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Fonseca Show 10/17/22


- WJET says the US Postal Service is planning to raise the price of stamps in 2023 from 60 cents to 63 cents. Inflation is adding $1 billion to the Postal Service's operating budget

- Thirsty for News says The Rock's tequila brand, Teramana, is worth $3.5 billion.He owns a 30% stake in the brand and sold 600, 000 bottles in 2021.

- WOAI says Mattel is honoring Tina Turner with her own Barbie doll. The doll sells for $55 and has spiked hair like Tina's and a denim outfit.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Halloween Ends,” $41.3 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $30 million to produce)

2. “Smile,” $12.4 million.

3. “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile,” $7.4 million.

4. “The Woman King,” $3.7 million.

5. “Amsterdam,” $2.9 million.

Halloween Candy Prices Are Soaring: The NY Post says candy prices are soaring ahead of Halloween. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says prices have jumped by 13% in the last month due to inflation, the cost of sugar and drought conditions. The cost of sugar alone has risen by 17% in the last month. Hershey's says the cost of Twizzlers, Reese's, Hershey's Kisses and Kit Kats are up 14%.

Single People Smell Different Than Married People: A new study by Australia's Macquarie University reveals that single people smell different than married people. Researchers had 82 women smell the body odors of six men. The women found that single men have stronger body odor than married men.

Lead researcher Mehmet Mahmut says, "Stronger body odor might help you stand out more. It might signal dominance. Testosterone is associated with mate-seeking behaviors. We know from previous research that higher testosterone is linked to stronger body odor. Potentially single men do have higher levels of testosterone. Men who are in relationships tend to have lower levels of testosterone, but we don't know when that transition occurs...There is no longitudinal research in hormone studies. It could just be a social reason. It's possible having a partner telling you, 'hey, you haven't had a shower in a day' makes you more likely to have less body odor."

Sia tells that she never wanted to be famous. "I never wanted fame. I wanted to sing and lift people's spirits. The fame was kind of a side effect. I wish I could sing and put out records and have no one know who I am."

The NY Post says Harry Styles was recently performing in Chicago when he got hit in the groin with a water bottle. He told fans, “Now that’s unfortunate.”

Jax tells Variety magazine that she always knew she would be an entertainer. "My whole purpose is to make people laugh and smile. I was in fifth or sixth grade when professionals in entertainment started taking interest in different projects I was doing. I was in a bunch of mediocre pop bands as a kid; we had a lot of heartbreak. But I always felt like I'd be doing this professionally no matter what. And I kept pushing and improving myself until my dream came true."

Post Malone tells GQ magazine that he hates leaving his daughter at home when he goes on tour. “It’s really tough not being able to see her, but she’s coming out more often now. She’s huge, she’s super tall, and she’s such a legend and I’m just happy to see her. But it is heartbreaking having to leave and not be able to be with her all the time.”

Whoopi Goldberg tells Comedy Central that she'd like Lizzo and Nicki Minaj to star with her in ''Sister Act 3''

Imagine Dragons star Dan Reynolds tells People magazine that he misses his family when they're not on tour with him. "It can be so chaotic when they're on tour with me. Running around, screaming, getting into things they shouldn't,throwing up in planes or cars. But it's so quiet when they're not here. I miss them so much when they're not around."

Marca magazine says Tom Brady recently attended a wedding alone. Patriots owner Robert Kraft married Dr Dana Blumberg. Tom did not take Gisele Bundchen, but did hang out at the wedding with Jon Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Ed Sheeran, Tommy Hilfiger and Elton John. Elton and Sheeran performed

TMZ says Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have decided to keep their new Rottweiler, Dwight. The dog reportedly started the trouble between the couple when Sylvester allegedly bought it without permission. Jennifer now likes Dwight

Female First says King Charles III won't move into Buckingham Palace until 2027 because he is renovating. Charles is spending $412 million dollars to refurbish his mother's former home. A source tells the website, “Refurbishment is very far behind schedule but the Monarch should be living at Buckingham Palace. It’s the heart of the monarchy in London, otherwise it risks becoming just a tourist attraction. We effectively have a king without a palace to live in.”

