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Fonseca Show (Aaron Fonseca) Trending 09/06/23

Today's Fonseca Show Best Calls:


- TMZ says "Price Is Right" host Bob Barker's cause of death was a lengthy struggle with Alzheimer's. Barker's longtime spokesman confirmed that he had been suffering from the disease for years before passing away last month

- Decider magazine says Whoopi Goldberg missed The View's Season 27 premiere after testing positive for COVID-19. Joy Behar says Whoopi is on the mend and should return later this week.

- The Wrap says the "Barbie" movie will be available to rent on digital platforms, like Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu, next week for $24.99.

- Entertainment Tonight says Eddie Murphy's first holiday comedy, "Candy Cane Lane", will premiere in December on Amazon Prime Video. The film is about a man trying to win a Christmas decoration contest with the help of an elf named Pepper.

- Page Six says Sam Asghari recently unfollowed Britney Spears on Instagram, two weeks after filing for a divorce from her.

- Total Pro Sports says Tom Brady will start working as a FOX analyst next year.Brady signed a 10-year deal worth $375 million with FOX. He will join Kevin Burkhardt and Erin Andrews

- The New York Post says some bars in Kavos, Greece were recently caught collecting unfinished drinks and then reselling them to tourists. The Independent Public Revenue Authority raided these bars and shut them down.

- Trendhunter says the American Licorice Company is selling Pumpkin Spice Licorice Twists. The candies have hints of cinnamon, spice, and pumpkin


US Weekly Magazine says things are getting serious between Dua Lipa and her boyfriend, Romain. A source tells the magazine, “Dua and Romain are a great match because they both push each other to do better. They are both very creative people and have lifted each other’s art up to a new level. They are always laughing and constantly showing physical affection while they try to spend every moment together that they can. Things are getting pretty serious and both are very happy.’’

NBC says Joe Jonas has filed for a divorce from Sophie Turner, stating their marriage is "irretrievably broken." The couple married in 2019 and have two young children. They have a prenuptial agreement. Joe is seeking shared custody. A source says, “Divorce was a last resort for Joe. He never wanted to break up his family, but he had to take what he felt was the best course of action for his girls. An unhappy home isn’t a home, and the truth is that he and Sophie were going through it this year. There’s a lot of noise out there, but it wasn’t a straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back situation like it’s being reported.”

RadarOnline says Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas signed a prenup before marrying.When they divorce, Sophie will keep her 'Game of Thrones' earnings while Joe will keep his music money. The couple sold their Miami mansion in August

Olivia Rodrigo tells Interview Magazine that she had an intense reaction to Ari Aster's movie "Beau Is Afraid." "I watched that new Ari Aster movie 'Beau Is Afraid' and I got so scared. I literally had to walk out of the theater. I have never had such a visceral reaction to a movie in my life. It felt like a bad acid trip."

The Squamish Chief newspaper says Ed Sheeran recently visited a Vancouver record store called Beat Street Records. He signed some of his records and CDs. The signed copies sold out in less than two hours.

Miley Cyrus tells Vogue magazine that her body is a canvass. “I have 74 tattoos. I like adding images to my body that mean a lot to me. I think it shows how much you care about something or someone when you have it tattooed onto your body.”

KSEE says PETA wants to rename a portion of Sunset Boulevard in honor of the late Bob Barker. The new name would be "Bob Barker Boulevard." Barker, known for his animal activism, died last month at age 99. PETA plans to work with Los Angeles City Council Member Hugo Soto-Martinez on the proposal.

The New York Post says Jimmy Buffett's younger sister, Laurie, was diagnosed with cancer around the same time as he was. Jimmy died last week at 76 from skin cancer. Laurie had pancreatic cancer during the pandemic and is now cancer-free. She says they supported each other and talked before and after their scans.

PEOPLE Magazine says Jimmy Buffett saved “SNL” star Colin Jost from drowning in 2014. They met at a dinner in St. Bart's and surfed together the next day. Jost got stuck on some rocks before Buffett helped him out of the dangerous situation.

