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Fonseca Trending 12/07/21


- CBS says the city of Boston recently issued a coronavirus mask warning to Santa. It read: ''Don't forget, masks are required in all of Boston’s indoor public spaces regardless of vaccination status, even for Santa!''

- The Independent Newspaper says 68 nurses and doctors, from a hospital in Malaga, Spain, tested positive for the coronavirus after attending a holiday party.Those, who tested positive all had antigen tests or a booster shot before the party.

- A new study by the Cleveland Clinic reveals that taking Viagra can cut the risk of Alzheimer's Disease by up to 69%. Doctors man soon prescribe the medication for dementia patients.

- Blog Toronto says liquor stores are telling customers to buy their holiday booze early because of supply chain issues. They say some wines, champagne, tequila and Scotch are in short supply due to labor shortages, factory shutdowns and poor grape harvests.

- Mashed magazine says some Costco stores have run out of hot dogs. The Internet reacts: "It's official. The world is ending. Time to start living in the woods, off the grid" and "Maybe it's time to cancel membership."

- NBC says a growing number of ski resorts out west are delaying their openings because of warm weather. There is not enough snow for the resorts to open.

- Decider magazine says Sylvester Stallone is going to star in a new Paramount + series called ''Kansas City". It's about a New York City mobster, who tries to re-establish his crime family in Kansas City.

- Pop Culture magazine says Colin Farrell, who plays the Penguin in Robert Pattinson's new Batman movie, is going to play the character in a new HBO Max series. The spinoff will take place after the Batman movie is released.


Sports Trending

- Raw Story says Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit died yesterday after a workout in California. The three-year-old tested positive for a banned substance following a victory in this year's Derby. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on the horse

- Sports Illustrated says Tiger Woods may play in the PNC Championship later this month in Orlando. The tournament features majors champions and one member of their family. Tiger wants to play with his son Charlie

- Brobible says Tommy Fury has pulled out of his December 18th fight with YouTube star Jake Paul because of a mysterious illness. Jake will now fight Tyron Woodley in a rematch of their earlier bout.


101 Year-Old Pearl Harbor Survivor To Attend Remembrance Ceremony: CNN says a 101 year-old Pearl Harbor survivor will attend a remembrance ceremony today to mark the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Ike Schab was on a docked ship when the attack occurred in 1941. His daughter, Kimberlee, started a GoFundMe page to raise money for his travel expenses to and from Hawaii. She raised over $5,000. Kimberlee, her husband, and three caregivers will now escort her father to the ceremony today.

The Not So Silent Night Challenge: is holding a new contest called The Not So Silent Night Challenge. They plan to lock someone in a Chicago hotel room and then play holiday songs for 24 hours.

The website posted; ''If you “survive” 24 hours of the music mania, you will be rewarded with 25 hotel nights deposited into your Rewards Account. The challenge participant will also receive a wake-up call from holiday music legend Lance Bass to gently wake you up from all that sleep you won’t be getting, a $1,000 travel stipend, and a $500 room service credit to fuel up while you rock out. Whether you love or loathe holiday music, nominate yourself for the Not-So-Silent Night challenge below.''

Survey: ''What's the worst holiday song of all-time? What makes it so bad?" Have listeners sing the hooks of their worst holiday songs.

The Robb Report says Gucci is celebrating the holidays by selling a pair of silver handcuffs for $10,000. The handcuffs were displayed in the windows of Gucci boutiques after Maurizio Gucci was killed by his estranged wife, Patrizia Reggiani. The handcuffs are meant to be worn with one on one wrist and the other dangling. They are expected to become a hot seller because of the movie ''House of Gucci''

OK! magazine claims Lady Gaga allegedly wants to be nominated for an Oscar for her performance in ''House of Gucci''. A source tells the magazine, ''Gaga’s campaigning even harder and is so convinced she has it in the bag that she’s already preparing her acceptance speech. To be fair, there is buzz that she’s in the running, so she’s not getting these ideas out of nowhere,” the insider adds. “But her cockiness and the endless talk about her craft is starting to rub people the wrong way.”

