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Fonseca Show - 01/09/24

Today's Best Of Calls:


- Market Watch says Tiger Woods recently ended his 27-year sponsorship deal with Nike. Woods expressed gratitude for his time with the iconic brand. Nike thanked Woods for challenging conventions and the entire institution of golf. Woods made $600 million from Nike

- Dexerto says Target employees are busting other Target employees trying to hide the new pink Stanley tumbler from customers. The employees want the tumbler for themselves. - News Bytes says breeders are now giving their chickens Viagra so they will produce chicks at a faster rate. Animal rights activists say the practice is wrong and have called for it to stop.

- PEOPLE Magazine says Prince's iconic film, ‘’Purple Rain’’, is being adapted into a Broadway musical. No production details have been announced yet, but the musical aims to pay tribute to Prince and his Purple Rain legacy.

- Variety Magazine reports that Donna Summer and Tammy Wynette will be among those receiving Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2024 Grammy Awards on February 4th in Los Angeles.

- Deadline Hollywood says 9.4 million viewers watched the Golden Globes on Sunday. That’s up 50% from the previous year. The increase in audience size can be attributed to the ceremony being moved back to Sunday and being preceded by a big NFL doubleheader.

- TMZ says Milli Vanilli star Fab Morvan is divorcing his wife Kim Marlowe. It's unclear when they actually separated. They were seen together last June at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Tuesday Is The Biggest Day Of The Week For Slumps: Zenger News says Tuesday is the most "afternoon slump"-inducing day of the week. The average afternoon slump lasts 29 minutes and occurs at 3 p.m. The top causes of slumps include a lack of caffeine, boredom, and a lack of energy. To combat slumps, experts say people should take a walk, eat a meal, or exercise.

People Magazine says Pink and Carey Hart are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. She posted; "There is no one else on this planet I’d rather do it with than you. 22 years in each other [sic] lives and I’m looking forward to the next 22. As long as you don’t kill me first. Love you baby!!!!! Happy anniversary.’’ The couple, who met at the 2001 Summer X Games, have raised two children together

Miley Cyrus tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that she prefers wearing black when she's not on stage. “On my days off I am usually in all black; there is something classic about it. I like that it's mysterious and doesn’t draw too much attention to me."

Dua Lipa tells The New York Times newspaper that she her fans allow her to have her space while in public. “Everyday life is so normal now. I used to be so afraid of being swarmed by fans. But most of my fans are so polite and don't bother me when I'm eating or having a conversation. I can take a photo with a passerby or something and it’s not too intense or overwhelming.“

Taylor Swift tells The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper that she tries not to leave her bed after she finishes a tour. "I do not leave my bed except to get food and take it back to my bed and eat it there. It’s a dream scenario. I can barely speak because I’ve been singing for three shows straight. Every time I take a step my feet go crunch, crunch, crunch from dancing in heels. I live in my bed and let my body recuperate from the trials I put it through."

Life & Style Weekly says Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's marriage is allegedly in trouble. A source says they have been fighting about everything from career decisions to parenting to where they spend their time. “Gwen and Blake’s marriage is definitely in trouble. Lately, they’ve been at odds about everything from career decisions and the parenting of her three boys to where they spend most of their time. The tension continues to grow, and Blake and Gwen are drifting apart as a result.”

During Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, Taylor Swift gave host Jo Koy a death stare after he said the producers were going to feature fewer camera shots of her compared to an NFL game. Swift appeared to leave after the joke and her loss in her category. Jo tried to justify the joke yesterday by telling Entertainment Tonight, “Aww, man, it was cute. I was just saying it was cute, I was just saying it’s less cutaways, that’s all.”

Life & Style Weekly says Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's marriage is allegedly in trouble. A source says they have been fighting about everything from career decisions to parenting to where they spend their time. “Gwen and Blake’s marriage is definitely in trouble. Lately, they’ve been at odds about everything from career decisions and the parenting of her three boys to where they spend most of their time. The tension continues to grow, and Blake and Gwen are drifting apart as a result.”

Radar Online says Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's entertainment company allegedly laid off half of its staff because they are struggling to land deals. The website says less people want to work with the couple because Will slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. Before the incident, the Smiths were in talks to sell their company for $1 billion. The deal fell apart. The company's revenue has dropped to $100 million.

CBR says Margot Robbie hasn't spoken to Lady Gaga about their respective portrayals of Harley Quinn. She says, "Oh my god, she's going to crush it. Are you kidding? She's going to be amazing! I can't wait to see it... I actually haven't spoken to her about it. I almost don't want to know, so I can save it for the surprise when I get to see the movie." Joker: Folie à Deux will hit theaters on Oct. 4, 2024.

