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Fonseca Show 03/05/24

Best of Calls with Fonseca


- WUHF says Travis Kelce's brother,  Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, has officially retired from the NFL after 13 seasons. Jason is a future Hall of Famer 

- CNET says the IRS tool "Where's My Refund?" allows you to track the status of your tax refund. You can use this tool by providing your Social Security number, filing status, and refund amount. 

- The Daily Mail says a Barbie-inspired license plate, that reads 'BAR 8IE,' is up for sale in Britain with an asking price of $1.3 million. The plate is valid for vehicles registered after 1967. 

- Deadline Hollywood reports that Fox is rebooting “Baywatch”. A source says the show will feature iconic red bathing suits and beachside action. "Fans can expect the same thrilling beach scenes, but with a fresh new cast and modern twist."

- Dexerto says some Subway restaurants are facing criticism for adding a 10% service fee to cover staff wages. Some customers are vowing to eat elsewhere, calling the fee "disgusting" 

- Researchers from Brazil’s Federal University of São Carlos have discovered that glitter negatively impacts aquatic plants and organisms because of its metal content. Glitter, classified as an emerging pollutant, interferes with photosynthesis in plants. The study highlights the need for more eco-friendly practices, especially during festive events 


The Mirror says a Taylor Swift fan, in Melbourne, Australia, was outraged after paying $700 for an obstructed view concert ticket. The fan was eventually relocated to better seats.

People magazine says Taylor Swift was recently performing in Singapore when she jokingly mentioned how the humidity was affecting her hair. She said, "As you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings, thanks to the humidity here. I'm not complaining, I like it. But, I do want to commend you because it's very humid and you guys have just turned it up 100% all night. You've been dancing, you've been standing and taking pictures all night. And you look so cute, why am I sweating so much? Then I'm looking at you, you all look perfect."

Ariana Grande tells that there's parts of her life that she doesn't clearly remember. "Like, there's things I know I've done, but don't have a clear recollection of them because of how hectic my life was. Like I know I wrote 'Thank U, Next', but I don't remember actually writing the song. It's kinda scary. I don’t really remember how it started or how it finished."

Dua Lipa tells Vanity Fair magazine that you don't have to always go all out with your makeup. "You don't have to do your full face every time you go out. If you're going out dancing, I think a lipstick and some mascara and just get sweaty. That's the vibe. Why put on a ton of makeup if you're just going to sweat it off?"

Justin Timberlake tells Forbes magazine that he always keeps his word. "Hey, I'm from Tennessee, we keep our word. If I tell you I'm going to do something for you or for someone, you can bet that I'm gonna do it. My word is my bond."

Beyoncé tells CR Fashion Book magazine that she wants to branch out from music someday. "I'm a storyteller and at some point, I want to be able to tell stories using a different medium. Film, TV, whatever I choose. It's just another way to bring my story to the people."

Closer Magazine says Ben Affleck is allegedly humiliated by Jennifer Lopez's explicit revelations in her new film and album. A source reveals, “Ben had begged her not to go into such vivid detail, but Jen wasn’t hearing any of it. She was clear from the start that she’d share how passionate and intense their love story is but, for Ben, it’s too much. He’s feeling trampled on, not to mention embarrassed. Jen has a thin skin and often complains about what people say about them, but then she turns around and makes their entire private life into this big public display. As far as Ben’s concerned, she’s being way too open, and he worries it’ll give people license to tear them to shreds. But when Ben tries to tell her that, she gets defensive and accuses him of trying to suffocate her creativity.”

Zac Efron says he was a troublemaker when he was in school. GEO TV quotes him as saying, “I remember I was on a school trip in fifth or sixth grade, and we went to the zoo. There was a sign that said, “Do not clap at the monkeys.” My friends and I noticed it, and the lady goes, “Guys, whatever you do, do not draw attention yourselves with these monkeys. The class moved on, and we immediately ran back to the monkey cage and just started clapping. They started throwing **** at us. **** got everywhere, landed next to a bunch of little kids, and was hitting strollers and things.”

The Daily Mail says Travis Kelce is going all out to impress Taylor Swift during her Eras Tour around Europe. He has allegedly booked $6,000 hotel suites and restaurant tables in Paris and Milan. Kelce wants to take Swift on romantic getaways and food and wine tours in Italy. Kelce is doing everything he can to make their romance work.

SheFinds says Angelina Jolie is allegedly preventing Brad Pitt's girlfriend, Ines De Ramon, from meeting her and Brad’s children. A source says, "Angelina still exerts a lot of control over Brad. There's no doubt Ines wants to meet the children, but she knows Brad has to do whatever it takes to see them without trouble from Angelina."

