45% of people say work meetings are too long

Office Hookup Survey A new survey by Lovehoney reveals that 40% of employees have had romantic relationships with a co-worker. Other findings: - 11% of employees have hooked up with a colleague while in a relationship with someone else - 9% of cheating workers were married at the time of their hookup - 13% of men have hooked up with a co-worker while married, while only 6% of women have done the same - 33% of married workers, who hooked up with a colleague, did so with a subordinate

Communicating With The Dead Survey

A new survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that 50% of people have experienced an interaction with a deceased family member. Other findings:

- 34% of adults have felt the presence of a passed family member

- 28% of people have told a dead family member about a recent event in their life

- 15% of people have received communication from a deceased loved one

Dear Fonseca,

I was out with my wife the other night when another man walked up and said he noticed her from across the room so he wanted to come over and tell her that she is beautiful. My wife thanked him and smiled. We got into an argument on the way home. I told her that she should not have accepted the compliment, but rather told the man that she is married. She said she was just being polite. My wife said the compliment made her light up inside. She says there is nothing wrong with accepting a compliment from another man even if a woman is married. We are now giving each other the cold shoulder. Who's right... me or my wife? Should she have accepted the compliment?

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