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Fonseca Trending 03/17/22


- MarketWatch says the White House wants gas stations to drop fuel prices because the cost of oil is going down. They said, "Retail gasoline prices are updated at least daily, and if gas retailers' costs are going down, they need to immediately pass those savings on to consumers.''

- WDIV says a Czechoslovakian zoo is honoring the people of Ukraine by naming their new baby rhino Kyiv. The zoo says, “The name is another expression of our support for the Ukrainian heroes''.

- Deadline Hollywood says "The Batman" is going to start streaming on HBO Max on April 19th.

- Law & Crime magazine says an Illinois appeals court has ordered Jussie Smollett released from jail pending his appeal. The court ordered the release because Jussie's appeal is going to take longer than his 150 day sentence for staging a hate crime.

- BuzzFeed News says Instagram has suspended Kanye West's account for 24 hours because he violated their hate speech and bullying policies. The rapper sent threatening messages to Trevor Noah and Pete Davidson.

- ESPN officially hired Joe Buck and Troy Aikman yesterday as the new announcers for ''Monday Night Football''. Lisa Salters will be the sideline reporter. The new broadcast team will debut on September 12th. Buck and Aikman are costing ESPN $165 million

- People magazine says Tiger Woods hopes to play in the 2023 Masters. A source tells the magazine, “He’s aiming for the 2023 Masters Tournament. And he has a new goal: to be the oldest winner at the Masters. Jack Nicklaus won when he was 46. Tiger will be 47 next year when he competes, and that’s the newest record he is going for. He’ll stop at nothing to accomplish it.”

- ABC says traffic in Echo Lake, California was backed up yesterday morning after a large boulder rolled onto Highway 50. The boulder blocked both the East and Westbound lanes. State workers brought tools and started drilling out the boulder in order to remove it. No cars were crushed


City Bans Kissing During St Patrick's Day Parade: WSAV says the city of Savannah, Georgia has banned kissing during their St Patrick's Day parade because of the Coronavirus.

The city's website reads; ''NO KISSING!!!! For years, parade-goers have breached the parade attendants to kiss their favorite soldiers and parade walkers. In the day and age of COVID, please be mindful of social distancing and personal space. DO NOT BREAK INTO THE PARADE TO KISS ANYONE!!!''

Most Undateable Celebrities... According to a new survey by the Nicki Swift website

YouTube star Logan Paul ... 32%

Lamar Odom ... 29%

Tristan Thompson ... 19%

John Mayer ... 18%.

Pop Culture magazine says Ellen DeGeneres' talk show is going to end on Thursday, May 26th. Michelle Obama, Jennifer Garner, Diane Keaton, Channing Tatum, Serena Williams, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, David Letterman and Kim Kardashian will visit the show before it ends. Ellen has given her staffers a generous bonus and extended health care coverage. A source tells the NY Post, “Ellen and [production company] Warner Bros. worked together to make sure every person was taken care of. It was not even a question for Ellen to cover bonuses … That was very important to her.”

Woman's Day magazine claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly want medals from Queen Elizabeth before they return to England and allow her to see her grandchildren. A source tells the magazine, “She’ll try to sort out temporary royal police protection for Harry if he comes home in June, but only if he brings his two children. He wants a guarantee that both himself and his wife Meghan will be awarded medals alongside the rest of the family.”

Entertainment Tonight says Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, aka Daryl, recently suffered a concussion on the set of the show. His spokesperson says, “Norman suffered a concussion on set. He is recovering well and will return to work soon. Thank you to everyone for their concern.'' Norman is going to miss several upcoming appearances at fan conventions

US Weekly Magazine claims Blake Shelton is allegedly angry because NBC has not added Gwen Stefani to "The Voice" as a full-time coach. A source tells the magazine, “They want to work together as a married couple. They only offered Gwen the role of a celebrity advisor, but she turned it down because it’s not what she wants.''

