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Fonseca Trending 12/15/21


- WDIV says Pfizer's experimental coronavirus pill works against the Omicron variant. The drug company says the pill cuts hospitalizations and deaths by 89% when taken shortly after getting coronavirus symptoms.

- Reuters says Apple is now requiring coronavirus masks to be worn in all of their U.S. retail stores

- Chadwick Boseman's brother, Derek, tells TMZ that he hopes his brother's Black Panther character, T'Challa, gets recast because he is important to children.

- Complex magazine says a new movie about Kanye West's life, titled ''The College Dropout'', is being developed. Columbia Pictures is reportedly financing the film

- TMZ says O.J. Simpson's parole has ended in Las Vegas. He is now a free man. The Juice was on parole for a 2007 armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room.

- Mashed magazine says Costco is celebrating the holidays by selling a $36,999 bottle of whiskey. The Singleton Single Malt Scotch is 54 years-old. A sip costs $800.

- KSHB says Minsky's Pizza, in Kansas City, is selling a Crab Rangoon Pizza beginning today. The pie is topped with crab meat, cream cheese, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, fresh garlic, roasted red pepper, wonton strips, green onions and a Thai Chili drizzle. The pizza is available for a limited time

- The National Post says Blake Simms, of British Columbia, is going viral because he is selling TimBiebs crumbs on Facebook Marketplace for $100,000. The Biebs resemble Munchkins. Blake says his ad is a joke


Cops Arrest Santa For Not Wearing Coronavirus Mask: Euro Weekly News says the Pomerania, Germany police recently arrested a Santa Claus for not wearing a coronavirus mask at a Christmas market. The man was wearing a red Santa suit, a Santa hat and a large white beard when officers began to question him. They arrested him for refusing to put on a mask. Santa was dragged through the market and taken into custody.

The Internet reacts ...

“The officers responsible should be ashamed of themselves.”

“I hate to destroy your fantasy world but … This is NOT Santa Claus. This is a guy in a Santa Claus costume who does not adhere to the applicable measures, refuses to identify himself and is therefore rightly taken away by the police.”

“Germany has completely lost its mind. Germany is going stupid at an unbelievably fast pace. You just can’t make it up.

Rudolph Cleared For Takeoff: The American Veterinary Medical Association has cleared Rudolph and his reindeer for take off. Dr. Jose Arce says “After a full examination and review of their medical records, I’m pleased to say that Santa’s reindeer are healthy, in great shape and ready to fly on Christmas Eve. It’s important that we make sure the reindeer aren’t harboring any diseases that they could then potentially spread to animals in other parts of the world,” said Dr. Arce. “At the same time, making sure they’re healthy also means that they’re less likely to catch any diseases themselves on that long flight around the globe.”

The website Giant Freakin Robot says Harrison Ford is returning as Han Solo. The website claims he filmed a scene as a younger Han using a digital de-aging process. The website doesn't know if the scene was for ''The Mandalorian'' or ''The Book of Boba Fett.''

Ace Showbiz says Flavor Flav was almost killed by a boulder. He was traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when a boulder fell down a cliff and hit his car. The 62 year-old skidded to safety. His car suffered major damage. Flav told TMZ, "God is good. I came very close to death. Super grateful to be alive."

The Joe Blo movie website says Disney is rebooting the Zorro franchise with Wilmer Valderrama. Disney says, “We’re reimagining this Disney classic as a compelling period piece, set in Pueblo de Los Angeles, but told in a very modern telenovela style — with richly drawn contemporary characters and relationships set against the action, drama, suspense, and humor of the original, iconic Zorro”

Ben Affleck tells Howard Stern that he would still be boozing if he was married to Jennifer Garner. “We probably would’ve ended up at each other’s throats. I probably still would’ve been drinking. Part of why I started drinking was because I was trapped. I was like, ‘I can’t leave because of my kids, but I’m not happy, what do I do?’ And what I did was [I] drank a bottle of scotch and fell asleep on the couch, which turned out not to be the solution.”

OK! magazine claims Meghan Markle allegedly starts each day by Googling herself. A source tells the magazine, “Then she’ll check websites right until bedtime, even though she’s got alerts set up to keep track of everything people say about her. She feels like she needs to keep track of the positive and negative. Unlike Harry, who knows about to block some of this stuff out, Meghan’s ego and sensitivity know no bounds. It’s driving him up the wall.”

