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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 03/18/24

Today' LATEST episode of Fonseca Show Best of Calls with Fonseca:


- Dexerto says Starbucks has added a Cadbury Creme Egg Frappuccino to their secret menu ahead of Easter. The Java Chip Frappuccino contains vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, vanilla bean powder, caramel drizzle and whipped cream 

- Mashable says Home Depot has unveiled their 2024 Halloween line and it's only March. They are selling a 12-foot skeleton with LCD eyes,  skeleton dog, a Frankenstein, a headless horseman, and a Murderous Maple tree. 

- Engadget says LinkedIn is developing in-app games to keep users entertained beyond networking. The games, “Queens” and “Crossclimb,” will rank companies based on their employees’ scores.

- Totally The Bomb says Regal Cinemas is celebrating the release of “Ghostbusters Frozen Empire” by selling a special Ghost Trap Popcorn bucket with green caramel popcorn. The film opens on Friday 

- TMSPN says Mike Tyson could earn $20 million for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul. The match is set to take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and will be livestreamed on Netflix. 

- The Daily Mail says Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's recent drive in L.A. was interrupted by a flat tire. JLo looked radiant in black while helping fix the tire.  The couple attended a Lakers game after changing their tire.

- EssentiallySports says Gisele Bündchen's new boyfriend, Joaquim Valente, has allegedly moved into her $9.1M mansion

- WHO says Kermit the Frog joined Willie Nelson on stage at the Luck Reunion Festival in Texas.  They sang "Rainbow Connection" and a Gospel medley. 

- The Daily Mail says Carol Burnett is eager to have Angelina Jolie portray her in a potential biopic. Carol says,  'I think she’s perfect.'

- TMSPN says Stephen A. Smith might want Jimmy Kimmel's late-night TV slot once Kimmel retires in 2026. A source says, "Smith's aspirations to transition to late-night television are making waves within the entertainment industry."


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Kung Fu Panda 4,” $30 million.

2. “Dune: Part Two,” $29.1 million

3. “Arthur the King,” $7.5 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $19 million to $40 million to produce)

4. “Imaginary,” $5.6 million.

5. “Cabrini, ”$2.8 million.

Top 3 Things to Know Before Playing Powerball and Mega Millions... According to a new article by WGN. Tonight's Powerball jackpot is worth $645 million with a lump sum cash payout of $307.3 million. Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot is worth $875 million with a lump sum cash payout of $413.5 million

1. Odds of winning Mega Millions: 1 in 302.6 million; Powerball: 1 in 292.2 million

2. Taxes withhold about 37% of your prize money if you win the jackpot

3. Consider assembling a team of experts if you do win

Benson Boone tells Fault magazine that he's learning to value his own opinion more. “I think too much about what other people think about me, and I just need to live a little. Life is too short to base your experiences off someone else’s opinion."

Tate McRae tells Cosmopolitan magazine that she tries to stick to a schedule when she's on tour. “I feel like getting a routine down for tour is one of the most difficult things ever. You can definitely go down a slippery slope if you don't pay attention to your health when you're on tour, because you're gone for literally so long and you're by yourself. You can get run down so quickly. The biggest thing has been making sure that I stay healthy and work out and stay hydrated.”

Billie Eilish tells The USA Today newspaper that people shouldn't feel like they can't tell someone they're attractive based on what gender they are. "What's the big deal about liking different people. If I think a man is attractive, I'll tell him. Same with a woman. If she's pretty, I'll tell her. Beauty shouldn't be confined to a specific gender. If you feel someone is attractive, there should be no stigma in telling them so.”

Eddie Vedder tells Mojo magazine that Taylor Swift fans are impressive like punk rock crowds. "Making friendship bracelets with her and the generosity of these young girls and boys, trading these bracelets with different messages on them... They had found their tribe; they were all agreeing on something. The craziest thing was it reminded me of punk rock crowds, of being aligned with all of the misfits in our town, back in the day. It was galvanizing and powerful."

Geo TV says Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, continues to profit significantly from the songs he co-wrote with her. He has earned $2.3 million. An insider reveals,  “Fair or not, it's made him a very rich guy. Joe is making so much on royalties and returns from [Taylor's] Eras tour that he doesn't ever need to worry about money again. Taylor is “furious” about her ex benefitting from her original work, however, Joe will continue to earn money.’’

Hello magazine says Flavor Flav gifted Billie Eilish with a custom Barbie clock necklace at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Flav sported one with his own name on the red carpet. 

Music Times magazine says Reba McEntire is denying reports she called Taylor Swift an ‘entitled little brat’ for laughing and drinking at the Super Bowl. A Facebook post claimed Reba allegedly said, "I let her have it afterward. She's an entitled little brat." Reba responded, "Please don't believe everything you see on the Internet. I did not say this."