Courteney Cox tells Variety magazine that starring in the fifth Scream movie and in her new TV series "Shining Vale" has made her popular again. "I left the hotel and there’s paparazzi and I was signing all these pictures of old things I’ve done. How much could they get for those things? I mean, a picture of me in ‘Masters of the Universe?’ It’s got to be worth about $10. But nevertheless, I thought, ‘Oh, wow. How did I get popular again?’ ”

Giant Freakin Robot says Jack Black is returning to the Kung Fu Panda franchise.He will be starring as Po in a new Netflix series titled ''Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight.'' Netflix made the announcement yesterday on National Panda Day. The new series will follow Jack as he goes on a food eating tour of China

Ultimate-Guitar says a new Prince album is being released. Rocker Jack White will distribute ''Camille'' through his record label, Third Man Records. Prince's original plan was to release the album under his female alter-ego, Camille. The album contains eight songs and different versions of some of his biggest hits

Carole Baskin tells the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast that she is surprised Kate McKinnon is playing her in the new Peacock series ''Joe Versus Carole''."She's so much younger than I am. I would've thought they would've picked somebody that was older and less funny to be me. I'm glad I may actually come out of this with a personality with Kate McKinnon playing me. SO that could be nice, but I think she's an amazing actress," she admitted. "And she seems to have a huge range and she's capable of pulling off some real convincing impersonations with her, just I mean, she can change her face and voice and all of that. And so I think she could probably be whoever she wants to be for the camera."

Brobible says Tom Brady was heading to the Miami Dolphins before former Dolphins coach Brian Flores bought a lawsuit against the team. Boston Globe reporter Ed Volin tells WEEI, “Brady was not gonna go to Miami necessarily to be the quarterback. He was gonna be Derek Jeter. He was gonna team up with Sean Payton and run the Dolphins. He was gonna run the front office. It was gonna be [Dolphins owner] Stephen Ross’ big heist. You don’t need permission from the Bucs to get Brady to run your front office. And Sean Payton was gonna be his coach.”

WGN News says 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is coming out with his own beer. It's called Broken Skull American Lager. The beer has an alcohol by volume of 4.8%. It's the second beer Austin has released.

March Madness Survey

A new survey by One Poll reveals that 37% of people call in sick in order to watch March Madness games. Other findings:

- 46% of basketball fans are less productive during March Madness

- 43% of people plan to watch March Madness games while working

- 48% of people say March Madness is the most fun sporting event of the year

- 40% of people fill out March Madness brackets

March Madness Survey

The first round of the NCAA tournament starts today. A new survey by Louisiana Sharp reveals that 15% of basketball fans will be slacking off at work while March Madness games are going on. Other findings:

- 33% of remote workers will be watching games instead of doing work

- the odds of filling out a perfect March Madness bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion

- 27% of people are betting on the NCAA tournament

- 4% of people will bet more than $250 on March Madness games

March Madness Survey A new survey by Wallethub reveals that corporate business will lose $13.8 billion during March Madness because of unproductive workers. Other findings:

- $10 billion will be wagered on March Madness games this year

- New Orleans will make $200 million by hosting this year's Final Four

- top five college basketball cities based on nine key metrics including number of teams, winning percentage and social media engagement

1 Durham, North Carolina

2 Storrs, Connecticut

3 Lexington, Kentucky

4 Lawrence, Kansas

5 Los Angeles

Kindness Survey

A new survey by the University of Sussex reveals that 66% of people think the coronavirus has made people kinder. Other findings:

- 60% of people have been on the receiving end of a kind act in the last 24 hours.

- Women are more likely than men to acknowledge kindness

Screen Time And Behavior Study

A new study by the University of Calgary reveals that children are more likely to behave badly when they are allowed to watch excessive amounts of television and play lots of video games. Researchers studied 160,000 children before concluding that screen time increases the risks of aggression, depression, and anxiety. The study is being criticized for its inconclusive results. Researchers did NOT specify how many hours of screen time young people should be limited to.

Professor Andrew Przybylski is among the experts, who are criticizing the study. He says, "Until we have high quality data from online technology platforms, we won't be able to say much more than 99% of the mental health and wellbeing of young people has nothing to do with how much time they spend with digital screens."

Toilet Survey

A new survey by Nice 'N CLEAN Wipes reveals the best flushing scenes in movies

33% - Meet The Parents: "Did you flush this toilet?"

31% - Dumb & Dumber: "The toilet doesn't flush"

23% - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: "Who does #2 work for?"

18% - Tommy Boy: "Tommy vs the John"

16% - Along Came Polly: "Praying to the porcelain god"

15% - The Bee Movie: "Bathroom Bee Brawl – Barry Benson vs Ken"

14% - other movies not listed

Dear Fonsea,

I have already lost money on some of the early March Madness games. I'm planning to bet on more games this weekend in hopes I can make my money back. The guys at work say I've lost so much that I need to tell my wife what I've done. They say if I don't than it's 'financial infidelity'. Is it wrong if I don't tell her how much I've lost? They say I'm hiding a secret from my spouse and that's wrong? Is it wrong to keep secrets from your partner? The money I'm losing is my own so I don't think it matters. Does it? It's not from the joint account so who cares?

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