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Fonseca Trending 05/24/21


- Showbiz411 says only 3.5 million people watched the season finale of ''Saturday Night Live.'' Those numbers tied the record for the lowest audience in show history

- The NY Post says Tim Tebow's number #85 Jacksonville Jaguars jersey is the NFL Shop's top selling jersey. Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields has the second best selling jersey followed by Tom Brady's.

- Uproxx says The Rock is lending his voice to the upcoming animated film ''DC League of Super Pets''. He is going to voice Krypto the Superdog.

- NBC says Disneyland's new Avengers Campus is going to open on June 4th and will feature a $100 sandwich. The “Quantum-sized Pym-ini Sandwich” is made with salami, ham, provolone and a sun-dried tomato spread. It feeds eight people.

- We Got This Covered says Henry Cavill is in talks to star in the live-action remake of Hercules. The film is being written by the same people who wrote ''Wonder Woman 1984''.

- NBC says the average price for a gallon of gas has jumped by eight cents over the past two weeks to $3.10 per gallon

- ABC says Phil Mickelson won yesterday's PGA Championship at age 50. He has become golf's oldest major champion.

- says Kellogg's is bringing back cereal straws. Flavors include Kellogg's Froot Loops and Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies. Over 80,000 fans signed a petition to get Kellogg's to bring back the straws. They will hit store shelves in October


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. Spiral - $4.5 Million

2. Wrath of Man - $2.9 Million

3. Those Who Wish Me Dead - $1.8 Million

4. Raya and the Last Dragon - $1.6 Million

5. Godzilla vs. Kong - $1.4 Million

6. Mortal Kombat - $935K

7. Dream Horse - $844K

8. Profile - $500K

9. Tom & Jerry - $330K

10. Nobody - $315K

Olivia Rodrigo tells the BBC that being an actress improves her singing. "Acting definitely comes into play for me when I'm recording. I'm so into it, I will screw up my face and act out every word I'm singing. I think that makes the performance on the eventual record so much more impactful."

Olivia Rodrigo tells that she prefers being recognized for her work in music rather than her work in TV. “ I've always been on TV shows, doing something in the public eye, but it's really awesome, now, to be recognized for my music, something so much more indicative of who I really am as a person. I feel a lot more seen. I feel really understood when people come up to me and they're like, “Oh, I love your song” because it's an extension of my heart. It means so much more.”

Dua Lipa tells Rolling Stone magazine that she's always loved performing “My parents never pushed me towards music. I feel like growing up in a musical household and always being surrounded by it, I was always kind of a performer child. I remember my parents would have guests over and they would bring their kids and I would make sure that we were ready to put a show on. I was like, ‘Okay, everybody stop your conversation. We’re coming to do a show.’ It was something that I always loved to do.”

The Weeknd tells The New York Times newspaper that he fanboyed when he met his idol, Quincy Jones. "‘I sat down with him and he said, 'So you're that artist everyone's talking about huh?' He knew about me! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.’"

Justin Bieber tells Billboard magazine that his wife, Hailey, inspired him to be more involved with his career. "One thing that has been so helpful is my wife is so by the book. She's so structured and routine and so responsible She inspired me to be more involved in my own contracts and to realize that I either take responsibility for this or else I'm not going to be able to sustain a certain lifestyle that I want."

In touch Weekly Magazine claims Ellen DeGeneres is allegedly having trouble booking A-list guests because of her toxic work environment. A source tells the magazine, “The backlash over the harassment allegations and plummeting ratings forced her to quit. She’s lost a lot of her A-list supporters. Many of the big stars don’t want anything to do with her since she’s been disgraced. She wants to go out on a high note with a season full of amazing guests, but it won’t be easy.''

The National Enquirer claims Ben Affleck allegedly had ghostwriters pen his love letters to Jennifer Lopez. A source tells the magazine, “He recruited some friends who are accomplished writers to make them flow and sound beautiful and romantic. With some work, he made it, and the results are showing for the world to see. Jennifer still assumes the words came from Ben’s own mind. He hasn’t admitted it to her yet – not that it will change the outcome. They obviously are on to something here, but the love letters sure helped him get there faster. He will tell her, but he’s waiting for the right moment.''

In touch Weekly Magazine claims Alex Rodriguez is on the prowl following his split from Jennifer Lopez. A source tells the magazine, Since splitting from J. Lo, but he‘s also been hitting up stunning models and actresses in Los Angeles and Miami. A-Rod is far from over J. Lo and seeing her with Ben feels like a huge slap in the face,” the source tells In Touch. “Jennifer is constantly playing on his mind. He wants her to miss him.”

The NY Post says Alex Rodriguez has launched a makeup line for men. He says his first product is a concealer. “I wanted to create a product that solved an issue I faced every day. I realized as I was jumping from meeting to meeting, I needed something quick and easy in my routine to conceal blemishes or razor bumps.''

The National Enquirer claims Katie Holmes is allegedly worried her recent ex-boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr, is going to start talking about their relationship. A source tells the magazine, “Emilio’s a loose cannon and Katie must know it, especially as he’s known to be a fame-hungry guy who has nothing to prevent him from talking. Her friends never trusted the guy and Katie now also fears this affair could haunt her for a long long time.”

The Daily Mail says Matt LeBlanc has not spoken to his father, Paul, in nine years. They quote Paul as saying, ''I've been living without any contact for nine years and it is still hard to believe what has happened,' Paul told the outlet. 'I've been cut off and locked out of my house over a humiliating argument about money and a motorbike. I'm an old man now and I live off social security. If it wasn't for my savings, I wouldn't be able to survive. I've sent him text messages including one this year asking if we can get back in touch, but he has totally ignored me.''

Matt's spokesperson says, ''To put this in perspective, Matt's father abandoned Matt and his mother when he was an infant.''

OK! magazine claims Blake Shelton is allegedly worried that things with Gwen Stefani may fall apart. A source tells the magazine, “Blake thought things were going great with Miranda Lambert until they really started pooling their money and putting down roots. Then they started to fall apart, with arguments and bad feelings. Things have gone so well for so long, he admits he’s worried it could mess up their success. Blake sees that things are changing in their relationship, and he sometimes fears they’re not for the better.”

OK! magazine claims Jennifer Garner may marry John Miller. A source tells the magazine, “Marriage is definitely in the cards. Jen was not into the idea of getting married again. But this past year has been rough on everybody. And it’s taught Jen, for one, not to take anything for granted. She likes the idea of a small and intimate affair with their closest friends and family there to help them celebrate. There will be good food, music, champagne, and Jen’s favorite red wine. John’s a great guy and he can really relate to her. They’re both divorced and co-parent with their exes. Deep down, Jen always knew John was husband material, and in hindsight, that was one of the attractions.''

OK! magazine claims Bradley Cooper allegedly became smitten with Kelly Clarkson after she sang "Shallow" on her show. A source tells the magazine, “He was so spellbound and reached out to Kelly to say it blew him away. One thing led to another, and they started having these long, in-depth conversations. They found they have lots in common. They both love music and are very driven in their careers. “They’ve been spending time together in L.A. and having quiet dinner dates. They can talk and laugh about any subject, especially when it comes to their kids.''

Grossest States ... According to a new study by Zippia based on air quality, the number of landfills and illness spread.

1 Virginia

2 South Carolina

3 North Carolina

4 Pennsylvania

5 Texas

6 New Jersey

7 Connecticut

8 Georgia

9 Delaware

10 New York


12 Rhode Island

13 Ohio

14 Wisconsin

15 Vermont

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