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Fonseca Show Trending 12/05/22


- The Daily Star says Russian President Vladimir Putin recently soiled his pants after falling down some stairs at his home. He bruised his groin area and is reportedly suffering from gastro cancer.

- Dished magazine says some Americans are driving over the Canadian border to get McDonald's new Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry. The chain launched the drink late last week. It's available until December 27th

- A.V. Club says James Gandolfini's son, Michael, is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is going to have a major role in ''Daredevil: Born Again''. The series is going to stream on Disney+

- WXIN says competitive eater Joey Chestnut lost the 9th Annual Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship over the weekend. He had held the title for eight years, but came in fourth this year. Geoff Esper won the competition by eating 16 lb and 6 oz of shrimp cocktail in eight minutes. He took home $1,500

- Tasting Table magazine says Starbucks is celebrating the holidays by adding a Fruitcake Frappuccino to their secret menu. The drink has a white mocha base, two pumps of hazelnut, one pump of raspberry syrup, pralines and strawberries The drink is topped with whipped cream

- USA Today says one thousand people, dressed as Santa Claus, took part in the annual Michendorf Father Christmas Run in Brandenburg, Germany. The goal was for each runner to burn as many calories as possible.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Wakanda Forever,” $17.6 million.

2. “Violent Night,” $13.3 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $20 million to produce ... It earned $7 million overseas)

3. “Strange World,” $4.9 million.

4. “The Menu,” $3.6 million.

5. “Devotion,” $2.8 million.

6. “I Heard the Bells,” $1.8 million.

7. “Black Adam,” $1.7 million.

8. “The Fabelmans,” $1.3 million.

9. “Bones and All,” $1.2 million.

10. “Ticket to Paradise,” $850,000.

The Blast says Harry Styles was recently performing in Chile when he paid tribute to the late Christie McVie by performing ''Songbird''.

Ace Showbiz says Adele hardly speaks because she is trying to protect her voice for her Las Vegas residency shows. A source says, "Adele has been keen to avoid excessive stress on her vocal cords. She is really committing to giving her best each night at her show. One of the key features has been protecting her voice in between the Friday and Saturday nights. She wants it in top shape for each show and is going to extreme lengths. So before shows she rarely speaks to anyone, and if she does, then it's a whisper. People know she is not being rude, but looking after herself. It is about staying healthy and strong."

Adele tells Elle Magazine that she wants to marry her boyfriend, Rich Paul "Yes, absolutely. Well! Well. Well, I’m not married ... I’m not married ... I’m just in love! I’m happy as I’ll ever be. I might as well be married. I’m not engaged. I just love high-end jewlry, boy."

A source tells Closer Weekly Magazine, “Adele would love to make things official with Rich. They’ve already been brainstorming the idea of a fancy wedding next spring with a huge celebration at her LA home. But she wouldn’t even mind trying the knot with Vegas. She thinks it could be romantic to do something low-key, too.”

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that she doesn't feud with other artists. "It’s assumed that we hate each other. Even if we’re smiling and photographed together with our arms around each other, it’s assumed there’s a knife in our pocket. That's totally not true. I may not be best friends with some of them, but I love and respect all my fellow female artists."

Jax tells Variety magazine that she wants to help people feel comfortable in their skin.“I want women to know they don't have to chance their bodies to fit some kind of societal view of beautiful. Every woman is beautiful in their own way. Be beautiful in your own way."

Ace Showbiz says things are heating up between Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon. A source tells the website that the couple has been spending time at his new Carmel, California home. "She doesn't do the cooking - he does! And they'll eat dinner over candlelight. They go skinny dipping in the ocean since Brad's mansion is right on the coastline. He hasn't felt this way in years. Ines is a handful - and he likes that."

The Daily Star says Kanye West is accusing his former wife, Kim Kardashian, of having an affair with Phoenix Suns basketball player Chris Paul. Kanye posted a picture of Chris along with the caption; “Let’s break one last window before we get outa here. I caught this guy with Kim Good night.”

