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Fonseca Trending 11/29/21


- CBS says Chabad Alameda, in Alameda, California, kicked off Hanukkah last night with a seven-foot Menorah made from 3,750 Lego bricks. Last night was the first night of Hanukkah.

- A new survey by Deloitte reveals that 11% of people won't buy any holiday gifts this year.

- A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that the average person will spend $997 on holiday gifts, decor and food. That's down from $1,050 before the pandemic.

- Deadline Hollywood says 21.7 million people watched NBC's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. That's almost the same as last year

- The Concord Monitor says a Salvation Army bell-ringer shortage is occurring in certain parts of the country. Some Salvation Army chapters are using school groups, church groups, rotary groups and volunteers to ring bells.

- A new survey by Censuswide reveals that 27% of people, who purchased a puppy during the pandemic, no longer want a child.

- MovieWeb says Reese Witherspoon is going to reprise her role as Elle Woods in ''Legally Blonde 3''. The movie will follow her as a parent. The film is expected to be released in May of 2022.

- People magazine says Jillian Michaels has gotten engaged to her partner, DeShanna Marie Minuto. She posted, "This woman has revealed herself to be strong beyond measure, wise beyond her years, and loving beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful to officially call her mine.''

- People magazine says Ty Pennington has married his girlfriend Kelly Merrell.The two got hitched at their 19th century home in Savannah, Georgia. Only eight people attended the ceremony. The couple have known each other for a decade.

- BSO Entertainment says a brawl broke out in the stands during the Edmonton Oilers-Vegas Golden Knights game on Saturday night. One woman removed her prosthetic leg before hitting a man with it.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. "Encanto," $27 million.

2. “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” $24.5 million.

3. “House of Gucci,” $14.2 million (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $75 million to produce)

4. “Eternals,” $2.5 million.

5. “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City,” $5.3 million.

6. “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” $4.9 million.

7. “King Richard,” $3.3 million.

8. “Dune," $2.2 million.

9. “No Time to Die,” $1.8 million.

10. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” $1.6 million.


Customer Leaves $2,000 Tip On $5 Bill: Employees at the Omaha Bakery, in Bellevue, Nebraska, recently received a $2,000 tip. A customer ordered two turnovers. Their bill came to five dollars before they left the massive tip. The customer knew staffers were struggling because of the coronavirus so he wanted to do something nice for them.

Dad Tosses Xmas Gifts Into Fireplace: The Daily Mirror says a Tik-Tok member, named Dad Benny, is going viral because of the way he gets his children to behave during the holiday season. He posted a video of himself tossing Christmas gifts into his fireplace. Dad Benny wrote: "Christmas is coming, and here is a sure fire way to ensure your little darlings behaving proper. With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents. Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend they have presents. Then each time one of those little f****** misbehaves, chuck one on to the fire."

The Internet reacts..

"How to cause trauma to children."

"If you need to do this to get your kids to behave, then the issue is not with the kids."

"Ah yes, let's start the childhood trauma early and make them hate Christmas."

"This is hilarious."

"My dad did this, we started to behave after this."

Top 5 Movies People Want To See Over The Holidays .… According to a new survey by Marcus Theaters

1 “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

2 “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”

3 “The Matrix: Resurrections”

4 “The King’s Man”

5 “Sing 2”

Partner Survey

A new survey by Advanced Dermatology reveals that 79% of people wish their partner would lose weight. Other findings:

- 63% of people say their partner's looks have gotten worse since the start of the pandemic

- the average person wishes their partner would lose 22 lbs

- 55% of people have been embarrassed by their partner's looks

- 69% of people wish their partner would groom themselves differently

- 41% of people wish their partner would choose a different hairstyle

- 27% of women wish their partner had less chest and back hair

Holiday Gift Survey

A new survey by Vistaprint reveals that the average person takes 14 seconds to decide whether to keep or return a holiday gift. Other findings:

- 60% of people have returned or re-gifted holiday gifts

- 19% of people have openly voiced their displeasure about an unwanted holiday gift

- 69% of people have pretended to like a holiday gift

- 43% of people love personalized holiday gifts

Holiday Gift Survey #2

A new survey by Spin Master reveals that 75% of parents think holiday shopping is harder than an Olympic sport. Other findings:

- 76% of parents say finding the perfect gift is one of the most stressful parts of the holidays.

- 84% of parents feel guilty if their child does not like their holiday gifts

Top 5 Holiday Movies People Will Watch This Year ... According to a new survey by North Star Inbound

1 “Home Alone”

2 “The Grinch” (2018)

3 “Elf”

4 “Edward Scissorhands”

5 “Happiest Season.”

Dear Fonseca

I went holiday shopping over the weekend. Yesterday, my sister-in-law caught me placing some of my inexpensive purchases in gift boxes from expensive stores. She gave me a funny look and then left the room. She later returned and said what I was doing is wrong. Is it? Is it wrong if I tell a little, white lie to my family? I was told 'it's the thought that counts.'

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