The Daily Mail says Jamie Foxx will finally reveal the details of his near-death health scare during an upcoming comedy special. He was hospitalized last April, but has not yet revealed what caused his illness. Jamie recently Instagrammed, "Going to get on somebody's stage somewhere near you. I got some jokes, and a story to tell."

In Touch Weekly  says Katie Holmes is allegedly actively seeking work because her child support payments from Tom Cruise are nearing an end. A source says, “For years, Katie’s enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, thanks to Tom’s consistent support. But as their child nears adulthood, both mother and daughter are facing an uncertain future. It’s a terrifying prospect — going from an amazing standard of living to a question mark overnight!  She’s actively looking for roles and is eager to throw herself back into the industry full-time. And don’t forget the non-disclosure agreement she signed — it’s set to expire, too. If things get tough, Katie could cash in by penning a tell-all book!”

Best Picture Odds … According to a new Academy Awards article by Bet MGM (nominated film followed by probability it will win Best Picture. The Oscars are Sunday

Oppenheimer … 96.77%

Poor Things … 5.88%

Barbie … 4.17%

The Zone of Interest … 4.17%

Killers of the Flower Moon … 2.86%

Anatomy of a Fall … 2.86%

The Holdovers … 2.33%

American Fiction … 1.52%

Maestro … 0.99%

Past Lives … 0.99%

Harrods Sells $1,400 LED Face Mask 

Luxury Launches says Harrods is offering a high-tech face mask that uses 288 LEDs to rejuvenate skin. The mask has preset programs for various skin types and contours to the face and neck. It aims to boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin texture. 

Top 10 Common Red Flags In Job Interviews ... According to a new article by Men's Journal

  1. Not disclosing salary: 38%

  2. Constantly rescheduling the interview: 25%

  3. Too many personal and/or irrelevant questions: 25%

  4. Interviewer disrespecting co-workers: 23%

  5. The job role sounds different from what was initially advertised: 18%

  6. Not answering questions correctly, directly, or consistently: 18%

  7. Interviewer seeming unprepared: 17%

  8. If the company seems to have a high staff turnover: 14%

  9. Being told overtime is 'mandatory' or being expected to work overtime: 12%

  10. The interview started later than it was supposed to: 12%

Manly Man Survey 

A new survey by LELO reveals that 50% of men feel pressured to act "manly". Other findings:

- 29% of men wish they could embrace their feminine side more

- 41% of men feel misunderstood in romantic relationships

- 50% of men believe that emotional sensitivities are highly stigmatized in society

- 29% of men say others don't get their humor 

Co-Worker Survey

A new survey by BlueIron reveals that 25% of women are more likely to discuss relationships, holidays, and social plans with their co-workers than with their partners. Other findings:

- 44% of women open up to friends instead of partners

- 44% of women consider work colleagues among their closest friends

- 52% of women are open and honest with work colleagues about their personal life

Smartphone Addiction Survey

A new survey by Deloitte reveals that 70% of people use their smartphone immediately upon waking up. Other findings:

- 98% of people use their smartphone on a daily basis

- 66% of people wish they spent less time on their phone

- 82% of 18 to 34-year-olds feel they use their smartphone too much

Gen Z Can't See

A new study by The Daily Mail reveals that today's children are facing a potential blindness crisis due to a lack of outdoor time and excessive screen use. Experts warn that there could be a vision epidemic in the near future as the rates of near-sightedness have been skyrocketing across the world. Myopia has spiked a staggering 59% among teenagers. Researchers say the lack of natural sunlight means young people aren't getting enough dopamine in their retinas.

Dr. Joern Jorgensen says, "We can encourage children to go outside and do more sports, but you can't reverse what has already happened with social media playing such an important part in their lives. The second damaging factor is the amount of 'near work' younger people are doing, which is also damaging ... serious short-sightedness also dramatically increases the chances of developing other serious conditions such as glaucoma and retinal detachment. It's a very serious situation."

Dear Fonseca

My 6-year-old daughter has a daddy-daughter dance coming up in a few weeks. She has a real father and a stepfather. She can only choose one father to go with. Both fathers are acting like politicians lobbying for votes. My daughter is confused and doesn't know which father to pick. I too am confused. Should I make the choice for her or allow her to make it on her own? I'm not sure what to do? What would you do if you were in my position? Who should she choose and on what basis should she make her choice?

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