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Fonseca Show Trending 01/20/21

Inauguration Trending

- Raw Story says journalists will no longer be able to wear bulletproof vests, gas masks or helmets to today's inauguration. The Capitol Police don't want to mistake reporters for potential rioters.

- WGN says women are honoring Kamala Harris today as the first female Vice President by wearing pearls and Converse sneakers. She loves both.

- The Boston Globe says Nathan Apodaca, who went viral last year after posting a video of himself skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice and lip-syncing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams", is going to take part in Joe Biden's virtual inauguration parade today.

- The Daily Mail says 75 year-old Kevin Dalton works as a Joe Biden impersonator. The Brooklyn native started impersonating Biden professionally in 2018. He hopes to start cashing in on his looks.



- US Weekly Magazine says production on ''This Is Us'' has been temporarily delayed because of the coronavirus.

- TVLine says NBC has renewed the ''Saved by the Bell'' reboot for a second season.

- Deadline Hollywood says a "Willy Wonka" prequel is in the works. Tom Holland and Timothee Chalamet are both being considered for the lead role. Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp played Wonka in previous films. The movie is tentatively titled "Willy."

- Complex magazine says Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have given up on marriage counseling. The site says Kanye plans to meet with divorce lawyers this week.

- The NY Post says Donald Trump's daughter, Tiffany, has gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Michael Boulos. The couple has been dating for two years. She is 27 while he is 23. The Daily Mail says Tiffany is wearing a 13 carat engagement ring

- The Blast says a Southern California attorney has offered Melania Trump $1 million for an interview about narcissism.

- Simplemost says Disney World is selling a new grilled cheese sandwich that is made with glazed donuts instead of bread. The sandwich costs six dollars.

- Fox Business News says Netflix now has over 200 million subscribers.


Sports Trending

- Whiskey Riff says Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan will sing the National Anthem prior to this year's Super Bowl.

- The NFL has announced that Sarah Thomas is going to officiate the Super Bowl. She is the first female referee to be chosen for the Big Game. Sarah has been refereeing NFL games since 2015.

- BroBible says Tiger Woods recently underwent his fifth back surgery since 2014.He had a disk fragment removed that was pinching a nerve. Tiger is expected to make a full recovery and hopes to play in the Masters in April.


Trump Pardons: Business Insider says Donald Trump will release his full pardon list sometime this morning. Newsweek says Trump declined to grant a pardon to Tiger King star Joe Exotic. CBS says the White House released a list of 73 pardons after midnight. Joe's name was not on the list. Joe was convicted of 17 federal charges in 2019, including animal abuse and attempted murder for hire. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison and is expected to be released in 2041.

The website says Lil Wayne will be granted clemency. Wayne pled guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon.

Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, will be pardoned. His former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and lead strategist, Roger Stone, will also be pardoned. Bannon is accused of defrauding Trump supporters out of $1 million. They thought they were donating to the building of a border wall

8 Year-Old Hero To Be Featured During Inauguration: WISN says an eight-year-old Belleville, Wisconsin girl is going to be prominently featured during Joe Biden's inauguration special. Morgan Marsh-McGlone is a hero because she started a virtual lemonade stand that raised $50,000 for hungry families. She says her initial goal was $90.

Morgan's mother says, "I don't think she understands how big of a deal it is and I think that's probably good. Her New Year's resolution for 2021 was to help more people and I was like, 'I think you're going to keep that resolution'.'

Ava Max tells that her favorite music video is Britney Spears' 'Toxic'. “I liked a lot of Britney Spears videos, but this is tough. So, “Toxic.” I thought was really iconic because it was just such a great theme and it was so animated. I guess, it was just so good. Everyone’s seen “Toxic."

Dua Lipa tells Vogue magazine that she doesn't rule out returning to the runway someday as a fashion designer. "I’d love to do something fun in terms of fashion. At the moment, my focus is music, but I want to be able to branch out and do something else. I would love to start a brand at some point, even if I start off really small. I have to take it in baby steps."

