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Fonseca Show Trending 02/03/23


- WKYC says tomorrow night's Powerball jackpot is worth $700 million with a lump sum cash payout of $375 million

- AccuWeather says Mount Washington, New Hampshire could see temperatures this weekend hit 100° below zero. The 6,288 ft tall mountain is located in the northern part of the state

- Mashable says the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT is the fastest growing app in history. The company added 100 million users in two months

- Mashed magazine says Valentine's Day Champagne is trending on Tik Tok.People are getting ready for the holiday by placing cotton candy in the bottom of a champagne flute. They then drench it with their favorite champagne and add pink frosting and red sprinkles to the rim. The goal is to make the bubbly sweeter

- Business Insider says Nike and Tiffany and Co are teaming up for more products other than their $400 pair of sneakers. They plan to offer sterling silver shoehorns, a sneaker toothbrush and a silver whistle. The accessories will cost up to $475

- Mera Zone says Papa Murphy's is offering heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day

- The Toronto Star says Frito-Lay is hiking the price of its snacks by 10% to 11%.The company makes Cheetos, Doritos, Lays, Ruffles and Sunchips. The jump in price is due to supply chain issues

- TMZ has revealed that Flashdance singer Irene Cara died from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She was a diabetic and also had cardiovascular disease.

- The Daily Mail says Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday meaning there will be six more weeks of Winter. The National Weather Service says Phil has a 40% accuracy rate when predicting the start of Spring. The paper says 40 million Americans are currently being hit with an Arctic blast


Sports Trending

- New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft tells CNN that he wants Tom Brady to sign a one-day contract with the team so he can retire as a Patriot. "Not only do I want it, our fans are clamoring for it. To us, he is, always has been, and always will be a Patriot."

- Fox News says the price of Tom Brady memorabilia is skyrocketing because he retired. Game worn jerseys are expected to sell for $500,000 while rookie cards are expected to sell for between $800,000 and $1.6 million

- Outkick magazine says Will Ferrell recently attended a Raptors-Blazers game in Portland. The crowd went wild when he was announced. Will jokingly stared down the Raptors bench and then talked trash before returning to his seat

- Sheryl Crow tells the USA Today newspaper that Buffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin inspired her to learn CPR. "The world would be in a different place if everybody (made) their decisions from their heart's center"


City's Groundhog Dies Before He Can Make His Weather Prediction: CTV News says Quebec's groundhog, Fred La Marmotte, died suddenly before he was supposed to make his big weather prediction on Groundhog Day. The nine-year-old groundhog did not wake up. The organizers of the city's Groundhog Day ceremony pulled a stuffed Marmot from Fred's log cabin. They handed it to a child, who said Winter would be continuing for another six weeks.

The Daily Mail says Harry Styles has gotten a new stage costume that is trending. He is wearing a pink rhinestone suit with pink sneakers

.Bebe Rexha tells The USA Today newspaper that she loves looking for deals. “Oh yeah, I’ve definitely look for promo codes on websites, but for some reason, 95% of them never work. But I love a good buy one, get one free. That’s kind of my vibe. I love saving at the supermarket. I’m not an avid couponer where I’m a psycho about it, but who doesn’t like saving money?”

Meghan Trainor tells that her husband helped her feel sexy again after giving birth. I already was struggling to love my body before all this, and then I got lots of stretch marks and that was tough for me. And then the C-section scar didn’t help. But my husband’s a gem ... he was like, “You’re beautiful, you’re perfect. I love this scar. This is where my baby came from” He helped me realize I was still beautiful.”The Sun says

Beyonce is charging $3,050 for tickets to her upcoming concert tour.The Weeknd tells Rolling Stone magazine that he loves Ethiopian food. “It’s the best, man. But it’s very fattening. I think I’m still burning off that fat, to be honest. For an Ethiopian mother, if you have a chubby kid, it means you’re doing something good.”The Daily Mail says

Post Malone was recently performing in Sydney, Australia when he did a Shooey. The Aussie tradition involves pouring beer into a shoe and then drinking it. says Tom Brady's Tampa mansion is available for rent. The six bedroom, seven bath home is available for $60,000 a month. It has water views, a soaking tub, a pool, a spa and a private boat dock. Tom is building a mega mansion in Miami.

