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Fonseca Show Trending 01/22/21


- TMZ says Dave Chappelle has tested positive for the coronavirus. He has canceled several comedy shows in Austin, Texas.

- Ace Showbiz says the U.S. government has rejected Lori Loughlin's husband's request to serve the remainder of his jail sentence at home. Mossimo is in jail for bribing college admissions officials

- The Daily Record says staffers at Mar-A-Lago are allegedly calling Donald Trump 'King' instead of Mr. Trump or Mr. President.

- is selling Joe Biden toilet paper. The three-ply rolls cost $13.95 and feature a picture of Joe along with jokes.

- Complex magazine says the Miami Heat are going to use coronavirus-detecting dogs when fans return for home games next Thursday. Around 1,500 season ticket holders are being let into the Heat arena

- Forbes Magazine says American Airlines is launching a wine club called Flagship Cellars. Passengers can now receive the same wine they drink on American planes at home. Most of the wines and champagnes cost under $40

- WYTV says Bob Evans is recalling 4,200 lbs of their pork sausage because it may contain blue rubber. The sausage was produced on December 17th, 2020 and is now in stores. Bob Evans made the recall after receiving complaints


Biden Removes Donald Trump’s Diet Coke Button: Grubstreet says Joe Biden has removed Donald Trump's Diet Coke button from the Oval Office. The red button was encased in a wooden box on Trump's desk. When Trump pressed it, a butler quickly brought a can of Diet Coke. Biden had the button and box removed.

Variety magazine says the February 5th release of Camila Cabello's Cinderella movie is being pushed back to July 16th because of the coronavirus

AJR's Ryan Met tells that their sound is a combination of many inspirations “When we first started writing together, we just wanted to emulate our favorite artists and styles. We went through our Beach Boys phase, then hip-hop, then more theatrical Broadway stuff. Everything came together five years ago when we developed a sound that is a combination of all the styles we’ve worked in the past 13 years, since the time we were kids busking in Washington Square Park. When ‘I’m Ready’ took off, we made a conscious decision to write songs about subjects that most songwriters wouldn’t think about.”

Ava Max tells Beyond The Stage magazine that her parents are her biggest source of inspiration. "I am originally European. I’m Albanian. I was born in the states, both my parents were immigrants to America and they worked super hard to get to where they’re at and they basically just taught me to never give up and they were just my soul inspiration. So to see that, it just makes me feel like ‘Wow, hard work pays off.’"

Dua Lipa tells Rolling Stone magazine that she is the same person on stage as she is behind closed doors. "I don’t have two personas, an alter ego for who goes on stage. I’ve never had that issue, figuring out, ‘I’m going to be this character today, or this is who I’m going to play, or this is the role I want to take on.’ It’s hard for me to make stories up."

Ariana Grande tells Apple Music that she tries not to work too hard during the pandemic. "It’s a great time to create because you’re stuck with your thoughts and left in your head a little bit, so I think all creatives are extra inspired right now, maybe a little bit. But yeah, I didn’t have a home set up until quite recently, and that’s been so much fun, but also so bad for my sleep schedule and my eating schedule. I have to remember that there is life outside of making stuff, and I have to leave the computer at some point. I think as far as creating goes, it feels really good. But I know that a lot of people don’t have that luxury and a lot of people whose jobs they can’t do it from home, so I feel guilty and blessed."

24kGoldn tells Billboard magazine that he is on top of the world because 'Mood' is number #1. "I mean, I feel like I'm on top of the world, bro. This is everything that I ever wanted and ever could have dreamed of when I first started making music. I didn't come in it to get the Billboards, to me... this Billboard #1 reaffirms that I already knew that I am that [guy]."

KISS rocker Gene Simmons tells Consequence of Sound that the late Alex Trebek had a potty mouth. “People only knew Trebek from television, but when the cameras weren’t rolling, the guy had a potty mouth. We traded lots of, as they used to say in the 1800s, off-color jokes. He was a funny guy and very kind and brave. I said, ‘You’re going to be putting on KISS makeup.’ [He said,] ‘Okay, let’s go.'”

BSO Entertainment says Phoenix Suns fans believe their star player, Devin Booker, is off to a slow start this season because he is dating Kendall Jenner. Fans think the team's poor play is a result of the Kardashian Curse.

