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Fonseca Show is out - but check this..

Why Fonseca is out why not listen to our Best of Calls:


- USA Today says participating Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants are giving away free wings today because the Super Bowl went into overtime. Anyone can get six free boneless or traditional wings from the restaurant from 2 to 5 p.m local time. 

- The Daily Beast says NORAD believes the ‘spy balloon’ they recently intercepted over Utah was nothing more than a cube-shaped mylar balloon. Fighter jets tracked the balloon until it flew out of US airspace.

- BroBible says Travis Kelce left Taylor Swift in Australia to party in Vegas with his teammates. Videos emerged of Kelce singing Taylor Swift songs and partying with fans,

- The Daily Mail says Ryan Gosling will perform 'I'm Just Ken' live at the Oscars next month.  The Canadian actor is up for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Ken in “Barbie”.

by wearing a large diamond ring on her left hand. The actress has not been romantically linked for the past five years. 

- ABC says Jimmy Buffet’s 1963 Ford Falcon Convertible was recently auctioned off for $258,500. It comes with Buffett's surfboard and a signed guitar. 

- Dark Horizons says the budget for the "Gladiator" sequel has skyrocketed to $310 million.  The movie was supposed to be made for $165 million. It stars Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal. The film will be released on  November 22nd.

- Media Post says Major League Baseball players don't like their new Nike uniforms because the pants are see-through and allow fans to see their underwear. Players and fans say the new jerseys and pants look cheap and flimsy.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Bob Marley: One Love,” $13.5 million.

2. ““Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba - To the Hashira Training,” $11.5 million.

3. "Ordinary Angels," $6.5 million.

4. “Madame Web,” $6 million.

5. “Migration,” $3 million.

TMZ says Billie Eilish signed Melissa McCarthy's forehead during the SAG Awards

Geo TV says Taylor Swift's upcoming album, "The Tortured Poets Department," will feature a song about her first impression of Travis Kelce

Page Six says Taylor Swift was recently performing in Australia when she once again  changed the lyrics of her song "Karma" to honor Travis Kelce. The singer referred to Kelce as "the guy on the Chiefs" and pointed to him while singing "That's my man." At the end of the show, they passionately kissed and left together.

Flavor Flav tells Billboard Magazine that Miley Cyrus playfully slapped him after he mistook her for Gwen Stefani. "It came from a time that they looked alike. That’s the thing that got me... Miley Cyrus slapped Flavor Flav in the face and we laughed it off." 

Tate McRae tells that putting her songs out is like posting her diary online "I'm a pretty private person, you know, aside from literally writing my feelings and putting them on the internet. But it is really scary when you think about real people listening to it, especially people that I know. It's terrifying because no one wants to ever look that sensitive or vulnerable."

Radar Online says 'American Idol' producers are allegedly considering replacing Luke Bryan with Jelly Roll. Bryan has been a judge on the show since 2018. He might be stepping back to spend more time with his family.  A source says,  "It's doubtful Luke will continue on Idol after this season, so they're bringing Jelly on to test the waters and see how viewers react. Their only worry is that Jelly is such a sweet guy, he won't have the heart to be brutally honest in critiquing a contestant — but he would instantly make">the show hotter and more relevant!" 

Olivia Rodrigo tells Page Six that she bought cigarettes and a six-pack of beer on her 21st birthday. "I promise I didn't consume it, but I just bought it because I could. Anyway, all this to say that I think growing up isn’t so scary after all and life just kind of gets better at the end” 

Geo TV says Taylor Swift recently made a cancer patient's dream come true at her concert in Australia. She gifted her special 22 hat to 9-year-old Scarlett Oliver. A source tells the network, "Taylor's gesture brought so much joy to Scarlett."

Life and Style Weekly says Taylor Swift has allegedly spent $500,000 on a new wardrobe for Travis Kelce. A source tells the magazine,  “Though she admits she’s no fashionista, Taylor splashed out $500,000 to help Travis dress better. She loves that he likes to take chances with his style choices, but some of his outfits have been suspect. He’s at an all-new fame level, so stepping it up with designer duds is just part of the deal. Taylor says she’s not changing him — it’s an evolution.”