People magazine says Gisele Bundchen has no plans to reconcile with Tom Brady now that he's retired. A source tells the magazine, “Gisele moved on with her life quite a while ago and is happy about whatever Tom chooses to do with his life now. The welfare and happiness of the children” remain her top priority. Keeping a positive attitude about Tom and her career is part of what you do as a parent. They are sharing their kids and spreading the love between them so they grow up as normal kids with two caring parents”

Ace Showbiz says Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi recently renewed their vows. Kris Jenner officiated the ceremony. The ceremony took place during Portia's 50th birthday party. She said, "When I was thinking about what would make my birthday special, apart from being with family and friends, it was reminding you that you are the most important thing in the world to me. In front of family and friends. I was thinking about my life, my accomplishments, as you do when you have a big birthday, and it all just kept leading back to you and I thought what greater accomplishment can I ever, ever, ever have than being love by someone, who is so magnificent, by someone who is as incredible as you."

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry all attended the party and ceremony

Pop Culture magazine says Eddie Murphy's son, Eric, is engaged to Martin Lawrence's daughter, Jasmine. Eddie tells E! Talk that he wants Martin to pay for the wedding because tradition says the bride's father always pays. "You have to do the same, Martin. "Don't try to switch it up — don't try to change, do no Hollywood switch. You're paying for the wedding. If it goes down, Martin is paying. And the wedding better be wonderful."

The Daily Mail says The Rock's mother, Ata, was involved in a horrific car accident yesterday. Her Cadillac SUV was nearly totaled in a 3:00 a.m. car crash. The Rock posted; 'Thank you God she’s ok. Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night. She’ll survive and continue to get evaluated. This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide. She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real.'

Paul Rudd tells Ace Showbiz that joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ant-Man was like joining "Dancing with the Stars". "My agent set up a meeting with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Marvel was pretty new. They weren't even part of Disney. It would've been like somebody saying, 'How would you feel about doing 'Dancing with the Stars'? A superhero franchise was never on my radar," he said. "I never really thought I was the type of actor that they would offer any of those parts to. But when this idea came around, I was excited about doing something that was so out of left field, and I knew that if it was announced that I was going to be joining a superhero franchise, most people would say, 'What the f***?' And I got to wear a superhero suit."

Keanu Reeves tells Total Film magazine that he is not sure if he is going to make a fifth John Wick movie. He says the movie studio wants to see how audiences react to ''John Wick 4''. ''You have to see how the audience responds to what we did. The only reason we’ve had a chance to make these movies is that people have liked what we have done. So I think we have to wait and see how the audience responds to it. Hopefully they’ll like it.''

Sally Field tells People magazine that she turned down the lead role in the 1984 adventure movie ''Romancing the Stone''. “My instinct was there’s somebody else out there who’s better, and that somebody was Kathleen Turner. That long-legged Kathleen, with her husky voice. I mean, she’s still breathtakingly good. And she’s so sweet. There’s nobody like her.''

Perez Hilton says Tommy Lee's current wife, Brittany, is upset Pam Anderson said he is the only man she has ever loved. Pam made the claim in her new memoir, "Love Pamela". A source tells the website, “Brittany doesn’t believe that Tommy would go back to Pam, but she still feels it’s disrespectful and tiresome to live in the past and make him the focal point of her memoir.”

The Daily Mail says director James Cameron has completed his investigation into whether Leonardo DiCaprio's "Titanic" character could have survived the sinking ship. He performed a scientific re-enactment of the movie's tragic scene for an upcoming National Geographic special. The experiment used stunt doubles to analyze whether there was space for both Jack and Rose to sit on the ship's door and survive. The question has dogged fans of the film for 25 years. The special airs Sunday night.

The NY Post says Nick Cannon's baby mama, Lanisha Cole, is not pregnant again.She posted; “No I’m not pregnant again. You guys are so used to SnapBack culture that you can’t let a woman be at peace with not losing her baby weight in a week.” Lanisha gave birth to Nick's ninth baby, Onyx.

Leading Causes Of Weight Gain … According to a new study by the health coaching app Able

stress (24.5%)

family life (12.5%)

medication (11.7%)

work (10.9%)

Most Sleep-Deprived States.. According to a new survey by Bet Texas based on work hours and long commutes

1 Georgia

2 West Virginia

3 Tennessee

4 Louisiana

5 Texas

Dear Fonseca

My daughter can't wait for the Grammys on Sunday. She loves to sing and has aspirations to be a professional one day. The truth is, she's not very good. My husband and I encourage her, but know she won't be able to become a professional even with lessons. Should we tell her the truth or tell a white lie when she asks if she is any good? What's better?

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