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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 04/19/24

Fonseca Show best of calls with Aaron Fonseca:


- USA Today says women are experiencing surprise pregnancies while taking weight loss drugs like Ozempic. The drug may induce fertility. Pregnancy combined with weight loss drug withdrawal can lead to dangerous health risks for both the mother and baby.

- A new survey by Study Finds reveals that 89% of people would still marry their spouse today. 80% of people in a survey last year agreed they’d still choose their spouse, while 20% declined the choice.


- The Daily Mail says some Whole Foods grocery stores are now charging $7 for an apple. A Boston-based influencer recently caused a stir on social media after paying that amount.  The influencer,, expressed outrage over the price of the SugarBee Apple 

- The Daily Breeze says Taco Bell is launching Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries on April 25th. The fries will have Secret Aardvark’s Serrabanero Sauce, slow-roasted chicken, a three-cheese blend, and more. 

- Drug Store News says Cinnamon Toast Crunch has introduced a new Waffle Cereal that’s infused with maple syrup. The cereal is available for $5.69 at select stores

- Ryan Reynolds tells Variety magazine that he would have a hard time turning down a role in “Star Wars”.  “Star Wars would be a real hard thing to say no to, but honestly – I’m not making this up – it’s not something I’ve ever thought of.’’

__________________________________  says Travis Kelce is 100% supportive of Taylor Swift and her new album, “The Tortured Poets Department”, even though it's inspired by her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. A source says, “If it is about Joe, or anyone, even if it is about him in the future, this is the artist she is, and he is in love with her and doesn’t pay any attention to be jealous. He understands this is a major part of what makes her the person and artist she is, and he is no way looking to thwart the direction she takes.

Life & Style Weekly says Taylor Swift and Post Malone recorded a song, titled “Fortnight”,  for Taylor's new album, “The Tortured Poets Department”, because of their mutual admiration for each other's talents. A source tells the magazine, "Post and Taylor share a genuine connection, and their friendship is based on mutual respect and admiration for each other's work."

Dua Lipa tells ELLE magazine that she ran into her parents at a New York City nightclub.   "We celebrate everything and anything, and we just love a party. The world can be burning down, but if you didn't spend any of your life trying to be happy, I don't know what you've done. When I go to my aunt’s house, it all starts off pretty tame. Then the music comes on, and we’re all dancing in the house. And that’s a Tuesday!"

Female First says Harry Styles' latest stalker, Myra Carvalho, has been jailed and banned from attending his concerts after sending him 8,000 cards in less than a month. Myra was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison and given a 10-year restraining order. Harry was left "shaken" by the ordeal

Page Six says Justin Bieber recently stepped out in $2,470 Louis Vuitton slippers.He wore them to a sushi restaurant. Justin completed his casual look with sweatpants and a hoodie while the rest of the restaurant was dressed up.

Rihanna tells The Laconia Daily Sun that she'd love to swap places with her kids for a day. "My kids are living their best life. I'd love to be able to get into their heads for just one night and know what it's like to be in their world."

Rihanna tells The Hollywood Reporter that the songs she's been working on for her next album are "so good." "I already got stuff that I feel like I can make hits out of. Me and Rocky are really trying to figure out who is going to use what because it's so good. I wanna know, too."

Ace Showbiz says Martha Stewart allegedly finds it insulting that people are comparing her lifestyle brand to the new one launched by Meghan Markle called American Riviera Orchard. A source says, "Martha has seen hundreds of Meghan types come and go - and says they all come in with the same self-inflated hype, only to find out it’s a whole new ball game when it comes down to brass tacks.  Meghan is under a massive amount of pressure to make this work. She and Harry have overspent and are living this lavish lifestyle beyond their means."

Billboard magazine says American University is now offering a course in "Swiftonomics" inspired by Taylor Swift's impact on the U.S. economy. The course, created by econ students Megan Wysocki and Mackenzie Shultz, will explore Swift's business footprint, earnings from her Eras Tour, and more. The class requires a completion of Principles of Microeconomics. Megan says, “Many other universities are creating Taylor Swift classes, but mostly in subjects such as sociology or literature. I figured that this was a unique topic and an opportunity to capitalize on an academic trend. My hope was to get people more interested in an economics course by focusing on someone as popular as Taylor Swift.”

