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Fonseca Show Trending 10/18/22


- Fox Business News says production on the Corvette has been halted again due to a parts shortage. Chevy hopes to restart production next Monday.

- Brobible says Arby's is launching their own smoked bourbon. It has an alcohol by volume of 45% and is infused with hickory, mesquite and pecan smoke. It goes on sale tomorrow for $60

- The Huffington Post says Bob Saget's widow, Kelly, recently honored him with a martini tattoo because he loved the drink.

- Uproxx says a sequel to the 1996 movie ''Twister'' is in development. It's called ''Twisters''. No word on if Helen Hunt is going to star in the film.

- The Robb Report says Frank Sinatra's former Chatsworth, California estate is for sale for $12.7 million. The estate has a main house, a guest house, a pool, a recording studio, glass walls and Mountain views.

- The Wrap says Charles Barkley has signed a contract extension to continue co-hosting TNT's ''Inside the NBA''. His entire 10-year deal is reportedly worth $200 million.

- Monday's Powerball jackpot was worth an estimated $485 million. The winning numbers were: 46, 30, 36, 19, and 60. The Power Ball was 25. The Power Play Multiplier was 3.

Nicky Youre tells Billboard magazine that he would like to learn to play more instruments. "I never really got into playing instruments. I kinda wish I had. I can play a mean mouth trumpet but that's about it."

Charlie Puth tells The that Tik Tok has helped make his music better.“It made me very open-minded to showing the process. I used to have this mentality of ‘I need to go away for an extended period of time and work on my music alone and not show anybody and give away the secrets.’ But now I can give every secret away. It actually makes the songs more vibrant.”

The NY Post says Adele and Kevin Hart recently went on a double date. Adele brought her boyfriend, Rich Paul, while Kevin brought his wife, Eniko. The two dined at a Beverly Hills restaurant.

Harry Styles tells Vogue magazine that he loves looking good. “If I'm going to get dressed up, I'm gonna make it memorable. It's nice to have people talk about an outfit you wore and say how good you looked in it. Really gets you smiling, you know?”

Murphy's Multiverse, citing Hits Daily Double, says Rihanna may have recorded two songs for the ''Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'' soundtrack. She is refusing to comment on her involvement in the film. Tone Deaf magazine claims Rihanna recorded the end credit song for the film

Lizzo tells CBS that she was obsessed with the flute when she was younger. “I remember in the fifth grade, I just wanted to be really good. I was, like, "I want to be really good at the flute. Everybody else is so bad." And it was so hard to be good at it. It's a very difficult instrument. I became, like, obsessed with being good. I played it so much I'm surprised my fingers didn't fall off. But it was worth it, I am a flute goddess now!”

Brobible says the New York City restaurant Baltazar has banned James Corden for life for being abusive to staff members. The website says James got hasty with servers after finding hair in a drink and egg whites mixed with egg yolks. Some of the servers described themselves as shaken after their encounter with the late night host. Restaurant owner Keith McNally calls Cordon a 'cretin'

The NY Post says James called and apologized to Keith late last night. Keith posted; “James Corden just called me and apologized profusely. I strongly believe in second chances.”

The Daily Mail says Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' former nanny is speaking out about their breakup. She claims Jason was upset because she left him for Harry Styles and kissed him at a cast dinner in Palm Springs. Jason was also upset that Olivia prepared a salad for Harry with her special dressing. The Nanny also claims Jason once laid under Olivia's car so she wouldn't leave.

The NY Post says Jason learned about Olivia's affair with Harry after she left out her Apple Watch. It contained flirty texts

Olivia and Jason released a joint statement that read; "As parents, it is incredibly upsetting to learn that a former nanny of our two young children would choose to make such false and scurrilous accusations about us publicly. Her now 18-month long campaign of harassing us, as well as loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached its unfortunate apex. We will continue to focus on raising and protecting our children with the sincere hope that she will now choose to leave our family alone."