Gabby Barrett tells that "American Idol" taught her how to stand out. "I’m always changing in ideas of branding myself and trying to figure out things that are different that separate me from the pack. I think that’s something that’s very important — how can I separate my songs from all the other songs? I think everyone should figure out ways to make their stuff uniquely them, so it’s recognizable. That’s something I’ve been leaning into since American Idol."

Ariana Grande tells Vogue magazine that her preferred look may seem odd.“"Oversized men's jackets as dresses, thigh boots and generally no pants. It just feels comfortable to me.”

24kGoldn tells Entertainment Weekly magazine that it takes confidence to put out music. “I always liked music, but it takes a certain level of confidence to be able to put some out and be like, “This is me as an artist, take it or leave it.” I didn't really have that confidence until I was in my sophomore year of high school. says Ben Affleck has been getting over his breakup to Ana de Armas by having Dunkin Donuts delivered to his home. A source tells People magazine, "Ben really wanted their relationship to work. Ana has a great energy. Ben was always very happy when Ana was around. She likes to stay healthy and inspired Ben to keep staying healthy too. Ana is young and adventurous. When she is not working, she wants to travel. She doesn't want to settle down in Los Angeles. Ben needs to live in L.A. since his kids do." claims Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas allegedly broke up because he would not commit to having more children. A source tells the website, “Ben is not in a place to start a new family, Both he and Ana have three jobs lined up. His family has, and will continue to be, his focus. They are in love. People who know them believe it is temporary.”

The National Enquirer claims Ellen DeGeneres is allegedly stressed because of the pandemic and her falling ratings. A source tells the magazine, ''The strain of her free-fallen’ ratings and reputation has left Ellen exploding at almost anything! Portia’s been in the line of fire more than anybody else. It’s been hell at home for Portia.“Ellen’s been sniping at her about anything and everything from her public problems to whether her dinner is hot and on time! Portia’s never seen her like this.''

Female First says Marilyn Monroe's former Los Angeles home has sold for $88 million. The home was originally put on the market in 2017 for $180 million. The 1935 mansion has nine bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a pool and fountains. Marilyn bought the home in 1961 for less than $80,000

Woman's Day magazine says Tiger Woods may try and win back his ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn. A source tells the magazine, ''Woods still loves her and he’s willing to start a family with her if that’s what she wants. Woods has his ex-wife Elin Nordegren’s blessing to date Vonn because Vonn was a great stepmom to their kids.”

n Touch Weekly Magazine claims Miley Cyrus is allegedly in a downward spiral because her latest album, "Plastic Hearts", bombed. A source tells the magazine, “Miley is furious that the record “sold only 36,000 CDs and downloads in its first six weeks. She blames her fans for not understanding her creative turn covering some iconic ’80’s hits. She’s been very down lately and lashing out. I don’t know how much more Miley can take."

New Idea magazine says Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston allegedly took a secret trip to Turks and Caicos during the holidays. A source tells the magazine, ''Jen’s loving the cloak and dagger of getting together with Brad. I guess she feels she’s shared so much of her relationships with the public over the years that now she wants to keep this delicious secret under wraps for just a little longer. Jen is anxious to make some new memories with Brad that will hopefully wipe out the old ones.’’

Household Chores That Burn The Most Calories Per Month ... According to a new survey by Wren Kitchens

1 cleaning the house ... 3,976 calories per month

2 cooking ... 2,856 calories per month

3 mopping .. 2,724 calories per month

4 washing dishes .. 1,932 calories per month

5 putting away laundry .. 1,708 calories per month

6 laundry ... 1,588 calories per month

7 ironing ... 1,360 calories per month

8 making the bed ... 1,316 calories per month

9 sweeping .. 1,304 calories per month

10 vacuuming ... 1,248 calories per month

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