Life & Style Weekly says Lady Gaga is allegedly set to marry tech entrepreneur Michael Polansky. An insider reveals, “Gaga’s engaged and happier than ever. She and Michael are already talking about a wedding, which will probably happen this fall or early next year. Kids are definitely in their future, too. Gaga and Michael have been through some ups and downs, but they realized that they’re good together, that they belong together. Gaga’s an artist who thinks outside the box, whereas Michael’s very calm and level headed. She says he helps her maintain harmony. They’re each other’s yin and yang.”

Screen Rant says Leonardo DiCaprio was almost cast as Lex Luthor in ‘’Batman v Superman’’. Director Zack Snyder has revealed that he and DiCaprio had discussions about the role, but DiCaprio ultimately had some reservations. "DiCaprio had a lot of great ideas, actually, just in the meeting. In the end, he was like, 'Eh, I don't know....' but he was really smart about the material."

Blake Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that he would consider returning to 'The Voice' if the original four coaches reunited. "I miss the people. I mean, those people became like family to me, literally from the crew all up to the producers of the show... I miss that.’’

Blake Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that he does not miss judging the singers on ‘’The Voice’’. “I totally needed a break from that because if I wasn’t into it, then it wasn’t good for whoever was on my team. I don’t want to be someone who’s just going through the motions. Those artists need somebody fighting for them. The second I started feeling like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t even remember what season this is anymore. Who are the coaches on this season?’ [I knew that] I needed [to get] away from here.”

TMZ says Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have rekindled their romance. They had a steamy beach date in Miami. The pair were seen getting cozy, holding hands, and enjoying each other's company. Sources close to Larsa say they are currently just friends, but are figuring out how to move forward.

Decider magazine says Drew Barrymore would rather "eat glass" than go to the dentist. She told viewers,  “All I know is that every time I go to the dentist, I’m like, ‘Break out the gas, the needle. Like, can you put me in twilight?'” I have really sensitive teeth. I have, like, crooked, yellow, nasty, old teeth. I don’t have those gorgeous, chomper, pearly whites. I hate it. I hate it so much but I go.”

National Record Day

Tomorrow is National Record Day. A survey by ICM reveals that 50% of vinyl buyers do not play the records they purchase. Other findings:

- 41% of vinyl buyers own a turntable that they do not use.

- 7% of vinyl buyers don't own a turntable.

- 52% of vinyl buyers use their turntable

- 50% of people will stream an album before buying it on vinyl.

Top 5 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked … According to a new article by MattressNextDay

1. Temperature regulation for better sleep

2. Reduction of sweat and bacteria buildup

3. Freely circulating air for freshness

4. Improved sleep quality and less tossing and turning

5. Enhanced intimacy and emotional connection

Newest Dating Trend Is Called ‘Ghostbusting’

Chip Chick says ‘Ghostbusting’ is the newest dating trend. It involves confronting or attracting attention from those who have ghosted you. Some resort to bombarding the ghost with messages and calls. The practice reflects the struggle for closure and emotional resolution after being ghosted 

Snack Attack Survey 

A new survey by Kellanova  (formerly the Kellogg Company) reveals that 44% of people who snack late at night do it in bed. Other findings:

- Men are more likely to snack late at night than women

- Women often crave sweet, salty, and gooey snacks when snacking in bed

- 66% of people snack alone

- 31% of people are satisfied after snacking 

Top 10 Dating App Etiquettes … According to a new article by The Mirror 

1. Put yourself first

2. Show the real you

3. Match with intent

4. Curiosity over assumptions

5. Ditch the dinner date

6. Sober dates for the win

7. Be mindful with your wit

8. Farewell to ghosting

9. Be positive

10. Consent is key

Dear Fonseca,

My wife and I have been arguing as of late about her clothing choices. She always wears suggestive clothing and low cut tops when she goes out with her girlfriends. I told her I don't like her wearing that kind of clothing because it draws unwanted attention from men. She says she likes wearing the clothing because she's proud of her body and doesn't mind the compliments she receives. I don't think she should be dressing like that, especially when she's married. She looks like she's single. She says there's nothing wrong with the way she dresses because she is not going home with any of the men who compliment her. I think she should dress more conservatively. What do you think? Should she be dressing like that? I say no way.

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