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Fonseca Show Trending 02/01/23


- The NY Post says Gisele Bundchen is planning to do a tell-all interview with Vanity Fair. The newspaper says she will detail her divorce from Tom Brady

- The NY Post says Alec Baldwin was formally charged yesterday with involuntary manslaughter for shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the New Mexico set of their movie "Rust". Naughty Gossip say prosecutors believe Alec was on the phone during firearms training for the film.

- Distractify says Michael Jackson's son, Blanket, has changed his name to Bigi

- Batman News says the sequel to Robert Pattinson's Batman movie is going to be released on October 3rd, 2025

- Business Insider says McDonald's sales jumped by 10.9% in 2022. Their sales jumped by 12.6% in the fourth quarter because of their Adult Happy Meals and the return of the McRib


Bebe Rexha tells that she's learning the importance of self-care."I've found out how important it is to take care of yourself. In terms of my self-care routine, I’ve worked on getting more sleep, drinking more water, bike riding, and online candle shopping. I’m loving some of the new things I’ve learned about myself and my body."

Meghan Trainor tells People magazine that her second pregnancy feels like a 'real' pregnancy. "This one is like a real pregnancy. The first one was like make-believe. I had no symptoms with Riley to the point where I was like, 'We need to go to the doctor. There's nothing in me.' I got my symptoms late in my pregnancy with Riley. I got them a right away with this baby. I'm realizing now how lucky I was during that first one."

Kim Petras tells V magazine that you should focus on being yourself and not try to be someone else. "I would say there are no rules, like with everything in life. Don't pressure yourself to be like someone else. Everyone is on their own time and whatever you feel is right is right. Everyone's on their own path. Just listen to yourself and trust yourself. It's up to you if you want to share that with the world or if you want to wait."

People magazine says Ed Sheeran is returning to social media. He posted a video in which he said, "I realize I haven't been that engaged in my social media or my fan base online over the last couple of years. The reason I'm making this video is, just being totally honest, I've had some turbulent things going on in my personal life so I just didn't really feel like being online and pretending to be something I'm not, when I wasn't feeling like that. And I know that sounds weird. Weird s--- is gonna start being posted.''

Baller Alert says Latto recently placed her underwear up for sale on eBay. A Twitter troll posted a picture of her wearing the same leopard print underwear in different outfits. Latto called her the 'panty police' and then placed her underwear up for sale. Bidding reached $95,000 yesterday

Female First says Madame Tussauds Las Vegas recently unveiled a Lizzo waxwork. Lizzo saw it and posted: "Single-handedly one of the most terrifyingly meta moments of my life. Thank you @MadameTussauds''

Pop Culture magazine says Dr Phil's talk show is ending after 21 years. He will not be renewing his contract. Dr Phil says, "I have been blessed with over 25 wonderful years in daytime television. With this show, we have helped thousands of guests and millions of viewers through everything from addiction and marriage to mental wellness and raising children. This has been an incredible chapter of my life and career, but while I'm moving on from daytime, there is so much more I wish to do."

Pamela Anderson claims JFK Jr contacted her after she was in his says Pamela wrote the following passage in her new memoir, "Love Pamela". “He rang me at the shoot, apologizing for not being there. And I thought, ‘Thank God he isn’t, I’d be too nervous.’ I was embarrassingly giddy on the call, making noises I didn’t recognize — some kind of squeal? I couldn’t get off the phone fast enough. I was out of my depth in maybe my most embarrassing moment. I was too shy to call him back. He was way out of my league.”

The Daily Mail says Pamela Anderson didn't know Tommy Lee's last name when they eloped on a beach in Mexico. In her new memoir, "Love Pamela", she writes 'On the flight home, I asked him what our last name was, and he said, Lee.'

The International News says Jennifer Lopez's fans recently ripped Kim Kardashian.Jennifer took a selfie with Kim and Oprah Winfrey while at a social event.

Jennifer's fans react to Kim being in the picture ...

"You just lost my respect. Stay away from the Kardashian”

"Kardashian. Good lord. The only one with no talent at the table. Not sorry.”

