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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 07/11/24

Best of Calls:


- Philly Burbs says 7-Eleven is celebrating National Slurpee Day, aka 7-11 Day, today by giving away free small Slurpees at participating stores while supplies last. ABC says 7-Eleven will give away 9 million Slurpees today.

- CNBC says Costco is going to raise its U.S. and Canada membership fees by $5 starting on September 1st. The annual fee will go up from $60 to $65

- BroBible says the Minnesota State Fair is trending because they are serving deep-fried ranch dressing. The ranch dressing is fried and then placed in a panko shell. The shell is dusted with ranch powder and served with hot honey sauce

- The NY Post says Claussen and Baked by Melissa have teamed up to create pickle-infused cupcakes. Available in six or 25 packs, the cupcakes are the latest trendy dessert. Fans are split on the unique flavor combo, with some loving the bold twist.

- The NY Post says "Shrek 5" is set for a 2026 release with the original cast returning. The successful franchise has grossed over $4 billion worldwide.

- Ellen DeGeneres tells Rolling Stone magazine that she plans to leave Hollywood before it kicks her out again. "This is the last time you’re going to see me. After my Netflix special, I’m done.’’

- Outkick magazine says people on Long Island are now ordering Justini’s instead of martinis because of Justin Timberlake's recent DUI arrest 

- TMSPN says Bill Belichick was recently spotted at a Taylor Swift concert in Amsterdam. He was accompanied by NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

- Hello magazine says Jennifer Lopez's six engagement rings are worth a combined $13 million. 

- ABC says Pat Sajak will make a final appearance on "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune" next season. Filming for the new season has yet to take place. Vanna White will join Sajak on Monday, October 7th


Philly Man Plans To Drink 55 Free Slurpees Today: Philly Burbs says 7-Eleven is celebrating National Slurpee Day, aka 7-11 Day, today by giving away free small Slurpees at participating stores. 

A Philadelphia man, named Matthew Cooper, plans to run to every 7-Eleven in the city today for a free Slurpee. He is taking donations for a local non-profit that changes students' lives through mentorship .Matthew hopes to raise $2,000. Google says there are 55 7-Eleven locations in the Philadelphia area 

Dua Lipa tells Time magazine that she wrote her first song when she was 14 years old. "I wrote my first song at the age of 14. It was called 'Lions, Tigers, And Bears'. It was a made up song, I don't think I had any background story for it. I am on the other hand in love with 'The Wizard Of Oz', so that's where the title came from."

Taylor Swift tells Billboard magazine that she doesn't like it when people try to act older than they are. "I don't like it when people who are young act like they're 40. That's taking too much on. Putting up a shield and trying to act like you're so mature or whatever - I don't try to act mature. Some people might say I'm mature for my age, but it's not something I'm trying to do, you know? I'm just me.”

Sabrina Carpenter tells Variety magazine that a break-up caused her to question everything about herself. "I was heartbroken after my first break-up. I was in a really, really different mental place. It made me question everything about who I was. It took me a while to realize that trust in yourself, just the ability to move throughout a room without questioning if other people's opinions are more important than your own. And it just comes with time and it comes with ease."

Hozier tells Harpers Bazaar magazine that the listeners add their own meanings to his songs. “Ultimately, the listener finishes the piece in some way, shape or form. They bring their experience to it, and their experience bridges the gap between themselves and the song.”

Billie Eilish tells Interview magazine that she doesn't like to express her feelings in public. "It’s interesting to be a person who isn’t an outwardly sensitive complainer. I’d rather be tortured inside but have somebody think that I’m cool, than have somebody think that I’m hysterical and actually express my feelings. I would rather suffer in silence than tell you something’s bothering me and have you think I’m sensitive.”

Shaboozey tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that he had to embrace himself before he became successful. “The big thing is I had to embrace my true self and what I wanted my music to be. I had to learn to embrace being different, embrace being my own artist. I just had to start making the music I would want to hear.”

The Daily Mail says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's kids are trying to get them to reunite. A source says, “The kids think Jennifer and Ben are really, deeply in love, like soul mates and they don't want them to divorce. They want them to work it out for better or for worse, like their vows said. And they do feel that the two should continue counseling and talking it out, even if it is painful. They feel like if they do and say the right things that there could be more peace.”

The News International says Jennifer Garner has become a surprising ally to Jennifer Lopez during her marriage issues with Ben Affleck. A source says, “She’s been helpful to J.Lo, and they’ve been relating to each other. Jennifer has been a surprising person for J.Lo to talk to.’’