Totally the Bomb says Nick Cannon has been hospitalized for pneumonia. He posted, ''Okay, so I guess I’m not Superman… I promised myself I would never be back at this place again… But this is a great lesson to take care of YOU or YOU won’t be able to take care of everyone else. Crazy thing is, last night we was just rocking a sold out crowd at Madison square garden in front of thousands of fans, now I’m all alone in a tiny hospital room. Life is definitely a rollercoaster!''

The NY Post says a musical, inspired by Britney Spears, will hit Broadway in 2023. The production is titled “Once Upon a One More Time” and will feature many of Britney's biggest hits including “Oops I Did It Again,” “Lucky,” “Circus” and “Toxic''. Producers are currently casting the show says Mark Wahlberg has reduced the selling price of his Beverly Hills mega mansion to $79.5 million. He was asking $87.5 million. The European style mansion has 12 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, a two-story library, a wine cellar, a cigar cellar, a movie theater, a basketball court, a tennis court, a skate park, a fireplace, a health club, a five hole golf course, a driving range and a pool. The HOA fee for the home is $3,000 a month

Ryan Reynolds tells Ace Showbiz that he doubts he'll do another musical because filming his new movie ''Spirited'' was difficult. ''I don't know if I would [make a musical] again. I don't think so. They're such vastly different disciplines. When you haven't spent your life at a craft like song and dance, you're just always playing catch-up. Thank god we have 15, 20, 30, 50 takes to get it right! I loved watching the dancers and singers that were working on the movie. Getting a front row seat to their talent was one of the great privileges of my whole life. And I mean that. They're often overlooked. You'll find dancers clumped together in the credits of a movie, but they're pillars of the storytelling."

Kelly Clarkson is single and ready to mingle. OK! magazine quotes her as saying, "I just want someone to make me laugh. I want to feel good, too. Since you're busy making everyone feel good, you want somebody to do that for you as well. It's nice to have love. It's nice to have that in your life.''

WWLV says a die-hard Goonies fan has purchased the Goonies house in Portland, Oregon. The 1896 home was heavily featured in the film and has views of the Columbia River. The fan and a childhood friend also purchased the home next door. He says, ''My childhood friendships were, and still are, instrumental to my development and success. “Buying this home is one huge step in showing your dreams can become reality with the right friends around you. You don’t have to be rich to achieve your dreams, but you do need a strong support group, honesty and a desire for adventure!” The asking price for the house was $1.7 million claims Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner are allegedly planning to exchange Christmas gifts. A source tells the website, “They’ll be exchanging gifts this year for Christmas, they’ve got a great rapport. There’s a real mutual respect and appreciation because of the kids.”

A second source says . “J.Lo is so thankful that her friendship with Jen has come leaps and bounds over the past several months. They had been growing closer since she and Ben reunited their romance, but J.Lo and Jen’s friendship is definitely deepening. J.Lo got her fairytale ending and she’s grateful to have formed a really wonderful bond with Jen. They get along great, and things really couldn’t be better.”

Most Common Pet Names .. According to a new survey by

Most common male dog names

1. Max 2. Charlie 3. Cooper 4. Milo 5. Buddy 6. Rocky 7. Bear 8. Teddy 9. Duke 10. Leo

Most common female dog names

1. Luna 2. Bella 3. Daisy 4. Lucy 5. Lily 6. Zoe 7. Lola 8. Sadie 9. Bailey 10. Stella

Most common male cat names

1. Oliver 2. Milo 3. Leo 4. Charlie 5. Max 6. Loki 7. Simba 8. Jack 9. Ollie 10. Jasper

Most common female cat names

1. Luna 2. Lily 3. Bella 4. Lucy 5. Nala 6. Callie 7. Kitty 8. Cleo 9. Willow 10. Chloe

Dear Fonseca

I had a Girls Night Out on Friday which led to a fight with my boyfriend on Saturday. I refused to tell him what we did during our night out. He got mad and demanded to know. This then made me mad. I told him what happens on a 'Girls Night Out stays on a Girls Night Out'. He says that I'm hiding something and if I wasn't I would tell him what we did. I don't care what he does when he goes out with his friends. He says a couple should disclose if they truly trust and love one another. I disagree and think it's the total opposite. If you love and trust one another than it's a non-issue. Should I have to disclose what I do when I'm out with my girls?

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