TMZ says Gary Busey was recently involved in a hit-and-run in Malibu. A woman claims he rear-ended her car and then fled the scene. She chased him down and recorded a video of their confrontation. Busey only gave her his insurance company's name. Detectives are investigating

NJ101 says the Happy Day Farm, in Manalapan, New Jersey, has a Barbie-inspired corn maze. The farm is decorated with the color pink to match the theme. There is a pink tractor, pink couches and a pink sign that reads Girl Power Lane

Geo TV says Kevin Costner's estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, recently moved into a $40,000 a month rental home. The Montecito, California house has four bedrooms, a pool, and a jacuzzi. Baumgartner wanted over $175,000 in child support. A judge granted her $63,000 per month. The Daily Mail says Christine plans to enter the workforce. A source tells the newspaper, "Christine is looking into going back to school and getting a job to support herself after the split."

PEOPLE Magazine says Tom Brady's younger son, Ben, is playing football and wants to be like Gronk. Tom says, "My son is gonna play football this year, Benny, so I've been throwing the ball to him in the backyard. And he wants to be a tight end like Gronk [Rob Gronkowski], and he's gonna be a little beast. He's an amazing kid and he's got a lot of talents. He's a really talented musician and artist. And then he told me this year, 'Dad, I'm playing football.' And I was like, 'What do you wanna play?' And he was like, 'Tight end. I wanna be like Gronk!' So I actually texted Gronk and I'm like, 'Yo, my boy wants to be like you!' And he loved it.

The Robb Report says Jessica Simpson is selling her Southern California home for $22 million. She bought it from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in 2013 for $11.5 million. The home has eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, mountain views, a pool, a spa, a shallow pool, a guest house, a soaking tub, a steam shower and a recording studio. Simpson has moved to Nashville to reboot her music career.

Author Stephen King tells Rolling Stone magazine that his wife once threatened to leave him because he constantly played ‘’Mambo Number #5’’ throughout their home. “My wife threatened to divorce me. I played that a lot. I had the dance mix. I loved those extended play things, and I played both sides of it. And one of them was just total instrumental. And I played that thing until my wife just said, ‘One more time, and I’m going to leave you.”’

TMZ says Drew Barrymore's alleged stalker, Chad Michael Busto, has a warrant out for his arrest. He failed to show up to get a GPS monitor. Busto was arrested last month after appearing at Barrymore's Hamptons home.

Opposites Attract Myth Debunked

Indy100 says a recent study by the University of Colorado reveals that the "opposites attract" idea in couples is not true. Researchers studied 80,000 couples and found they share 80% of the same traits and likes such as drinking and smoking. Researcher Tanya Horwitz says, “Birds of a feather are indeed more likely to flock together.”

Insecurities Survey

A new survey by Smile Express reveals that 68% of adults sometimes feel as awkward as they did in their teens. Other findings:

- 65% of adults were most self-conscious about their body shape as teenagers

- 55% of adults are still uncomfortable about their body shape

- Only 30% of people stand in the front row when posing for a group photo

- Only 24% of people show their teeth when smiling

- More men than women are currently self-conscious about their glasses/contact lenses (51% vs. 39%), height (54% vs. 42%), hairstyle (57% vs. 48%), and smile (55% vs. 49%)

Top 10 Most Pest-Infested U.S. Cities ... According to a new article by Doctor Sniffs

1. Houston

2. Dallas

3. Philadelphia

4. San Francisco

5. New York City

6. Los Angeles

7. Chicago

8. Boston

9. Washington, D.C.

10. Miami

America's Favorite Foods ... According to a new article by Yahoo Sport

1. Pizza .. 21%

2. Steak … 16%

3. Hamburgers … 13%

Top 5 Exercises To Burn Fat At Your Office Desk ... According to a new article by the New York Post

1. Seated leg lifts

2. Desk push-ups

3. Seated bicycle crunches

4. Chair dips

5. Desk plank

Dear Fonseca,

I am upset with my husband because he went behind my back and wished his ex-wife a happy birthday. He was in the shower when his phone started buzzing. Curiosity killed the cat so I looked at the messages and was stunned by their flirtatious banter. He said I have nothing to worry about and that he was just being friendly and trying to keep the peace. I told him to sleep in our guest bedroom till this gets resolved. He says he's done nothing wrong. I disagree. Not only was he texting behind my back, but he was sending flirty messages which is borderline cheating. He says I'm overreacting. Am I? What's your opinion? Is my husband guilty as charged?

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