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Fonseca Show - 03/04/24

Fonseca is Back and here is todays Best of Calls:


- The Daily Mail says despite crackdowns on parking and bar closures, Spring Breakers are flocking to Miami in droves. One TikTok user declared, 'Curfews aren't a problem, we get lit as soon as we wake up!' Miami Beach has instituted $100 parking fees and 6 pm bar closures in an effort to stop Spring Break chaos 

- Whiskey Riff says a 70-year-old Wisconsin man has extended his Guinness World Record for the most McDonald’s Big Macs eaten. Donald Gorske started his Big Mac journey in 1972 and now eats two a day. He has eaten over 34,000. Don credits his health to daily walks and skipping fries. He proposed to his wife in a McDonald's parking lot

- The Daily Mail says Tom Brady is expanding his $17 million Miami mansion with a private boat dock, pickleball court, and vegetable patch. The property also has a yoga terrace, solar panels, and basketball hoops.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Dune: Part Two,” $81.5 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $190 million to produce. The movie made $97 million overseas for an opening weekend take of 178.5 million)

2. “Bob Marley: One Love,” $7.4 million.

3. “Ordinary Angels,” $3.9 million.

4. “Madame Web,” $3.2 million.

5. “The Chosen: Season 4, Episodes 7-8,” $3.2 million.

Ace Showbiz says Justin Timberlake wished his wife, Jessica Biel, a happy 42nd birthday with the following post:  "There ain't no other way to say it. You're the best. I love you. Happy birthday, ya [goat]!"

The New York Post says a 51-year-old Taylor Swift fan was fined and banned from her  Australia concert after sneaking in with a fake pass. The man shared his daring feat on TikTok, showing how he accessed the stadium floor. Police removed him from the venue and fined him $150.

Life & Style Weekly says Harry Styles is ready to propose to actress Taylor Russell. A source says, ‘’He’s even looking at rings. He really is devoted to her, so much that he’s ready to take this to the next level. They’re together every minute of their spare time. Harry is genuinely impressed by Taylor; she’s talented and yet down-to-earth and unassuming. She’s very independent, which keeps him more interested. Harry has always seemed to have one foot out of his relationships. But with Taylor, he’s all in. He just turned 30 and he’s thinking about starting a family. Getting married is on his mind a lot these days, and Taylor’s everything he could want in a partner.’’

Billie Eilish tells the HuffPost that a dream about Christian Bale in a cafe made her realize she had to break up with her boyfriend. "A couple years ago, I had a dream... and it made me realize I had to break up with my boyfriend at the time. No, like, genuinely. I woke up and I was like [gasps] and I came to my senses.’’

The New York Post says Rihanna faced harsh criticism for her lackluster performance at an Indian billionaire's pre-wedding bash. She was paid over $6 million. Critics called her "lazy" and a "scammer," claiming she did not live up to her pay. Rihanna sang a medley of her hits at the event

Life & Style Weekly says Jon Bon Jovi is allegedly causing a stir among country stars with his new 37,000-square-foot bar in Nashville. A source says, "They're all fighting for the tourist buck and every time a new celebrity hotspot opens, it brings the receipts of the others down. With Garth — and now Jon — opening these enormous places, they're the shiny new toy everyone wants to play with. A lot of stars know Garth and Jon are going to pack ’em in, while they may be hearing crickets at their places! And it doesn't help that some country stars see Jon as kind of an interloper on their turf,” dishes the insider. “He’s going to draw in the rockers who go to Nashville to party — not hear country music!"

The News International reports Jennifer Lopez has allegedly upset Ben Affleck by revealing intimate details about their relationship in her new song. An insider shared, "Ben had begged her not to go into such vivid detail, but Jen wasn't hearing any of it. She was clear from the start that she'd share how passionate and intense their love story is but, for Ben, it's too much. He's feeling trampled on, not to mention embarrassed. She can't see that she's embarrassing her husband. Either that, or she doesn't care. Affleck believes that Lopez used shock value tactics like the Kardashians, which left him 'mortified.'’’

Shaquille O'Neal tells The Basketball Network that he pays $1,000 for a pedicure because of how ugly and stinky his feet are. “I give about $1,000 because I know my feet stink. I know they’re ugly and I like to paint them. All that’s stuff going on, I paint it ’cause I want it to look pretty. That’s why I paint my nails. I do like sparkles and designs and all that. Just to make it look pretty because I have ugly and stinky feet.”