The NY Post says Magic Johnson recently attended a Broadway play called "The Piano Lesson". The theater removed a seat so he could sit comfortably and enjoy the play. Magic is 6 ft 9 and would have been scrunched up had the seat not been removed

Newsweek magazine says Kanye West is buying the social media platform Parler because he has been banned from Twitter and Instagram due to controversial and anti-semitic comments. He released a statement saying, "We have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves."

The USA Today newspaper says Ralph Macchio's memoir, "Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me" is out today. He says Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita, used to leave him funny messages on his phone. ''He would leave those messages, “Hey Ralphie, it's me, Unca Popzi! I love your ass, baby. What you doing?”

Ralph Macchio tells Fox News Digital that Will Smith never offered him a role in the Karate Kid remake in 2010. "Listen, he didn’t offer like, ‘I’m gonna write you a big role in this remake'. He just said, ‘Any involvement you want, we could figure it out.’ He wanted me to feel comfortable with it going forward.’ I just said, ‘You know what, I’m going to stand back, be a fan and see what you guys come up with'. I think the legacy stands on its own, and I didn’t have any great desire to fit a square peg in a round hole if you will. I just didn’t know enough about it and what they wanted to do for me to really participate. They reimagined it and made a film that turned out to be quite successful and fairly well-crafted. It did well, but only in my view, it enhanced the legacy of the original."

TMZ says eBay is removing Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costumes from their website. The company says they prohibit sales of items that glorify hate, violence and criminal activities. Scores of Dahmer eyeglasses are no longer for sale.

Hola magazine says Meryl Streep recently attended an indie rock concert in New York City. She and fellow actress Tracey Ullman jumped on stage as The Broken Social Scene performed “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl.” Meryl sang along as the crowd went wild.

People magazine says Sylvester Stallone is doing everything he can to save his marriage to Jennifer Flavin. A source tells the magazine, "Everything is being dealt with in a very mature way and it seems to work. Jen is very happy. Sly is the love of her life. She was just frustrated and needed changes. She is getting those changes now. She loves that Sly is making an effort. She feels heard and appreciated."

The Daily Mirror says Rod Stewart is helping a Ukrainian family start a new life in the UK. He is renting a home for the family of seven and paying all of their bills. He says he recently visited with the parents and their children. "I walked through the door and they all came running down the stairs, all beautifully dressed in Ukrainian national costume. It was so lovely that they all made that effort. They made me a cup of tea and we had loads of biscuits and chocolates, although the baby kept nicking all of mine. It really was wonderful."

Halloween Survey

A new survey by TopCashBack reveals that 71% of people plan to celebrate Halloween.

Favorite Halloween candy?

Reese’s (58%) Kit Kats (49%) M&M’s (44%) Snickers (42%) Twix (40%)

Least favorite Halloween candy?

Candy Corn (47%) Swedish Fish (36%) Sour Patch Kids (30%) Almond Joy (26%) Three Musketeers (18%)

Top 10 Comfort Foods … According to a new survey by Warburton's


Apple Pie

Chicken dinner

Toast with butter

Grilled Cheese

Hot chocolate

Beef dinner



Mashed Potatoes

‘Rattiest' Cities … According to a new survey by Orkin Pest Control

  1. Chicago

  2. New York

  3. Los Angeles

  4. Washington D.C.

  5. San Francisco

  6. Philadelphia

  7. Baltimore

  8. Cleveland

  9. Detroit

  10. Denver

Dear Fonseca

My son came home traumatized yesterday from nursery school. The mother of a girl in his class told him he can no longer call her his girlfriend. The two are close friends. I see nothing wrong with them calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. I called the other mother. She says she has a problem with the titles because it could lead to other things. What other things? They are in pre-school! It's cute. She says young children should not attach labels to themselves or their relationships. I disagree. What's your opinion on this? Is there anything wrong with boyfriends and girlfriends in pre-school?

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