Page Six says Tom Cruise allegedly "cooled things down" with girlfriend Elsina Khayrova because he thought things were moving too fast.  A source says, “Tom felt things were moving too fast, especially in the media. He wasn’t there yet, so he’s cooled things down, but they are still in touch. Tom wants to go slow with whoever he sees, as he feels he’s been burned by several of his exes. Some in Tom’s group of acquaintances say it’s over, but with Tom you never really know how that will happen”

In Touch Weekly claims Brad Pitt allegedly asked his girlfriend Ines De Ramon to sign a non-disclosure agreement. A source says, “It’s just that he values his privacy. People of Brad’s status don’t want their texts or anything personal shared with the universe. Brad wants transparency and honesty. She would have been surprised if he didn't ask her to sign one."

Heat Magazine claims Ben Affleck is allegedly frustrated with Jennifer Lopez's flashy style and "obsessive image consciousness." An insider reveals, “Ben gets that being a glamorous diva is all part of Jen’s persona, and he’s not trying to turn her into a soccer mom or anything. But this constant ‘look at me’ act is getting annoying to a point where he can’t stand it. Even when she’s away from the cameras, she’s always preening in front of the mirror, fussing over her make-up and outfits, and obsessively monitoring her social media. He’s exhausted by her constant need for attention and validation. Affleck only wishes to see Lopez tone it down and be a little more conservative. He’s not asking her to totally change her style, but he would love it if she’d dress more like a married woman in her fifties.’’

Page Six says Meghan Markle plans to take on lifestyle queens Martha Stewart and Joanna Gaines. A source says she is planning a project for Netflix. “From what I understand, I think Meghan will take on Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ina Garten and play them at their own game. This would not surprise me. She would have to be relatable and natural, the way Drew Barrymore is,  it can’t feel contrived or like she’s acting.”

OK! magazine says Tom Brady is open to getting married again. An insider says, "Tom had a bumpy start navigating the single life after his divorce, but he’s doing great now. The past year has made a world of difference. He’s embraced co-parenting, dating here and there, and he’s even made peace with Gisele. He cringes at the idea of being called an 'eligible bachelor,' but he’s open to romantic commitment. He even sees himself getting married again. He’s finally in a good place, and so is Gisele."

Radar Online says Katy Perry was allegedly "pushed out" of her American Idol judging role due to non-stop drama behind the scenes. A source says, "Katy's saying she was painted as the harsh, evil judge on the show and that she's leaving of her own volition — but the truth is that she's much closer to that persona than she thinks, and everybody was tired of dealing with it.’’ 

Driving Survey

A new survey by RED Driver Training reveals that over 50% of aspiring motorists failed their driver's test in 2023.

Reasons for failing…

spent less than five hours preparing … 39%

nervousness … 34%

not being familiar with road rules .. 20%

Dating Survey

A new survey by The Good Men Project reveals that 85% of people lie about their education on dating apps. Other findings:

- Men are more likely (30%) than women (19%) to lie on their dating profiles

- 41% of people lie about their salary

- 41% of people lie about their appearance

- 30% of people lie about their age

Dad Bod Survey

A new study by MSN Health reveals that 47% of women prefer a man with a "dad bod" over a muscular physique. Other findings:

- 75% of women find confidence more attractive than physical appearance

- 62% of women feel pressure to uphold certain beauty standards

Dear Fonseca

My date got mad and canceled our evening out at the last minute on Saturday. We met on Tinder and had been chatting for a week. Just before the date, she asked me to send her a picture of my driver's license and another form of ID such as a credit card. She said she wanted to do a background check before we went out so she would feel safe. I told her I wasn't comfortable sending personal information like that.  She got mad and canceled. She said I was being unreasonable because she is new to the area and a single woman. I don't think anyone should give out their last name or personal information before a first date. We were meeting at a restaurant so it wasn't like I invited her over or I was going to her home. Was she wrong to cancel the date? Should I have sent the info? My friend says she may have been trying to scam me.  What's the protocol for background checks? 

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