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Fonseca Show With Aaron Fonseca 11/01/23

Today's Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- NBC says fans of the show "Friends" honored the late Matthew Perry yesterday by dressing up as his character, Chandler Bing. People wore baggy sweatpants, monochromatic sweaters, vests, and even bunny costumes as a tribute to Perry on Halloween.

- The New York Post says Lisa Kudrow is not adopting Matthew Perry's dog. Perry owned a dog, named Alfred, with his ex-girlfriend Molly Hurwitz, but they split in 2021.

- People Magazine says Travis Kelce has filed five new trademark requests for his name and catchphrases like "Alright Nah" and "Kelce's Krunch." Kelce plans to use these names on bobbleheads, pins, jerseys, and more.

- Geo TV says Meghan Markle is allegedly making a return to Instagram to address her financial troubles. According to experts, Meghan could earn millions from sponsored posts on the platform.

- Page Six says the 7-carat diamond engagement ring Channing Tatum gave Zoe Kravitz is allegedly worth $550,000.

- Hypebeast says McDonald's is teaming up with Crocs for a new clog. The Mickey D’s Croc features McDonald's signature colors and charms of their iconic mascots. The clogs cost $75

- A new study by Tetra Pak reveals that 54% of people would be willing to change their diet to contribute to a better world.

- NBC says the popular hair regrowth drug minoxidil is in short supply in some pharmacies. The drug is the main ingredient in Rogaine. Users who are unable to find minoxidil may experience problems regrowing their hair.


Get Paid To Watch Chick Flicks: The Loupe says The Shane Co. jewelry company plans to pay someone $1,500 to binge-watch 15 wedding movies. The lucky winner of their contest will receive a $50 gift card to cover the cost of accessing each movie and will also be given a $1,500 payment once they complete a worksheet about the movies

Shane’s new ‘employee’ will spend four weeks watching the following films …

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Wedding Crashers The Best Man Bridesmaids Runaway Bride My Best Friend’s Wedding The Wedding Singer Father of the Bride 27 Dresses Four Weddings and a Funeral The Corpse Bride The Princess Bride The Proposal The Wedding Planner Bride Wars

The Sun says Olivia Rodrigo is reportedly dating British actor Louis Partridge.The two met through mutual friends earlier this year and have been messaging each other. Olivia flew to London to see Louis. They have been inseparable since

Billie Eilish tells Allure magazine that creativity and purpose are her main focus in life. "I remember saying to my mom when I was, like, 12, 13, I said: 'What am I made for? Am I made for just... is every person made for something?' And it's like, all we're made for is creating. You can create anything and you can change the world if you want. That's what we're made for: changing things and making new things that didn't exist before."

Selena Gomez tells People magazine that we should embrace what makes us unique. "I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be me. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and start embracing our own uniqueness."

Noah Kahan tells Rolling Stone magazine that he found fulfillment after he started writing songs about what made him happy. "What made me happy was writing these songs and making this music, this stuff I’ve been listening to my whole life. I was always scared of doing it, ’cause I felt like I was stuck in this one path, or that I was in this path and I couldn’t find my way out of it. So I started to write these songs and opened my mind up to what actually made me happy in music, which is telling stories and speaking about this place I love and have such an interesting relationship with, which is Vermont.”

Post Malone tells GQ magazine that he believes in ghosts, but doesn't know what they are. “I definitely believe in them. I don’t know what ghosts are. I don’t know if they’re dead people or inter-dimensional beings or humans from the future. But that's the best part. No one has any real idea what they are. That’s what’s so interesting.”

Just Jared says Joe Jonas’ ex, Sophie Turner, was recently seen kissing British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson in Paris. Turner and Pearson recently went through major breakups.

The New York Post says Matthew Perry was seen looking happy with a mystery woman just 24 hours before his death. A witness tells the newspaper, "He appeared to be in good spirits and enjoying her company." The identity of the woman has not been revealed.

The Daily Mirror claims Matthew Perry allegedly had a major crush on his ‘’Friends’’ co-star Lisa Kudrow. He had to pretend otherwise during filming. Perry said it was difficult to go to work because of his crushes. There was a "no hookup rule" on set, so no romantic relationships ever developed.

In Touch Weekly says Matthew Perry's friends weren't "prepared" for his death. An insider tells the magazine, "Thinking of Matthew at his home, which truly was his sanctuary in his sobriety, all alone in his final moments is just plain heartbreaking. It’s all anyone was talking about. Wondering how they could have prevented what seems to have been a senseless, tragic accident. Matthew’s loved ones know thinking about how his death could have been prevented isn’t going to bring him back. It’s how his friends and family are coping with this massive loss.” He was on great terms with his family, his sober community and of course his beloved cast. Jen [Aniston], Courteney [Cox] and the rest of them have been talking nonstop since the news broke. Matthew was beloved and he will be remembered fondly.”

The Sun says Britney Spears' memoir may be turned into a TV series, a feature film, or a documentary. The book covers her relationship with Justin Timberlake, her family troubles and her struggles with mental health. The memoir has been a huge success, prompting plans for a second book.

