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Fonseca Trending 10/12/20


- The Lakers won their 17th NBA title last night by beating the Miami Heat 106-93.The team has postponed their victory parade until after the coronavirus pandemic ends. Vanessa Bryant tweeted:  “Go Lakers! Congratulations Uncle P [Rob Pelinka, Kobe’s former agent and current Lakers VP]. Congrationations @lakers. Kobe was top, RP! ‘Stay the course, Blockout the Noise.’ Wish Kobe and Gigi were here to see this.”

Los Angeles Lakers Star LeBron James Talks Ab
Download MP3 • 532KB

Miami Heat Star Jimmy Butler Talks About Losi
Download MP3 • 392KB

- NBC says Apple has added a new Emoji for their gadgets. The yellow Emoji has smiling eyes and a coronavirus mask 

- Totally the Bomb says Dollar General is opening a new chain called Popshelf where everything is going to be less than five dollars. Most of the stores will open in 2021 and will compete with Five Below.

- The NY Post says Versace is selling a $250 pool float. The inner tube is black and gold and is sold out on Versace's website. Fashion Week Daily writes: “Because those flamingo pool floats that were all over Instagram last Summer are très basic.”

- Naughty Gossip says Jennifer Aniston has adopted a rescue dog named Lord Chesterfield. She posted a picture of him passed out with a bone in his mouth.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

  1. The War With Grandpa—$3.6 million (CINEMA SCOOP ... The movie cost $24 million to make)

  2. Tenet — $2.1 million

  3. Hocus Pocus—$1.2 million

  4. The New Mutants —$685k

  5. Unhinged — $660k

  6. Coco — $603k

  7. Honest Thief—$364k

  8. Infidel — $205k

  9. Possessor Uncut—$164k

  10. Yellow Rose —$150k


The Globe claims Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski have allegedly talked about having children.A source tells the magazine, “She’s young and there’s no reason why she couldn’t have one or two kids in quick succession. Their kids will be gorgeous. Brad’s friends are already placing bets they’ll have twins. Twins do run in his family. Pitt has assured Poturalski she isn’t a Summer fling and he’s committed for the long term. He wants another kid if not several more and he would’ve had more with Angie had their relationship continued.''

NBC saysTiger King star "Doc" Antle has been charged with wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty.The Virginia Attorney General's office spent months investigating Doc's wildlife park. They discovered that he was allegedly trafficking lion cubs between Virginia and South Carolina. Two of Doc's daughters were also indicted in the investigation for animal cruelty and violating the Endangered Species Act.

Mickey magazine, citing OK! magazine, claimsJessica Biel is allegedly keeping a close eye on Justin Timberlake while they are quarantining.A source tells the news outlets,  “Justin is bored as hell and wants to start recording, but she’s having none of it. Everyone knows she’s afraid Justin will go back to his old habits. Justin is feeling claustrophobic and untrusted, but given his past behavior, you can’t blame Jessica. She doesn’t trust his friends, either. Jessica feels their family is more important than a paycheck. But Justin is bored as hell and eager to get back to work”

OK! magazine claimsGoldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are allegedly having relationship problems.A source tells the magazine, “Goldie and Kurt have been bickering nonstop since lockdown started. Kurt did something that made Goldie mad and she let him have it. She was so steamed that she stormed off to a separate room and stayed there. They were talking about getting married not long ago, before their annual holiday trip to Aspen, but that’s not happening now. Instead, Goldie’s planning a girls’ trip later in the year to lift her spirits. In the meantime, Kurt’s got some work to do to get back in her good graces!”

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