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Fonseca Show Trending 03/06/24

Fonseca's Best of Calls from our show:


- Uproxx says HBO Max is joining other streaming services in limiting password sharing. The company says, “The password sharing crack down, which, obviously, Netflix has implemented extremely successfully. We’re going to be doing that starting later this year and into ‘25, which is another growth opportunity for us.”

- The Globe and Mail says movie theaters in Canada are cashing in on the success of "Dune: Part Two" by raising ticket prices for this weekend. A number of locations will be charging $1 more for a "Dune" ticket while other movie prices will remain the same. Many moviegoers are outraged over the "dynamic pricing."

- NBC says an unknown bidder paid $82,000 for the vintage diner booth featured in the final scene of "The Sopranos." The sale did not include the jukebox, which was a prop. 

- WTOP says Chef Wolfgang Puck is gearing up for the annual Oscars Governors Ball where he will serve celebs gold-dusted truffled popcorn and Korean steak tartare. The Ball takes place after the Academy Awards conclude on Sunday night 

- Totally The Bomb says Coffee Mate has launched a Dirty Soda Coconut Lime Flavored Creamer for Dr. Pepper. The creamer is not for coffee but to pour over an ice-cold glass of Dr. Pepper instead

- Food Engineering says Gatorade has introduced a new unflavored water aimed at active individuals. The alkaline water, with a pH of 7.5, is infused with electrolytes. It costs $2.99.

- Delish magazine says Campbell's Soup is coming out with a new flavor called Grilled Cheese and Tomato. The soup contains Monterey Jack, cheddar and Muenster cheese. Fans are already clamoring for it 

- WJW says competitive eater Joey Chestnut won a pierogi eating contest last night in Cleveland during the Celtics-Cavaliers game. He devoured 39 pierogies in two minutes. 


The News International says Taylor Swift's fans are concerned about her well-being. During a show in Singapore, she was struggling to sing, was coughing and was trying to clear her throat. Taylor has canceled her meet and greets because she is sick 

Lance Bass tells PEOPLE magazine that he developed diabetes during COVID. "I developed diabetes during COVID, and I'm really trying to figure out how to control that.  I'm definitely conscious of my eating now. I'm learning what you can eat, when you can eat, when you take your insulin  and all that has just been really hard lately."

NBC says New Kids on the Block is set to release their first album in 11 years.  "Still Kids" will be out on May 17th. The first single is called "Kids”.

Teddy Swims tells Billboard magazine that people shouldn't be afraid of failure."Failure is my best bud. I’ve failed a ton of times. Failing is the best way to learn. Now you know what doesn't work, you can try something new that may work out better."

Post Malone tells Whiskey Riff that he smokes between 40 and 80 cigarettes a day. “Johnny Cash smoked his whole life and he sounded cool.”

Bruno Mars tells CBS that he truly cares about his artistry. "I watch the artists that I look up to. They're not phoning it in. They're going up there to show up anybody that performs after them or performs before them. That's who I want to be. I don't want to be the guy who does the bare minimum. These people paid to see me, they are getting the best show I can give them."

People Magazine says Amy Schumer hilariously crashed two wedding photoshoots in New York City over the weekend. She posed with two different couples in wedding attire. Amy previously crashed a wedding in London and engagement photos in Central Park.

Radar Online says Miley Cyrus' mom,  Tish,  hired security to prevent her daughter Noah from crashing her wedding to Dominic Purcell. Tish did not want Noah and her son Braison present at the August 2023 event. The website claims Noah was dating Dominic for several months before Tish swooped in and stole him 

The Daily Star says Allegra DuVal, from Virginia Beach, has turned her Britney Spears likeness into a $25,000 a year side hustle. She dances and lip-syncs to Britney's hits at events and charges $3,000 per night. Allegra hopes to meet Britney one day, saying, "If I met her, I think I'd die. I was 10 years old when she came out with 'Baby One More Time' and I've been a fan ever since. After my first few performances I started making costumes, built a website, and started promoting myself as a Britney performer. Now I've been to like 30 different places around the country performing to her hits."