The Globe claims George Clooney allegedly wants a third child. A source tells the magazine, “He and Amal have done some serious negotiating during the lockdown and their separate lives deal is now a thing of the past. George is bored with just acting. He’d rather focus on producing, directing, and writing and he doesn’t have to be in Hollywood to do that. He never thought he’d say it, but a third baby is really appealing to George now. He gets a kick out of these kids and they fill his life with so much joy.”

The NY Post says Scott Disick sent Khloe Kardashian a bouquet of pink flowers because her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, had a child with another woman while dating her. The roses were accompanied with a note that read; “I love you @letthelordbewithyou thank you”

The Daily Mail says the script notes for Sylvester Stallone's movie ''Rocky'' were auctioned off on Sunday for $437,500. The red notebook is filled with plot details, dialogue and character development concepts. It was only supposed to sell for $50,000. The red gloves Sly wore in ''Rocky 3'' sold for $32,000. The American flag boxing shorts that Sly wore in ''Rocky 3'' sold for $200,000.

Halle Berry tells Vanity Fair magazine that she would love to reprise her role as Storm. She played the mutant in the X-Men movies. "I would absolutely return to it, it’s a beloved character, I loved playing Storm, and people love Storm. So, I would absolutely, you know, if we could find a version that would make sense, or a storyline that would make sense, I would absolutely do that, for sure."

Law & Crime says Jussie Smollett's disorderly conduct trial continued yesterday in Chicago. He took the stand and said he did not stage the hate crime against him. Jussie says he and his two attackers met at a club where they used drugs and then kissed. He says he and one of his attackers went to a bathhouse and started hanging out together. Jussie's attackers deny having any kind of physical relationship with him

The Reno Gazette-Journal says Jeremy Renner is building a Tahoe fire station and plans to help fight fires. Jeremy has a house near Mt Rose Ski Tahoe. He says, "I'm actually building a station at the house in Tahoe because it is a hot zone for fires. I work with the fire departments up there and they are pretty awesome. They are teaching me and helping me, and I still have to get some more hours in with them. It gives me something to do.''

The Globe claims Kelly Clarkson is growing frustrated with dating. A source tells the magazine, “She hasn’t got much time on her hands with the talk show and The Voice and taking care of the kids, but she wants so much to meet someone new. The few times she’s been out, there’s been no connection at all and she’s losing hope. She’s trying to fix her attitude with meditation tapes and deep stretching before bedtime but she’s still striking out with the men. Her worst fear is she’ll wind up living a monastic life of desperation and self-pity if it doesn’t turn around soon.''

Singles Survey A new survey by reveals that 65% of singles want their partner to be vaccinated. Other findings:

- 80% of vaccinated singles want their partner to be vaccinated.

- 78% of people want their partner to be physically attractive. That's down from 90% in 2020.

- 84% of singles want someone they can trust and confide in

- 84% of singles want someone who makes them laugh

Tipping Survey

A new survey by reveals that the average person will tip their house cleaner and lead child care provider $50 this holiday season. Other findings:

- 36% of people plan to tip their landscaper

- 41% of people plan to tip teachers

- 19% of people plan to tip trash collectors

How Santa Delivers Gifts According To Children... Based on a new survey by the kids learning company Osmo

1) He uses a special key that unlocks every door in the world

2) Comes down the chimney

3) Magic

4) Teleporting

5) Walks through walls

6) Moves really fast

7) The elves help

8) Freezes time

9) Puts everyone in the world to sleep

10) Has ‘present stations’ set up in each country

11) Other Santa’s help

12) Rewinds time

13) Has a shrink ray

14) Makes chimneys bigger

15) Brings bigger gifts through the back door

WHAT ARE PEOPLE MOST STRESSED ABOUT DURING THE HOLIDAYS? … According to a new survey by the food technology company Eat Just Inc

Cooking for those with picky palettes or diets - 46%

Avoiding political talk - 43%

Trying to eat healthy - 42%

Traveling - 35%

Getting the right gift - 32%

Dear Fonseca

We have five kids in our family. Four of the children have been 'nice' this year while one has been 'naughty'. The naughty child is beginning to influence the nice children. My husband says we should give the naughty child coal for Christmas to let the other kids know that acting inappropriate and doing poorly in school is not acceptable. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Part of me loves the idea while the other half feels Mom Guilt. What do you think about my husband's idea? Good or bad? Is it cruel? Will it work?

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