Fans react ...

I’m not a superstitious guy but Devin Booker better distance himself from Kendall Jenner ASAP. The Kardashian curse seems more real after every game

Devin Booker needs to break up with Kendall Jenner, the curse is alive

I'm starting to think Kendall Jenner is affecting Devin Booker in a negative way. That explains why he hasn't been going off lately.

Devin Booker HAS to break up with Kendall IMMEDIATELY after this game or our Suns are in trouble brotha

Dark Horizons says HBO is developing a new ''Game of Thrones'' series called “Tales of Dunk and Egg.” It comes George RR Martin's fantasy novellas. The events take place 90 years prior to the events depicted in ''Game of Thrones''

Mickey magazine, citing New Idea magazine, claims Katie Holmes has allegedly been calling George Clooney for work. A source tells the news outlets “All these nonstop phone calls between Katie and George must be getting on Amal’s nerves. She’s used to women batting their eyelashes at her husband, but there’s something about Katie hovering around that she’s uncomfortable with. Emilio wants to be a star in his own right and has even styled himself on a young George Clooney. So, it must be unsettling for his girlfriend to all of a sudden be in conversation with the real thing.''

People magazine says Tiger Woods is not happy with HBO's new documentary about his life and extramarital affairs. A source tells the magazine, ''Why would he ever want to revisit this time in his life? He couldn't go anywhere without paparazzi asking him about his sex life. You couldn't turn on CNN news without hearing about a woman who Tiger had sex with. It was everywhere. So Tiger isn't really welcoming to that coming back up again.''

Kristen Bell tells People magazine that she and Dax Shepard are back in therapy."Everyone's proclivities are kind of bubbling over because we're all caged in with each other. Dax and I, when we started this pandemic, were at a point in our marriage where we definitely needed a little therapy brush-up. Every couple of years, we're like, 'We're being very antagonistic towards each other,' and we don't want that. We go back to therapy and figure out what I'm not doing that's best for you and what you're not doing that's best for me, and how we can serve this team goal better. It's been incredibly helpful."

Spider-Man star Tom Holland tells MovieWeb that he wants to do a horror movie. “I’d like to do a horror film, but I’m so terrified of it. Get Out is one of the only horror films I’ve ever really seen, and I love that film, but I can’t tell you how much sleep you stole from me. We had a joke in my house, because, obviously, being English we drink loads of tea. And you’d be stirring the tea. ‘Why are you doing it like that? Are you trying to hypnotize me? What the hell?’.”

The Daily Mail says 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski was in a secret nine-month relationship with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. A source tells the newspaper, ''It surprised many of Jane's friends because she's such an icon in the gay community, but here she is dating one of Trump's biggest business backers. I mean he was seen in the West Wing and at Trump rallies and he is probably responsible for half of the revenue of Fox News. We'd always joke that Jane had so much money, couldn't she afford her own My Pillow?''

Another source says, ''He sent flowers to her almost every week and champagne and bottles of different liquor. She said she had known him for about eight years and that they had been friends but then they started a relationship about a year ago. I don't know exactly what she saw in him but she seemed happy and thought he was a good man.''

A source tells the Daily Mail, '' Jane was impressed that Mike had turned his life around, from his recovery from crack cocaine and alcohol addiction to now being sober and worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They would fight and Jane would throw all of the gifts that he had given her away. Then they would make up and there would be more gifts again.”

Jane's representative says, “Jane has never met Mr. Lindell. She is not and has never been in any relationship with him, romantic or otherwise. She is, however, in full fledged fantasy relationships with Brad Pitt, Rege-Jean Page and Kermit the Frog and welcomes any and all coverage on those.”

Celebrity Net Worth and The Dirt say Sly Stallone may put his Beverly Hills mansion up for sale for $130 million. The 21,000 square foot mansion has an annual tax bill of $125,000. The home has eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a library, an office with Rocky memorabilia, a life-size Rocky statue, a remodeled kitchen, a putting green, a pool and a spa.

Making Love While On The Clock

A new survey by One Poll reveals that 58% of people have made love while working from home during the pandemic. 42% of couples have spiced up their love life during the pandemic

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