Us Weekly says Taylor Swift has penned multiple love songs about Travis Kelce. A source shares, “She’s written at least two songs about their love story. They have to do with their love story and falling in love with him. She likely won’t share them with anyone. They’re very special. Songs are like poetry to her. Just like most people journal, Taylor writes lyrics. Her relationship with Travis has inspired her.” 

The Society of Single Professionals is holding America's ‘First Single Swifties Party’, where Taylor Swift fans can meet athletes like Travis Kelce. The party is going to take place on March 30th in San Francisco. The bash is a fundraiser for the Seva Foundation which restores sight to the blind. All of the proceeds will go to financing cataract surgery. The party is going to feature a Taylor Swift look a like contest, matchmakers and dating coaches. Men are being asked to come dressed as Travis Kelce. 

The Daily Mail says Honey Boo Boo's relationship faces uncertainty because her boyfriend has declined to move to Colorado for college. Boo Boo says,  'It's important that Dralin gets to go with me to Colorado because for one, it's a big scary move, and for two, I think Dralin would push me a lot more than I would push myself. I feel like I wouldn't be the one to really want to make friends, but Dralin would always push me to make friends, make sure my school work's done, everything.I feel like he would definitely push me to my limits.'

Radar Online says Joe Manganiello is eager to start a family with girlfriend Caitlin O'Connor. A source says, "Joe is head over heels in love. They are allegedly already talking about marriage and babies despite his fresh divorce from Sofía Vergara. Joe and Caitlin are already picking out baby names for their first child and they want to have several! Some folks think wedding talk is nuts, but the pal insisted he wants to make her his bride  and start a family."

The News International says Jennifer Lopez is allegedly irking Ben Affleck with her extravagant spending.  An insider claims, "Ben may be a gambler, but it's Jen's spending that's troubling him more and more. The couple's bills are through the roof. It’s all eating away at their bank accounts."

Radar Online says Ken Jennings' ego is causing tension on the 'Jeopardy!' set. A source says, "He complains when his suits don't fit, even when he's up and down on the scale. He wants more makeup, then says it's too much. He gets mad when people don't laugh at his jokes. He carries a grudge. He keeps carrying on like he's the savior of the show.’’

Top 10 Sexiest Uniforms.. According to a new survey by Wealth of Geeks 

  1. Texas Department of Public Safety: Lone Star Style

  2. New Hampshire State Police: granite State Green

  3. Missouri State Highway Patrol: Show-Me Style

  4. New Jersey State Police: Boardwalk Blues

  5. Arizona Department of Public Safety: Desert Chic

  6. Colorado State Patrol: Mountain Majesty

  7. Washington State Patrol: Pacific Pride

  8. Florida Highway Patrol: Sunshine State Sleek

  9. Hawaii State Sheriff Division: Island Elegance

  10. Indiana State Police: Heartland Haute Couture

The 10 Worst TV Shows of All Time … According to a new survey by Wealth of Geeks 

1. Lil' Bush (2007-2008)

2. The Jerry Springer Show (1991-2018)

3. The Bachelor (2002-Present)

4. The Real Housewives (2006-Present)

5. The Swan (2004)

6. Fear Factor (2001-2012, 2017-2018)

7. The Apprentice (2004-2017)

8. Saint George (2014)

. Anchorwoman (2007)

10. Two and a Half Men (2003-2015)

Top 5 Texting Habits That Signal Attraction ... According to a new article by Best Life

1. "Good morning" and "good night" messages

2. Quick replies and engaging conversation

3. Compliments sent via text

4. Flirty emojis being used

5. Making plans to meet in person.

Exercise Makes Women Happier

A new study by Asics reveals that 52% of women feel happier when they are exercising on a regular basis. Other findings:

- 50% of women exercise because it makes them feel more energized 

- 48% of women exercise because it makes them feel more confident 

- 67% of women exercise because it makes them feel less stressed 

- 61% of mothers stop regularly exercising due to parenting responsibilities 

- 92% of women exercise for mental health benefits

- 96% of women exercise for physical health reasons

Dear Fonseca,

My family is fighting because of something I did. My cousin got married several weekends ago. I decided not to attend at the last minute. My cousin shocked me on Friday when I received a letter from her asking for $120. She wanted money for me and my fiance's dinners even though we didn't attend. She said she pre-purchased them because I RSVP'd. I was furious and told her there was no way I was going to pay her. This sparked a huge fight and divide in our family with half siding with me and the other half siding with her. Is she entitled to the money? Should I pay? She invited me. What bride asks for money back?

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