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Fonseca is still out, but check this out!

While Fonseca is still out we have the Show's Best of Calls...


- WOFL says a Florida man recently stole an Amazon delivery van in Ormond Beach.  Matthew Houghtaling was caught at a gas station 20 miles away.  He was charged with grand theft and possession. 

- The Sun says Aldi has released an Irish cream that tastes like a Cadbury Creme Egg. Ballycastle Chocolate Crème has hints of chocolate and vanilla and is available for a limited time. It costs less than $9

- TooFab says Jordin Sparks is eager to replace Katy Perry on ‘’American Idol’’.She posted; "Oh hiiii @AmericanIdol—I hear a seat opened up at the judges table! I’m putting my name in the hat!’’


Movie Theater Bacteria Study: A new study by the online casino Betway reveals that movie theater seats and cup holders contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Researchers swabbed hundreds of theaters and discovered various molds, bacteria, and other fungal growths. They tested several toilet seats before concluding that the theater seats contained more germs. Scientists are urging moviegoers to practice good basic hygiene to minimize the risks associated with seat-sharing.

Women Need Less Exercise Than Men For Better Health: The Daily Mail says a recent study by the Smidt Heart Institute found that women only need to do half as much exercise as men to enjoy the same health benefits as they do. Women who cycle, swim, or run regularly, have a significantly lower risk of heart attacks and strokes compared to men. The research showed that women can achieve the same gains with just 140 minutes of exercise compared to 300 minutes for men.

People Magazine says Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton threw an epic disco-themed party to celebrate her son Apollo's 10th birthday. Stefani wore a feathered wig while Shelton was in a Hawaiian shirt and curly wig. He danced to  Earth, Wind & Fire's "Boogie Wonderland."

Billie Eilish tells Billboard magazine that she sometimes embraces her audience after her shows. “Sometimes after the shows I run out into the crowd and jump up on the barricade and grab everybody… really they grab me, and I just submit to it. I just put myself there, whatever happens, happens. I open my arms and just let them hug me and grab my arm and touch me. I just think it’s really special to do that and I get so much out of it even though it’s terrifying a little.”

Noah Kahan tells The Guardian newspaper that signing a record deal didn't equal instant success for him. “I was like: this is it, I’m going to be in LA partying and I’m so glad I decided not to go to college, because my friends are going to be so jealous of my cool life. My friends all went to college and I was still home for a year and a half after I got signed. I was like "So a recording contract doesn't equal instant fame and money? I didn't know that.""

Taylor Swift tells Entertainment Tonight that she has been shocked by how big some of her concerts have been. “There have been close to 100,000 people at some of these shows. When you walk out and the wave of noise from that many people hits you, it makes you kind of pause for a second. It's like 'Why are all these people here? They can't be here to see me!' It's a humbling experience."

Beyonce tells Essence magazine that she has a deep and personal relationship with her hair. "I have many beautiful memories attached to my hair. The relationship we have with our hair is such a deeply personal journey. From spending my childhood in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil on my scalp to treat my psoriasis— these moments have been sacred to me."

Beyonce tells Essence magazine that she felt inspired by the people she met in her mom's salon. "My mom had a roster of amazing clients at her salon, and while the environment was therapeutic for them, it was also for me." 

Usher tells The Atlanta Black Star that there are no issues between him and Chris Brown. "No, it’s all good, man. It’s actually always going to be something that you gon’ hear, but ain’t no issues between me and that man.  I love Chris. I don’t like him, I don’t like his music; I love his music, I love him. He’s my little brother, and he’s always been there for me, and I’ve always been there for him through hard ups and down times—I’ve been there with him.” 

The News International says Meghan Markle is eager to befriend Taylor Swift. A source says Meghan made a point of attending a Swift concert in L.A. “Meghan attended the Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles, but she made sure that People magazine knew she attended. I think she wants to be like Taylor Swift marketing wise. Taylor went from villain to hero and I’m sure Meghan is looking at that transition and thinking, 'how can I do something similar?'" 

Geo TV says Taylor Swift is set to enjoy a romantic vacation with Travis Kelce during a break from her Australian tour. The site claims the couple will visit The Great Barrier Reef before Taylor resumes her tour in Sydney. 