TMZ says Travis Kelce's family is overwhelmed by the attention they've been receiving since news of his relationship with Taylor Swift broke. The family is a little worried for his safety and are being cautious about what they say. They're happy that Travis is happy.

Brobible says Taylor Swift fans are upset with Travis Kelce for referring to women as "breeders". Some fans are calling him out for objectifying women and not respecting their worth outside of motherhood. They believe that women are more than just baby-making machines and deserve to be treated with respect.

TMZ says Kim Kardashian's oldest son, 7-year-old Saint, was caught flipping off the paparazzi again. They were leaving a restaurant after a basketball practice when Saint flipped them off. Kim quickly swatted his hand down. The paparazzi laughed

Brobible says Larsa Pippen will change her last name to Jordan when she marries Michael Jordan's son, Marcus. The couple appeared on a podcast to discuss their future and possible wedding plans. The question of whether the wedding will be televised is still up in the air. Page Six says Marcus wants his dad to be his best man when he marries. Michael has made it clear that he does not approve of Marcus' relationship with Larsa. Marcus says, “I was the best man at [Michael’s] wedding and the best man at my brother’s wedding, so obviously, we’ll keep the tradition going.’’

The Daily Star says Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop company has released its annual Christmas gift guide. Some of the lavish items include a $73,000 Louis Vuitton baby wardrobe, a $1,925 Hermès doghouse and a $15 pack of Truffle-flavored microwave popcorn.

Screen Rant says Chuck Norris is making a comeback and is set to star in the upcoming film ‘’Agent Recon’’. The sci-fi action flick is scheduled for release in 2024. The movie’s synopsis reads, “Alastair (Norris), the commander of a covert Earth security task force, calls upon super-powered rookie Jim (Ting) to go on a mission led by battle-hardened Colonel Green (Singer) and his seasoned marines to track a mysterious energy disturbance at a base in New Mexico suspected of experimenting on alien technology. “

TMZ says Leonardo DiCaprio's Lamborghini from his movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" is going up for sale. The 1989 Lamborghini Countach, which was destroyed by Leo's character, Jordan Belfort, in the film, is expected to sell for $2 million. The car is being sold in 'As-Filmed' condition.

The Daily Mail says Ben Affleck recently backed his car into a Mercedes-Benz. He was seen sharing laughs with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, before getting into his car and causing the fender bender. It is the second time Ben has hit a vehicle this year after doing the same thing while leaving a parking spot in February.


Horror Movies Are A Terrible First Date

The Independent says horror movies are not an ideal choice for a first date. A recent survey by Tinder and Peacock found that 63% of people believe horror movies are a great first date activity. Dating coaches argue that the rush of adrenaline and the lack of opportunity for conversation make it difficult to truly get to know the other person. Instead, they suggest a more traditional activity, like dinner

Halloween Candy Theft Survey

A new survey by the toothpaste company Hello reveals that 58% of parents steal their kids' Halloween candy. Other findings:

- 57% of parents had to buy extra candy for trick or treaters because they ate their own stash before yesterday

- 10% of parents allowed their kids to skip brushing their teeth on Halloween.

Stack Dating Is Trending

Femina says Stack Dating is trending. It is being hailed as the most efficient way to find a partner. The trend involves going on multiple dates in a single day or week. Stackers can then quickly assess compatibility and make informed decisions.

Top Fears Holding Back Workers ... According to a recent poll by Monster

1. Returning to the office full-time

2. Human resources

3. Making presentations

4. Upcoming layoffs

5. Making unfixable errors

6. Negative feedback from their manager

7. Having hard conversations

8. Constructive feedback

9. Looking for a new job

10. Quitting their current job

Spenders Happier Than Savers

A new study by Citizens Pay reveals that spenders are happier than savers. The study found that spenders have higher levels of happiness in their relationships, work life, personal life and finances than savers. The study suggests that while spending money can bring happiness, it's important to find a balance between spending and saving to ensure overall financial well-being.

Happier in Relationships ... (Spenders) 78% ... (Savers) 63%

Happier in Work Life ... (Spenders) 78% ... (Savers) 57%

Happier in Personal Life .. (Spenders) 77% ... (Savers) 71%

Happier with their Finances .. (Spenders) 73% ... (Savers) 56

Work Survey

A new survey by Preply reveals that people, making $100,000 to $149,999 a year, are most likely to describe their typical workday as "annoying." Other findings:

25% of workers making $25,000 to $54,999 a year say they have a "bad boss."

54% of those in the $75,000 to $84,999 salary range describe their workday as "busy"

Dear Fonseca

Halloween turned into a disaster last night at my house. I refused to give out candy to kids that weren't in costume, kids that didn't say thank you and kids that didn't say Trick or Treat. Parents started coming to my home saying I left their children in tears and ruined the holiday. I don't think I did. I'm just tired of entitled children. I don't think I did anything wrong. My neighbors certainly do. What side of the fence are you on?

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