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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 04/04/24

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


-The New York Post says a North Carolina basketball fan is holding a $90,000 betting ticket on NC State. Christopher Brown refuses to cash out because he thinks NC State is going to win March Madness. The team faces a tough match against Purdue this weekend

- The Sun says Lana Del Rey may sing the next 007 theme.  Fans are speculating she has been chosen because potential Bond star Aaron Taylor Johnson started following her on Instagram. 

- OutKick Magazine says the "Joker" sequel, "Joker: Folie à Deux," has received an R-rating for "some strong violence and brief full nudity." The movie will be released on October 4th

- Entertainment Tonight says Honey Boo Boo does not want her family visiting her at college in Denver. She is trying to distance herself from her family's drama back home in Georgia.

- Allrecipes says Pop-Tarts is launching its first crunchy snack, Crunchy Poppers.Flavors include Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brownie. The Poppers will be available at retailers later this month

- The Daily Mail says a recent study by China’s Anhui Medical University found that poor air quality leads to poor lovemaking. Researchers found that poor air quality led to a rise in dysfunction


Inmates Sue To Watch Solar Eclipse:  The Guardian says New York inmates are suing the state corrections department for locking down prisons during the upcoming solar eclipse. They say the lockdown violates their constitutional rights and prevents them from practicing their faiths during the significant celestial event. The inmates are seeking permission to view the eclipse.  The corrections department is currently reviewing requests for religious accommodations 

Radar Online says Hailey Bieber allegedly confronted her father, Stephen Baldwin, about his social media posts regarding her marriage to Justin. The model reportedly warned her 57-year-old father to stop stirring up drama with his public remarks. Stephen posted a cryptic video asking for prayers for the couple. A source says, "Hailey confronted her father, warning him to refrain from further comments if he wishes to maintain a role in her and Justin's lives."

Noah Kahan tells The Guardian newspaper that he doesn't care if he's considered cool or not. “I think that ship left the dock the first photoshoot I ever did. I was like: oh, OK, that’s what I look like? It’s over. It’s also just exhausting trying to be cool, to feel like I’m doing something brand new or genre-bending. I don’t have the energy for it. I can’t bend the genre right now – I’m exhausted! I’m just going to play my mandolin and have fun, all right?”

Sabrina Carpenter tells W magazine that her style changes from day-to-day."There are some days where I want to look pretty and some days where I just want to be comfortable. Some days I feel confident in short skirts and tall boots, and other days, I feel more confident in baggy jeans and baggy t-shirts."

Tate McRae tells NBC that she never planned on becoming a singer. “When I was a dancer, I definitely thought I would become a backup dancer or part of a company. I never really thought that becoming a singer and doing this was a career option because it feels like such a far-fetched thing. There was never really a moment in my head where I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll be a pop singer.’”

Beyonce tells Rolling Stone magazine that she loves to get outside of her comfort zone. “You can't keep doing the same things over and over. You have to push yourself, challenge yourself. Do something you wouldn't normally do. That's the only way to grow, to change. I love doing things that challenge and scare me.”

Page Six says Travis Kelce is already thinking about baby names with Taylor Swift.During an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he joked about naming his child Conan after Conan the Barbarian. 

TMZ says Arnold Schwarzenegger believes Travis and Jason Kelce are trying out for Hollywood roles. He advised them to wisely choose parts. Travis and Jason laughed off the speculation. The brothers joked about starring in a "Conan The Barbarian" remake with Arnold

Life & Style Weekly says Jake Gyllenhaal is allegedly hesitant to propose to his girlfriend,  Jeanne Cadieu. A source says, "“Every so often he drops hints that make people think he’s about to do it, but he never follows through. When it comes to actually popping the question, he can’t quite make that leap. The truth is, he likes things the way they are. His family doesn’t understand why he’s so afraid to take this step. Jeanne is a real catch, she’s smart and beautiful, and there’s only so long she’ll wait for him to get it together. The worry is Jeanne will get tired of waiting.” says Jamie Foxx has found the "perfect" girlfriend in Alyce Huckstepp. A source tells the website, "Jamie is enjoying his good health and ALyce couldn’t be nicer or more perfect for him. Alyce is a sweetie, a great girl. Thanks, in part, to her, Jamie is doing incredibly well. Jamie still sees Alyce even though he is really busy working. Jamie is a social guy, he likes to be around his friends, he has to be busy doing all kinds of different things."

The New York Post says Tiger Woods is abstaining from lovemaking while he trains for the Masters. A source says, “He’s focused. He’s working really hard in the gym. He’s eating right. He’s even eliminated sex. He does that now when he’s preparing: no sex until the tournament is over. He doesn’t want anything to take away his focus.” Tiger last won the Masters in 2019 

Ace Showbiz says Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have reconciled their marriage after a rough patch. A source close to the pair says, "Jada needed to get ['Worthy'] out. I think once she let all that out, she was able to put her marriage back together. No more entailments, for either of them."

The E! News Network says "The Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield is allegedly dating a professional witch. Dr. Kate Thomas is a "world expert in Mysticism" with a master's degree in philosophy and religion. Her TikTok bio reads, "Professional Witch & Mentor; Philosopher, Artist." Kate and Andrew were recently photographed holding hands in Malibu.

411mania claims The Rock gifted a fan with a trip to WrestleMania after the fan tattooed his autograph on his arm. The fan, a self-proclaimed “man of my word,” shared his tattoo on Twitter. The Rock commended the fan's dedication and offered to cover all expenses for the upcoming event, including tickets, flights, accommodations, and food for him and his daughter. 

Page Six says Molly Ringwald has revealed that her daughter Mathilda was conceived in 2003 in a dressing room at Studio 54. She says, “It’s so Mathilda to be conceived in such an iconic place. I always knew I wanted to have children but it took me a while I was 36 when she was born. At that age the biological clock is a real thing and it had kind of become deafening. All I could think about was: must have kids.”

Financial Stress Survey

A new survey by CNBC reveals that 50% of adults are stressed about their finances due to inflation. Other findings:

- 70% of adults are stressed about money

- Between 45% and 62% of the middle-class is living paycheck to paycheck

Dining Etiquette Survey

A new survey by the restaurant group Prezzo reveals that 50% of Gen Z diners believe that table etiquette is no longer important. Other findings: 

- 77% of Gen Z diners are indifferent to elbows on the table

- 60% of Gen Z diners don't care about how someone holds their silverware. 

- 32% of people never think about their table manners

- 49% of people wouldn't date someone with bad table manners.

- 48% of people get annoyed by loud chewing

- 37% of people are bothered by food-sharing without permission

- 38% of diners use their phones during meals.

Top 10 Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship ... According to a new article by Max My Money

1. Imbalance in Household Responsibilities

2. Lack of Empathy and Emotional Support

3. Presence of Gaslighting

4. Emotional Struggles and Feelings of Worthlessness

5. Walking On Eggshells

6. Baseless Accusations of Infidelity

7. Public Fighting and Confrontations

8. Invalidation of Feelings

9. Lack of Individual Friends

10. Absence of Apologies

Dear Fonseca,

My friends think I'm crazy because I am thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend due to her job. They say the reason I am giving for the possible breakup is ridiculous. We have been dating for three months. Everyone loves her. The problem is I keep getting sick because she works as a nurse and brings home colds, germs and the flu. I haven't been healthy in months. My friends are telling me to suck it up. I know this Email sounds ridiculous, but put yourself in my position. All I do is cough. What would you do if you were me? Is someone's job a valid reason to end a relationship?

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