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Fonseca Trending 11/19/20

Coronavirus Trending

- ABC says White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci has received the William Randolph Hearst Award from San Jose State University. The award honors the most trusted voice in America

- The Daily Mail says a new study by UCLA reveals that smoking causes three times as many cells to be infected by the coronavirus. Researchers also found that smoking inhibits the body from fighting the virus

- WLKY says Carnival has canceled all of their cruises through January because of the coronavirus

- Business Insider says Delta Airlines won't sell middle seats on flights until at least March because of the coronavirus. They are trying to social distance

- A new survey by You Gov reveals that 43% of gamers say they've been gaming more since the pandemic started.



- MarketWatch says ''Wonder Woman 1984'' is going to debut on HBO Max and in theaters on Christmas Day.

- We Got This Covered says The Rock has had talks with Marvel about joining the cast of ''Deadpool 3.'' No word on what his role will be

- A V Club says rapper and Dancing with the Stars frontrunner Nelly is going to play Chuck Berry in a new Buddy Holly movie called ''Clear Lake.'' The film's title is a reference to the location where Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper died.

- The Blast says Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey has officially divorced Clark Gregg. She gets to keep all of the money she made from Dirty Dancing and Dirty Dancing 2 as well as her Audi, her dog and proceeds from her book.

- Deadline Hollywood says ABC is developing a new TV series based on Whitney Houston's 1995 film ''Waiting to Exhale.''

- A petition calling for LeVar Burton to be the next host of ''Jeopardy'' has over 80,000 signatures

Justin Bieber tells Billboard magazine how he knew Hailey Baldwin was the one. “I just seen her across the room. She was holding a baby. I'd just seen the nurturing look in her eyes toward this baby. I was like, 'I want the mother of my children to look at a baby the way that she was,' and the way she was carrying it. I just seen something so special. I just was like, 'I want that.' I knew that she could offer that to me.”

Cyndi Lauper tells Billboard magazine that Billie Eilish and Lizzo are her favorite artists. "I think Billie very emotional. I think her voice is stunning because of how emotional it is. I mean, my favorite new acts are Billie and Lizzo. So those are my favorite gals right now."

The Weekend tells Variety magazine that music saved his life. "It was tough growing up where I was from. I got into a lot of trouble, got kicked out of school, moved to different schools and finally dropped out. I really thought film was gonna be my way out, but I couldn’t really make a movie to feel better, you know? Music was very direct therapy; it was immediate and people liked it. It definitely saved my life.”"

Complex magazine says Joe Exotic's legal team believes Donald Trump is going to pardon Joe. Joe's representative, Eric Love, tells TMZ, "Today we received information and multiple phone calls from Washington D.C. on the pardon of Joe Exotic. We feel that it is going to happen. We hope very, very soon."

President Trump May Pardon Joe Exotic ... Whe
Download MP3 • 429KB

Edinburgh Live says the Edinburgh Airport has rejected a petition calling for them to rename the airport after Sean Connery. A spokesperson says, “If we ever consider renaming the airport, then we would have a wealth of famous and historic Scots to consider, and Sean Connery would absolutely be one of those names. There are no current plans to do so.” says Kanye West is already planning to run for president in 2024. A source tells the website, “Kanye will be involved in the election in 2024, he wants to be all over it. He thinks that Kim would be an amazing first lady and now that they have four years to figure it out, Kanye is going to make sure he is ready for the run. He is taking it seriously even if others think it is a joke. It is his next dream to become a reality. He is going full force into all of that and will be figuring it out the next few years.”

Michael J.Fox tells the Los Angeles Times that he is retiring from acting again due to his declining health. “There is a time for everything, and my time of putting in a twelve-hour workday, and memorizing seven pages of dialogue, is best behind me...At least for now ... I enter a second retirement. That could change, because everything changes. But if this is the end of my acting career, so be it.”

Fox News says a Kevin Costner museum is going to open in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The museum plans to exhibit props from some of Kevin's biggest hits. His Mustang from Bull Durham and some of Whitney Houston's gowns from "The Bodyguard" are going to be shown

NBC says Apple TV+ has reached an agreement to show ''A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'' (November 22nd) and ''A Charlie Brown Christmas'' (December 13th) on PBS. Apple now owns the rights to the Charlie Brown specials and only streamed "The Great Pumpkin'' on their service. This angered people, who had become accustomed to watching the specials on free TV.

Top 10 Celebrity Style Icons … According to a new survey of 2000 people by FarFetch

  1. Jennifer Lopez

  2. Jennifer Aniston

  3. Rihanna

  4. Kim Kardashian

  5. John Legend

  6. Brad Pitt

  7. Kylie Jenner

  8. Ariana Grande

  9. Michael B Jordan

  10. Sarah Jessica Parker

Top 15 Worst Secret Santa Gifts …. According to a new survey by The Body Shop

1 Novelty

2 Beauty

3 Toys & Games

4 Food

5 Home Accessories

6 Stationary

7 Books

8 Chocolate

9 Nothing

10 A Mug

11 Accessories

12 Alcohol

13 Socks

14 Toiletries

15 Adult Themed

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