"Jlo & Oprah worked hard to be where they are, can’t say the same about the other person in the picture-if the truth hurts”

Radar Online says Kelly Clarkson is moving out of her Los Angeles home because of her stalkers. She has also hired extra security. A source tells the website, “The LAPD is working hard to protect Kelly; they’re doing regular checks on the home. Plus, Kelly has hired additional security who are always patrolling the grounds.'' Another source says, “She feels unsafe with a stalker on the loose and is having sleepless nights over her children’s safety, too. She has temporarily fled the property and is staying in a secret location.”

OK! magazine says Vanilla Ice was doing an interview yesterday on the Just Jenny podcast when he revealed that Madonna proposed to him in 1992. "She even proposed to me. I mean things were going so crazy and fast man. I was just like, 'What? I thought the guy was supposed to do [that]... wait a minute this is too fast'. I was just getting started here and I'm way too young for this. It was crazy. That's what ruined things between me and her, because she put me in that book without my consent, without my knowledge, without anything.''

Dlisted says Tom Hanks and Robin Wright, aka Forrest and Jenny from ''Forrest Gump'', are reuniting for a new movie called "Here". Director Robert Zemeckis plans to use de-aging technology on the stars to make them appear younger. The film is set in a single room and follows it's inhabitants over the course of several years

Bethany Frankel was recently doing an interview with the Sugarcoating Not Included podcast when she slammed Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria. She said she was addicted to the paparazzi. "They love feeding into it. And it's usually somebody who is not that famous because this makes them feel like they're telling other people how famous they are. So it's my understanding that Hilaria has a specific nuanced condition where she loves the paparazzi, talking about it, the plight of it, and, like, reveling in it. And so, that means that any kind of press will get you that. If she and Alec are going through this terrible situation with this gun accident," they have houses where they could have more privacy outside of the city, rather than staying in the West Village where there is a lot of paparazzi. Why is she going in giant sweatshirts to coffee houses in a blowout and weird outfits.''

Dave Bautista tells Page Six that he wants to star in a rom-com. “I know I’m not your typical rom-com lead. I’m a little rough around the edges. But I always, you know, I look in the mirror and I say, I ask myself, ‘Am I that unattractive? Is there something that unappealing about me that excludes me from these parts?' I don’t know. It’s just never come my way. I’ve never had an offer to do a rom-com. I still have high hopes. I’ll just keep searching.”

New Dating Term Is Trending

Glamour magazine says a new dating term called Benching is trending. It is defined as ''you're not not interested in them but you're not wanting a full-blown relationship either—essentially, you're on the fence.''

Steph Koyfman, from the language learning platform Babbel, tells the magazine, “Benching is an updated version of ‘stringing someone along,’ and it reflects the choice paralysis of having multiple online dating prospects to juggle. Benching someone is essentially like benching a football player—they’re not your first, or maybe even second, choice, but you still want to keep them around as a backup option, so you give them just enough to keep them interested.”

Personality Profile... The Kind Of Drunk You Are Reveals Your Personality ... According to a new article by Glamour magazine

The Mary Poppins drunk .. you become friendlier and more cheerful after consuming alcohol. You tend to be more engaged and talkative while under the influence

The Mr Hyde drunk ... you are friendly when you are sober, but then can become mean when drunk

The Nutty Professor drunk ... you are shy, but then become an extrovert after several drinks.

The Average Price People Are Willing To Pay To Avoid The Following Problems….According to a new survey by Assurance IQ

Insomnia: $27,418

Allergies: $13,901

Covid-19: $13,593

Stomach-aches or cramps: $12,137

Acne or pimples: $11,219

Throwing up: $10,373

Honorable Mentions (Under $10,000):

Migraines or intense headaches: $9,324

Hangovers: $3,298

Dear Fonseca

My co-worker and I are in loveless marriages. We started having an affair three months ago. We are both planning to end our marriages. Someone at work found out about the affair after seeing us on the weekend. My lover and I have a meeting with HR tomorrow. We may get suspended for the affair. Our company has no written policy about co-worker relationships. Our affair hasn't affected our work. I don't think we should be suspended because our affair is none of our employer's business. I think our company is crossing the line. What do you think? Should we be suspended? I think we are in trouble because some of our co-workers are uncomfortable with the infidelity. Again, it is none of their business is it?

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