Seth Green says Bill Murray was a jerk to him when he guest-starred on Saturday Night Live as a child. Uproxx quotes him as saying, “When I was nine years old, I did a spot on Saturday Night Live when Mary Gross was one of the on-the-scene anchor people for the news, and she did a whole thing about what kids think about the Christmas holiday. He (Bill) picked me up by my ankles… Held me upside down… He dangled me over a trash can and he was like, ‘The trash goes in the trash can.’ And I was screaming, and I swung my arms, flailed wildly, full contact with his balls. He dropped me in the trash can, the trash can falls over. I was horrified. I ran away, hid under the table in my dressing room, and just cried.”

Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson tells Entertainment Tonight that Democrats and Republicans want him to run for president even though he has no plans to because he loves being a father. "I think that what has happened over the course of the past four to six weeks is I have had the most influential people on both sides of the aisle, from both parties, approach me, which has been really interesting, which has really supercharged decision-making and conversations on, 'Will you do this?' Because if the answer was 'Yes, I am going to do this for 2024,' I've got to declare in about a month and top of the year, we have to get going.''

In her new memoir, "Dying of Politeness", Geena Davis says Brad Pitt was concerned about his butt while filming a scene for ''Thelma and Louise'' in 1991. Ace Showbiz says she writes, "Brad, for his part, couldn't have cared less about all the fuss over his looks. He was just embarrassed about a tiny little pimple on his butt that the make-up gal re-covered after each take"

Katy Perry tells the Smartless podcast that she enjoys doing her Vegas residency, but has to be careful not to overeat. "It's three weeks on and then sometimes six to nine weeks off. It's really easy to become 'fat Elvis' in between. I do it in three week installments. It allows me the ability to drop my daughter off at pre-school, and then mommy goes to work and comes back home the next day. It's such a great routine. It's something that pop stars love to do and check off the box.

TMZ says a man, named DeAndre Williams, tried to break into Kim Kardashian's home on Saturday morning. He eluded her community security before her personal guards stopped him near her main gate. DeAndre fought with the guards before they subdued him and called the police. He was charged with battery and trespassing. DeAndre is allegedly infatuated with Kim

The Sun says Adam Levine has vowed to never talk about his emotional cheating scandal again. A source tells the newspaper, ''Adam made it clear he will not talk about this again publicly ever. That is the end of the matter. It was made clear to us that his priority is moving on from this - and it is the same for Behati. She feels that their priority is their family and prepping for baby number three."

Cooking Survey

A new survey by Ekrich reveals that 61% of parents aren't good cooks. Other findings:

- 62% of parents say they do the majority of the cooking in their home

- 62% of parents would give up their favorite music in order to get dinner on the table in under 10 minutes

- 55% of parents would give up their favorite TV show or movie in order to get dinner on the table in under 10 minutes

- 45% of parents would give up their favorite outfit in order to get dinner on the table in 10 minutes

- 23% of parents pack a lunch everyday for their child

Pets Dressing Up For Halloween

A new survey by Wag reveals that 59% of people are planning to take their pet trick-or-treating this year. Other findings:

- 55% of dog parents expect their pet's Halloween costume to cost more than $25 this year.

- 46% of cat parents expect their cat's Halloween costume to cost more than $25 this year.

- 11% of dogs try to eat Halloween candy.

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities … According to a new survey by ... based on residents’ charitable giving, generosity, happiness, and well-being.

1 Rochester, New York

2 Madison, Wisconsin

3 Provo, Utah

4 Oxnard, California

5 Grand Rapids, Michigan

6 Raleigh, North Carolina

7 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

8 Poughkeepsie, New York

9 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

10 Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Fonseca

My wife and I have divorced after 16 years of marriage. We are best friends and get along better now than we did during the last five years of our marriage. I have started dating again. On each first date I try out the 'McDonald's Test'. I joke about taking my date to McDonald's and then do it. If they complain, then I know they are not a keeper. If they don't complain, than they are not in it for the money and deserve a second date. My ex-wife says my thinking is all wrong. She says I shouldn't go cheap on the first date, but rather semi-expensive so I can impress. What do you think about my McDonald's Test? Should I be going cheap or expensive?

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