OK! Magazine says Sofía Vergara wants to find a wealthy partner. The magazine quotes her as saying, ""I thought I was just going to marry rich, but it didn't happen. It would have been so much easier to have wed a wealthy man. I'm divorced now… I can still marry rich!"

Page Six says Bradley Cooper may take Gigi Hadid to the Oscars’ after-parties. A source says Bradley always brings his mother as his date to the Academy Awards. "It's definitely getting more serious, they are totally into each other.  I don’t know if they will walk the Vanity Fair carpet together, but they will join up inside.”

The Sun says Hugh Jackman is set to star in "Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story". Hugh is going to play a sheep herder who gets killed. His flock of sheep then take on human characteristics to try to find out who killed him.

WSAV says Justin Bieber’s sister-in-law, Alaia Baldwin Aronow, is facing charges for allegedly throwing a used feminine hygiene product at a Savannah, Georgia bartender. Surveillance footage shows Aronow resisting security after throwing the product. She told cops she was defending herself. Aronow was charged with simple assault and battery. 

The Daily Mail says Brad Pitt found solace in his girlfriend Ines de Ramon after his tough divorce from Angelina Jolie. A source says, “Brad is happy that there is zero drama with Ines. He doesn't have to think of anything negative when he is with her. They're in their own world and enjoying each other's company. Not that Brad has many stresses in his life, though everyone knows that one major one is Angie.  Brad loves discussing his various acting roles with Ines and appreciates her input in his career as they stressed that the reason things are going so well is because there's 'no drama and no pressure. He trusts her and finds that she is the best for him and there isn't any hidden agenda to anything. He sees this as his last relationship.”

Tax Survey

A new survey by WalletHub reveals that 56% of Americans would give up social media for a year to never pay taxes again. Other findings:

- 30% of people would get an IRS tattoo to avoid paying taxes

- 16% of people would name their first-born child "Taxes" for a tax-free future.

- 19% of people would stop talking for six months for a tax-free future.

- 9% of people would clean prison toilets for 3 years for a tax-free future.

-  28% of people would take a vow of celibacy for a tax-free future.

Top 5 Tiny Ways He Says 'I Love You' ... According to a new article by Your Tango 

1. He asks about your day. 

2. He remembers the little things. 

3. He makes sure you get home safe. 

4. He lets you into his life. 

5. He introduces you to his friends and family.

Women Being Stifled By ‘Cute’ Compliments

The Daily Mail says a new study by Lego reveals that using 'gendered' language can hinder a woman's creativity. Females may feel less inspired if praised as 'sweet' and 'beautiful' instead of 'cool' and 'brave'. The research also reveals that women are affected by terms like 'pretty' and 'beautiful'.

7 Worst Dogs For Children ... According to a new article by StudyFinds

1. Chihuahua - Moody and protective.

2. Akita - Strict and protective.

3. Chow Chow - Intolerant and overprotective.

4. Pekingese - Feisty and tiny.

5. Siberian Husky - Hyper and independent.

6. Alaskan Malamute - Strong and energetic.

7. Shih Tzu - Prone to biting and in the way.

Top 10 States That Party The Hardest On St. Patrick’s Day ... According to a new survey by The Focus … Based on average number of drinks each St Patrick's Day reveler will have 

1. Alabama

2. Kansas

3. Oklahoma

4. Pennsylvania

5. Georgia

6. New Mexico

7. Hawaii

8. Illinois

9. Iowa

10. Nebraska

Dear Fonseca

Lately I've been going to restaurants that have signs in the window banning dogs. I'm sure you've seen the same signs that say service dogs are okay, but pets aren't. I think the restaurants are discriminating. My pet dog is well behaved. I think restaurants should be less concerned about well-behaved pets and more concerned about out of control toddlers. Every time I go to a restaurant I see toddlers throwing food and temper tantrums. They are also running around and being loud. I think restaurants should ban those kids instead of well behaved dogs. I think my dog and other well-behaved pets are being discriminated against. What do you think? Should well behaved pet dogs be allowed in restaurants? Should restaurants ban rowdy kids?  Is there a double standard here?

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