The Wrap says Travis Kelce is setting the stage for a Hollywood career with movie roles, reality TV shows, and product endorsements. A source says, "Kelce's entertainment career is on the rise, but maintaining a good relationship with Taylor Swift is crucial for his success."

Perez Hilton says Taylor Swift's former boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, may be ready to start talking about their past relationship now that she has recorded an album about it. A source says, “I have heard that Joe wants to talk. Joe is ready to tell all about Taylor. Joe’s out there, hanging out there, and he’s ready to confess all that happened. Joe is ready to tell how that relationship went down.”

Radar Online says Mila Kunis is allegedly planning to leave Hollywood because of backlash and because she wants to become an investor. A source says, "Tech investments have been Ashton's obsession for years, but now Mila's making it her priority too. She finally realized while she loves movies and TV, her real future is going to be in following the path of becoming a serious investor, so she doesn't have to depend on the unpredictable. "They really see their future in the world of finance, money and angel investing in tech companies." 

The Daily Mail says Tom Cruise Is not hiding his relationship with his 36-year-old girlfriend, Elsina Khayrova. Neighbors have seen Cruise visiting Khayrova’s luxurious apartment several times. A source says, ‘He comes in through the front entrance, says hello to all the security staff and doesn’t make a big fuss. Having a big name like Cruise in the building is not a big deal for us because there are a lot of high profile living here or visiting. This building is all about discretion. That’s what you’re paying for in addition to the wonderful facilities.’

Female First says Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd was haunted by “three S-shaped spirits” at his family’s farmhouse in Ontario. He says,  “That farmhouse was where I originated the idea for 'Ghostbusters', reading my father’s American Psychical Research journals. Many years ago, a friend and I went upstairs there and saw three S-shaped spirits following one another across the landing. Energies of once-living humans, come back to intrude! We ran right out of there! Some objects can carry spirits. Michael Jackson spoke of a cabinet he bought in Germany that was possessed. There was stuff going on in there. He had to get rid of it.”

People magazine says ‘’Footloose’’ star Lori Singer once met up with Kevin Bacon to discuss a sequel to their 1984 film. "I don't know if Kevin even remembers this, but I actually had sort of an idea where Ariel grows up and goes to New York where she wanted to be, and Kevin stays there. Kevin stays in the town, and he becomes a bigger deal in the town. That's where he becomes the town lawyer or whatever.  She comes back because her father's sick. I mean, I just played with that idea years ago and we were talking about it and joking. But that was just something for us to meet on and talk about and laugh about.’’


5 Rules Of Online-Dating Openers ... According to a new article by GQ. 

1. Be Nice and Normal

2. Accept Failure

3. Keep It Light and Fun

4. If You Can’t Be Creative—Don’t

5. Ask a Question

Top 10 Lovemaking Injuries ... According to a new article by The Sun

1. Carpet burns

2. Bruises

3. Back strains

4. Muscle strains

5. Twisted ankles

6. Knocked out 

7. Fractured privates

8. Injuries from use of Viagra

9. Falling off bunk beds during romps

10. Injury incidents during new locations for lovemaking

Online Shopping Survey

A new study by MSN reveals that men spend 36% more than women when shopping online. Other findings:

- Men spend an average of $220 per month on e-shopping compared to women, who spend $162

- 48% of men splurge on electronic gadgets, compared to 36% of women

- 30% of men are more likely to buy clothing and accessories online, as opposed to 24% of women

Dear Fonseca,

In 2020, I met a great guy. We spent the first 18 months of the pandemic together. Then, Jason did something wrong and was sentenced to six years in prison. I believe he is a good man and have stayed by him even though everybody else has told me to leave him. I went to his mother's on Saturday and was stunned when I walked into her living room and saw several bouquets of flowers. One of the bouquets spelled out MARRY ME. Jason called me from jail and proposed. I accepted. My friends and family are outraged and can't believe I'm going to waste the next three years of my life waiting for him. They call him THE INMATE. I'm torn about what to do. What would you do if you were me? Stay or go?  Some of what they say makes sense. Should I listen to my head or heart?

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