Radar Online says Matt Damon is allegedly concerned that Ben Affleck may relapse and start drinking again because his marriage to Jennifer Lopez is falling apart. A source says, “Matt wants those closest to Ben to remind him he is loved and supported — and better off without Jennifer. Everyone is rallying around Ben — including his ex, Jen Garner, and their kids, Violet, Fin, and Samuel. They’re keeping him occupied by suggesting fun things to do. Matt’s been the influencer behind the scenes. Anything that will take Ben’s mind off J Lo is a good thing.”

Geo TV says Kim Kardashian allegedly wants to date a 'billionaire'. A source says, “She wants to settle down, not just play around, so in her view, it makes a lot more sense to go higher up the food chain and pick a man with billionaire status. She’s got all her girlfriends helping her with the hunt. She’s been hanging with a more high-level crowd and she’s really hoping that will put her in the same room with the right kind of man. If you’d ask Kim six months ago who was on her dating wish list, she’d have named off a bunch of sports stars. But after things went sour with Odell [Beckham Jr.], she changed up her whole game plan and she’s now saying it’s time for her to date a different kind of man.”

The Hollywood Reporter says the sequel to Kevin Costner's  'Horizon: An American Saga' won't be released on August 16th. Costner's production company and New Line Cinema postponed the release to give people more time to see the first movie. Chapter one only made $11 million at the box office. Costner wants to do four films in the series

The Daily Express says World of Statistics recently asked the Internet which musical artist they would like to bring back. Here is how they voted 

Michael Jackson … 38.9%

Freddie Mercury … 31.6%

Kurt Cobain … 14.9%

Elvis Presley … 14.5%

Life & Style Weekly says Adam Levine's return to The Voice has allegedly caused some tension behind the scenes. A source says,  “Adam has got some ideas, and he’s not afraid to share them, especially when it comes to his fellow coaches. Adam would love it if Blake Shelton came back. He knows that their bromance would make headlines again and boost ratings. Adam is definitely stirring the pot!”

In Touch Weekly says Brad Pitt is allegedly concerned about his kids potentially giving a tell-all interview. A source says it is his "worst nightmare" and "ultimate humiliation." “They’ve stayed totally quiet so far, but at some point down the line it’s very plausible that they’re going to want to tell their side of the story. There’s nothing to stop them from doing it. And when they decide to go ahead and talk, Brad will just have to sit back and take it. He’s in a very tough spot because it’s not like he can even try and talk to them about it because that could only make things worse. So all he can do is wait for the hammer to drop and try to put it out of his mind.”

In Touch Weekly says Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and others from Titanic are supporting Céline Dion as she battles stiff person syndrome. An insider says, “Céline is a huge part of the Titanic nuclear family — the small group of people who made the movie a record-breaking success/ She really is the fourth leg of that table along with Jim Cameron, Leo and Kate. They are all following her journey and cheering on the courage and candor she has shown in her amazing documentary I Am: Céline Dion, along with her stated desire to return to performing, against all odds. If she does manage to get back on stage someday, you can bet Leo and Kate will be right there with front row tickets to support her.”

Tropical Drink Survey 

A new survey by Business Wire reveals that 96% of people feel relaxed with a Piña Colada in their hand. Other findings:

- 87% of people say a relaxing vacation includes sunbathing by the water with a tropical drink in their hand

- 60% of people say Piña Coladas put them in ‘vacation mode’

- Only 35% of people order a Piña Colada when not on vacation

Top Cities For Single ‘Cat Ladies’ … According to a new survey by Nielsen

  1. Portland, Oregon

  2. Seattle, Washington

  3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  4. Kansas City, Missouri

  5. Denver, Colorado

  6. Albuquerque, New Mexico

  7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

  8. Harrisburg, Virginia

  9. Tampa, Florida

  10. Columbus, Ohio

Top 7 Mood-Boosting Strategies... According to a new article on Yahoo

1. Get active with exercise

2. Clear your mind with meditation

3. Go outside

4. Talk to a friend or relative who makes you happy

5. Eat a well-balanced meal

6. Get plenty of sleep

7. Seek professional help

Dear Fonseca,

My wife is expecting our first child. Yesterday, I asked my boss for paternity leave. I think I'm allowed 12 weeks by law, but I'm not sure. She practically laughed in my face and told me to man up. She says as a factory worker, it's a bad look if I take a leave because the other men will make fun of me. She also said my wife deserves the leave, not me because she is doing all of the work by giving birth. I think men deserve as much leave as women so they can bond with their child. My boss disagrees. What do you think? Is she right?

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