Chris Pratt wished his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, a happy 32nd birthday with the following post: “You are such a wonderful wife, mother, step-mother, and life partner. I simply can’t imagine how lost I’d be without you. You’re beautiful, tough as nails, reasonable, deeply thoughtful, extraordinarily smart, you’re a complete boss, eternally driven and you communicate like no other.”

WHICH TV SET HOUSES WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO LIVE IN? … According to a new survey by One Poll

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 36%

The Big Bang Theory 29%

The Brady Bunch 28%

Sex and the City 19%

Seinfeld 19%

Friends 19%

Bridgerton 17%

Golden Girls 15%

Full House 14%

New Girl 12%

Ben Affleck tells Howard Stern that he had doubts about reconciling with Jennifer Lopez. “It crossed my mind for sure. My responsibility to my children is the highest responsibility. I don’t want to do anything that is painful or destructive to them if I can help it. That being said, I know that my life affects them. Me and their mom are celebrities and that is hard. That is a cross to bear. It is an albatross already. So, I have tried to live my life in a way, and then during the divorce they printed horrible lies.”

Deco Drive says Miami's Villa Azur Restaurant is celebrating the return of ''Sex and the City'' with drinks honoring the cast members. The Carrie Bradshaw drink is called 'The Manolo Mule' because she likes Manolo Blahnik shoes. The 'Brooklyn Redhead' is inspired by Miranda and has Mezcal, Campari, sweet vermouth and chili liquor. The 'Sex and the City Cosmopolitan' is inspired by Charlotte and features Absolut Vodka, white cranberry juice and violet liqueur.

Stalking Survey

A new survey by the Coalition Against Stalkerware reveals that 30% of people believe it's okay to monitor their partner without their consent. 64% of these people would monitor their partner if they felt their partner was being unfaithful. 15% of people would require their partner to install a monitoring app if they felt they were being unfaithful

Holiday Shopping Survey

The National Retail Federation says 148 million Americans will shop on Super Saturday on December 18th. That's down 1 million from last year. Other findings:

- 52% of people have completed their holiday shopping

- 42% of people plan to purchase their last gift before Super Saturday

- 52% of people plan to buy a last minute holiday gift

TOP 20 CHRISTMAS MOVIE ICONS … According to a new survey by One Poll

  1. Ebeneezer Scrooge - A Christmas Carol

  2. Kevin McCallister - Home Alone

  3. Buddy - Elf

  4. The Grinch - How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  5. John McClane - Die Hard

  6. Ghost of Christmas Present - Scrooged

  7. Gizmo - Gremlins

  8. Jack Skellington - Nightmare Before Christmas

  9. The Conductor - Polar Express

  10. Bird Lady - Home Alone 2

  11. Susan Walker - Miracle on 34th Street

  12. Billy Mack - Love Actually

  13. Rizzo The Rat - Muppet Christmas Carol

  14. Karen - Love Actually

  15. Cousin Eddie - Christmas Vacation

  16. Wilie - Bad Santa

  17. The Octopus Kid - Love Actually

  18. The Kid - Bad Santa

  19. Luther Krank - Christmas With The Kranks

  20. Ralphie - A Christmas Story

Smart People Study

A new study published in the British Medical Journal reveals that brain surgeons and rocket scientists are NOT smarter than average people. Researchers studied hundreds of aerospace engineers and neurosurgeons before concluding that their intelligence is mostly on par with the general population. The study found that different professions correlate with individual areas of intelligence like problem solving and spacial reasoning, but NOT overall IQ.

Lead researcher Aswin Chari says, "It is not that they are better at everything — but they are better at certain things that make them good at what they do. Essentially, what we think it shows is that everyone has a range of skills. Some people are better at some things and other people are better at other things, and it is very difficult to be better in everything across the board."

Dear Fonseca

My girlfriend desperately wants me to propose to her on Christmas morning. I have a ring, but am holding off until another day. My friends and family are disappointed. They don't understand that if I give her the ring on Christmas, it's considered a gift and hers if we break up. My sister says I'm wrong for basing the proposal on things that haven't happened and money. I disagree and think marriage is part love, part business. Am I in the wrong?

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