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Fonseca Trending 03/21/22


- The Daily Beast says Kanye West won't be performing at the Grammy's because of his Instagram attacks against Kim Kardashian, Trevor Noah and Pete Davidson. Kanye's friends say the Grammys are discriminating against him.

- WSVN says Dairy Queen is bringing back their Free Cone Day today after a two-year hiatus. Customers can get a small vanilla soft serve cone for free at participating restaurants while supplies last.

- The NY Post says the first-ever Marvel comic book was recently auctioned off for $2.4 million. The buyer wishes to remain anonymous. The comic book features the characters Submariner and the Human Torch.

- A new survey by YouGov reveals that 39% of people prefer diagonally-cut sandwiches. 20% prefer rectangle sandwiches. 41% of people don't have a preference.

- Entertainment Tonight says Maksim Chmerkovskiy has returned to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees.

- The Daily Mail says 7-Eleven is launching a new coffee scrub. It costs one dollar and is made with arabica beans. The scrub will go on sale internationally tomorrow.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1 The Batman, $36.8 million.

2 Jujutsu Kaisen O, $17.7 million.

3 Uncharted, $8 million.

4 X, $4.4 million.

5 Dog, $4.1 million.

Gas Stations Sue Competitor For Selling Less Expensive Gas: News Nation says two Waukesha, Wisconsin gas stations are suing a competitor for selling gas at a lower price than them. The Shell and BP stations are each seeking $80,000 a piece from a local grocery store called Woodman's. The gas stations claim Woodman's violated the Unfair Sales Act by selling gas at a lower price than them. Woodman's says they did nothing wrong because they notified the state about what they were doing. On Sunday, Woodman's was selling gas for $3.59 a gallon while Shell and BP were selling gas for $3 86 and $3.90 a gallon

The Daily Mail says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are purchasing a $50 million-dollar Bel-Air, California mansion. The home has 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a catering kitchen, custom closets, a pool, marble floors and a movie theater. The home was originally listed for $65 million. The monthly mortgage payment for the home is $245,677. That number is based on a 30-year loan with interest rates at 4.24%

The NY Post says Kanye West's fans want him to replace Pete Davidson on Jeff Bezos' upcoming space ride. The Blue Origin rocket is scheduled to head into space on Tuesday, March 29th. Pete had to cancel his seat on the flight because of the date change.

Kanye's fans react ...

“I wonder if @kanyewest is available…”

“Get Kanye on the phone!” “Take @kanyewest instead thanks”

“make it happen.”

Giant Freakin Robot says Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson's Jumanji movies are being turned into a theme park. The parks will be located in Europe, the UK and North America. There will also be Jumanji-themed hotels. The first ride will be called ''Jumanji: The Adventure''.

OK! magazine claims Matthew Perry may allegedly blast Matt LeBlanc in his new memoir. A source tells the magazine, “Matt is in for a rude awakening. The full story of that betrayal hasn’t been told yet, and Matthew is not going to pull any punches. It’s been 18 years, but the Joey thing still stings Matthew and the other cast members because it was the only time one of them went behind everybody else’s back and tried to break up the act. Matthew didn’t bring it up on the reunion last year, but he’s ready to set the record straight and isn’t going to hold back. He didn't feel like any of them supported him, and it was a bitter reminder of how much he suffered back when they were shooting the show. They weren't as close as people think. Their characters were so tight, but the reality is there was a lot of tension and jealousy."

Lisa Kudrow tells Where Is the Buzz that she would like to see a "Friends" reboot. "I don't think there's going to be a Friends reboot. I mean, not with any of us in it. Not that [Friends creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane] are writing. But a reboot...where they hired other actors?" she continued. "I would be for it. I would love to see what the now version of that would be."

Female First says Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock, who star in the upcoming film ''The Lost City'', met after their daughters fought in pre-school. Sandra says, "We met through drama, in the principal’s office at preschool. We were called in together because Everly and Laila were trying to alpha the other one out, and we prayed it was the other’s child that caused the damage. That’s the reason we did this film, so they could have one long, COVID-safe play date. We even brought motorbikes down there. All we cared about is that Everly and Laila were just having the time of their lives."

TMZ says Adam Levine is selling his Pacific Palisades, California mansion for $57.5 million. He bought the home in 2019 from Ben Affleck for $32 million. The 9,000 square foot home has six bedrooms, a gym, a movie theater, a video arcade, a pool, a fire pit and city views

Decider magazine says Maury Povich is planning to retire. He has been hosting his talk show for over 30 years. New episodes will continue to run through September. Maury is 83 and is synonymous with his trademark saying, “You are not the father!”

Radar Online says Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are working on their relationship. They were spotted over the weekend at a Los Olivos, California winery and casino. The couple cashed in blackjack chips while ignoring the paparazzi.

Coffee Survey

A new survey by Celestial Seasonings reveals that 65% of people drink coffee in the morning. Other findings:

- 29% of people drink coffee in the afternoon

- 41% of people drink tea in the afternoon for an energy boost

- 38% of coffee lovers drink coffee because they are stressed

Top 5 Most Boring Jobs … According to a new survey by the University of Essex

  1. Data Analysis

  2. Accounting

  3. Tax/insurance

  4. Cleaning

  5. Banking

Top 5 Most Exciting Jobs … According to a new survey by the University of Essex

  1. Performing arts

  2. Science

  3. Journalism

  4. Health professional

  5. Teaching

Top 5 Most Boring Hobbies … According to a new survey by the University of Essex

  1. Sleeping

  2. Religion

  3. Watching TV

  4. Observing animals

  5. Mathematics

Gold May Fix Broken Hearts

Researchers at the University of Ottawa recently created a gold spray that can allegedly repair a damaged heart. They tested the spray on mice before concluding that tiny gold particles may one day be able to treat cardiovascular disease. Lead researcher Dr. Emilio Alarcon says, "You spray, then you wait a couple of weeks, and the animals are doing just fine."

Most Annoying Co-Worker Habits … According to a new survey by Quality Logo Products

1 interrupting

2 taking credit for someone else's work

3 oversharing

- 90% of people work with a co-worker that annoys them

- 57% of people have considered quitting a job because of an annoying co-worker

Dear Fonseca,

I work as an assistant principal at a well-known school in the area. On Friday, I received a complaint from a parent. She was upset because a student made a joke about her child's outfit. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. I didn't think the joke was that bad. I went and saw what the student was wearing. I have to be honest when I tell you that I believe part of the blame lies with the parent. She should have never allowed her child to wear that outfit to school. It didn't violate any dress code policy, but when you wear an outfit like that you're asking for trouble. I believe the mother, and not the jokester, is the one who is responsible. Should I suspend the jokester or not?

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