Kelly Osbourne says her mom, Sharon Osbourne, once flashed her school bus.The Daily Star quotes Kelly as saying, "There's only one Sharon Osbourne and there is no one like her. People ask me all the time 'are you embarrassed of your parents?' And I say 'no, you don't know what it was like'. I am completely immune to embarrassment. The school bus when we moved to America would come outside the house and beep when it got outside the door and my mum would go on the balcony and flash them all."

The News International says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are seeking a peaceful getaway from the public eye. An insider says, “They are enjoying movie nights in her home theater, catching up on films and shows they’ve missed. They can finally rest and intend on spending quality time together and with friends and family. They don’t want to spend too much time apart. Toward the end of the month they’re still talking about going on a private vacation where no one can find them before her new album drops.”

In Touch Weekly says Tom Cruise's new fake British accent is causing many to laugh in London. A source says it sounds like a mix of Mary Poppins and Margaret Thatcher.  “It’s worse than the silly one Madonna adopted when she lived there. To his face, everyone nods and smiles, but behind Tom’s back, they’re laughing. But he’s Tom Cruise — so who’s going to tell him?”

Whiskey Riff says "Bar Rescue" star Jon Taffer is suing a Naples, Florida preacher for allegedly impersonating him in order to date women and receive perks. The preacher, Vic Caroleo, has been passing himself off as Taffer for three years. One woman contacted Taffer after Vic gave her a card with his name on it. Another woman claims Vic assaulted her. She blamed Taffer. 

Radar Online says Vin Diesel is allegedly upset with producers for rejecting his $250 million budget request for Fast 11. Universal execs are urging him to lower the budget due to the previous film's lackluster box office showing.  A source says, "Vin's push for a huge budget is causing tension with the studio executives. Vin has to prove to the studio that fans will show up in huge numbers" to witness the end of the saga.’’

Radar Online says Jessica Simpson is allegedly planning to get a Brazilian butt-lift to complete her Kardashian-inspired transformation. A source says, "Jessica's gotten very close to that family since Maxwell started hanging out with North, and their love of anything plastic is obviously rubbed off on her. Not only has she filled her face with all kinds of injectables, she's now talking about getting a full-blown Brazilian butt-lift. She used to love her little booty, but now she's saying she needs a bigger one and has gone to the Kardashians to help advise her. They're recommending everything from what doctor to the shape and size!"

The News International says Brad Pitt is allegedly the reason Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin are feuding. Stone wanted Pitt to be her co-star in “Silver”. She ended up feeling regretful and showing open disdain towards Baldwin when he landed the role. A source says “The two were not at all happy opposite each other. Sharon had always wanted Brad Pitt to play opposite her, so she was disappointed. I think she was genuinely regretful even though she’d taken the role. She was not at all happy about the movie. There was such a great deal of animosity on set. Sharon’s open disdain for Billy resulted in him feeling extremely insecure.”

Top 5 Foods To Help Avoid A St Patrick's Day Hangover ... According to a new article by The Daily Record

1. Eggs, rich in vitamin B and cysteine, protect your liver.

2. Salmon's high protein helps slow alcohol absorption.

3. Oats' fiber and protein line the stomach and improve liver function.

4. Bananas replenish potassium and help keep you hydrated.

5. Sweet potatoes, high in potassium and complex carbs, slow digestion.

Study Reveals Similarities Between Daughters And Their Mothers

A new study from the greeting card marketplace reveals that daughters officially become just like their mothers by the age of 36. Other findings:

- 24% of women share the same body shape as their mom

- 22% of women feel they inherited their mom's bossy streak

- 68% of women are enjoying life more with age

- 92% of women say staying in over going out is the best part of getting older

Tanning Survey 

A new survey by The American Academy of Dermatology reveals that 20% of Gen Zers prioritize being tan over protecting themselves from skin cancer. 26% of people associate feeling thinner and prettier with being tan

10 “As Seen On TV” Products That Were Definitely NOT Worth The Money … According to a new article by Saving Advice

1. The Banana Slicer

2. The Eggstractor

3. The HD Vision Sunglasses

4. The Shake Weight

5. The Pasta Boat

6. The Ped Egg

7. The Snuggie

8. The ShamWow

9. The Bumpits

10. The Sticky Buddy

Dear Fonseca,

My husband and I got drunk with our friends yesterday at an Irish bar. Towards the end of the afternoon, we got into an argument and things got ugly. We were drunk and said things we didn't mean. Our friends separated us and told us to ignore what each other said. One friend told me that getting drunk is like a truth serum. Is that true? If so, then my husband and I have some things to definitely talk about. My other best friend is chalking up our argument to the alcohol. She's telling me to ignore what he said because he was drunk and didn't mean it. Which is it? Should I ignore my husband's comments because he was drunk or have a heart to heart conversation because booze is a truth serum? Did he mean what he said or was it the alcohol talking?

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