Page Six says Lisa Bonet has finally filed for a divorce from Jason Momoa. Bonet is seeking joint custody of their two children and listed their separation date as October 7, 2020. The couple remains committed to co-parenting and maintaining a loving relationship.

Radar Online says Meg Ryan is allegedly looking for a "nice older guy" to spoil her. A source says Ryan wants a mature man who will shower her with affection and praise. "Meg's in need of serious TLC. She wants a mellow mature man. She's got money too, but the idea of having a guy who will spoil her with praise and tokens of his affection sounds great right now."

Radar Online says the producers of the TV show ‘’Yellowstone’’ are considering Matthew McConaughey’s alleged demand for $2.5 million per episode for the spinoff. McConaughey believes he is the key to the success of the show and is asking for Kevin Costner-type money. The producers are hesitant about the large sum. An insider says that if the deal isn't reached soon, McConaughey might just move on.

Radar Online says Mayim Bialik allegedly wants revenge on Ken Jennings after being fired from her co-host gig on Jeopardy! Sources claim that Bialik is humiliated and plans to take revenge on Jennings, who is allegedly celebrating her misfortune. "Mayim's ticked. She's not going to forget it and plans on wiping that smirk off his face! "Mayim knew for a while the tide was turning, and actually wanted out. But having the indignity of being formally booted was still a big blow to her ego. And the way Ken's handled it has riled her up big time!"

What Athletes Make The Best Lovers? … According to a new survey by the dating site Illicit Encounters

1. Dart players - 19%

2. Swimmers - 16%

3. Football players- 14%

4. Badminton players - 12%

5. Rugby players - 11%

6. Tennis players - 10%

7. Rowers - 7%

8. Boxers - 6%

9. Cricket players - 4%

10. Table tennis players - 1%

Dating Deal Breakers Survey

A new survey by WIST reveals that 39% of people say credit card debt is a deal-breaker in a relationship. Other findings:

- 32% of people say poor money management skills are a major concern

- 25% of people say that a lack of financial goals is a red flag

- 20% of people say that excessive spending is a warning sign

Average Water Bottle Contains 240,000 pieces of Nanoplastics

The Daily Mail says a recent study discovered that an average bottle of water contains 240,000 pieces of cancer-causing nanoplastics. That’s 100 times more than previously thought. Researchers say drinking water from a bottle means you are contaminating your body with tiny bits of plastic that can accumulate in vital organs and have unknown health implications.

Getting Older Does NOT Make You Wiser

The Daily Mail says new research from Austria’s University of Klagenfurt suggests that getting older does not necessarily make you wiser. The study found that there is no strong correlation between wisdom and chronological age, despite the common belief that wisdom comes with age. Wisdom is actually linked more to life experiences and individual characteristics, rather than simply getting older.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of A ‘Dry January’ ... According to a new article by Our Community Now

1. Improved Sleep: Alcohol disrupts sleep cycle, leading to poor-quality sleep.

2. Better Skin: Alcohol dehydrates skin, causing dullness and dryness.

3. Weight Loss: Cutting out alcohol helps lose weight and make healthier food choices.

4. Mental Health Boost: Alcohol is a depressant that contributes to depression and anxiety.

5. Healthy Liver: A break from alcohol allows the liver to recover and improve liver enzymes.

6. Increased Energy: Without alcohol, energy levels can increase.

7. Clearer Mind: Abstaining from alcohol can lead to greater mental clarity.

8. Reduced Risk of Disease: Less alcohol consumption lowers the risk of various diseases.

9. Improved Digestion: Alcohol can disrupt digestion, so a month without it improves gut health.

10. Stronger Immune System: Alcohol weakens the immune system, but a break can strengthen it.

Dear Fonseca,

My daughter is getting bullied at school because she has a knockoff Stanley Tumbler. The other girls at school all have real ones including the new pink one. They are making fun of my daughter because my husband and I got her a generic bottle from Walmart. I told my husband we should just go and buy a real one so the teasing will stop. He says we shouldn't. My husband thinks our daughter needs to grow thick skin. He says our family can't be intimidated by a bunch of 9 and 10 year old girls. I think buying my daughter a real Stanley will make things easier for her. He says she needs to learn that life is sometimes not easy. What would you do if you were us? I've seen other parents posting online who are in the same position as us.

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