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Fonseca Trending 11/18/21


- CBS says Moderna has asked the FDA to approve its coronavirus vaccine booster shot for all U.S.adults 18 and older

- Newser says the U.S. may boycott the Beijing Olympics in February because of human rights abuses in China. The website says President Biden's advisors are telling him not to send athletes to China.

- Footwear News says Lady Gaga wore eight-inch high heels and a Giorgio Armani bustier to the New York premiere of ''House of Gucci''. She wore a similar pair of platform shoes to a previous premiere.

- Pop Culture magazine says NASCAR star Kyle Busch and his wife, Samantha, are expecting a baby girl in May of 2022

- The Las Vegas Review-Journal says one of Elvis's teeth is being auctioned off. Elvis's dentist gave the crown to his ex-girlfriend, Linda Thompson. A private collector bought the tooth in 1996 and is now selling it. Bidding starts at $2,500


Best Places To Shop On Black Friday … According to a new survey by Wallethub based on average discount

1 Macy's (58.51%) 2 JC Penney (57.63%) 3 Belk (56.69%) 4 Kohl's (49.32%) 5 Office Depot and OfficeMax (42.85%) 6 Lenovo (40.29%) 7 Nordstrom (33.21%) 8 Walmart (31.60%) 9 HP (31.34%) 10 Big Lots (29.19%)

The Daily Mail newspaper says Pink is recovering from hip surgery. She posted a picture of herself along with the caption; ''Hey world! This is what nine hours of sleep and cuddles from my kiddos looks like 7 days post hip surgery!! It was a brutal first week full of tears and pain med depression, ulcers from meds and constant fevers, but [Hart] brought me through. He brought me coffee in the shower, lugged around my 100 pound CPM contraptions every where I went, dried my tears, cooked me oatmeal, kept track of my meds, got me my phone charger, plugged in my compression machines, took my temp, made the bed, and talked me off the ledge.''

The Daily Mirror says Jason Momoa attended a "House of Gucci" premiere party in London. He ripped off his shirt and started dancing as soon as the DJ played AC/DC's ''Back in Black''. Jason is in London filming the Aquaman sequel.

TMZ says Pete Davidson recently celebrated his birthday with the Kardashians and Flavor Flav. Kris Jenner hosted a bash at her Palm Springs, California home. Flavor Flav let Pete wear his signature clock necklace. He posted; "Pete I never took a clock off my neck to give to someone and you will be the last person I do this for ... it lookz real good on you ... happy birthday."

Pete and Kim wore matching pajamas for their picture

OK! magazine claims Kim Kardashian is quickly falling in love with Pete Davidson. A source tells the magazine, “They have a strong connection. Kim’s going with the flow, but she’s excited about what it could bring. She needed lightness and laughter, which Pete offers in abundance. She’s having a blast and telling people he’s like a breath of fresh air. He has her in stitches but also has an intellectual, deep side. She’s starting to see what all the fuss is about. Pete is not Kim’s usual type, but she gets butterflies around him. And that’s more than she can say for other guys.”

The Daily Mirror says Kourtney Kardashian gifted Travis Barker with a $205,000 vintage Buick GNX for his 46th birthday. The car is black. Travis posted; "When your dream girl gets you your dream car @kourtneykardash"

Jennifer Lawrence tells Vanity Fair magazine that she often inhaled the fake nose ring her character, Kate, wears in her new movie "Don't Look Up". “We kinda decided that Kate is the type to be fierce and ‘notice me, hear me roar, rat-tat-tat’ kind of lady. And the nose rings…one just kind of hangs in; one is a magnet. And many, many times I accidentally inhaled said magnet and had to spit it out in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Zendaya tells GQ magazine that she and Tom Holland are in love. "The equal sentiment [we both share] is just that when you really love and care about somebody, some moments or things, you wish were your own. I think loving someone is a sacred thing and a special thing and something that you want to deal with and go through and experience and enjoy amongst the two people that love each other."

The NY Post claims Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly used his cat to comment on the drama between him and his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The former couple is back in the headlines because Taylor released a 10-minute version of "All Too Well," which is rumored to be about Jake. The cat, who is named "Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin," has her own Instagram account. She posted, "MEOUCH – y'all need to clam down and stop cyber bullying."

Jake has never confirmed that Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin's Instagram account belongs to him.

A second Simpsons movie is in the works. Simpsons producer Al Jean tells, "We’re cursed by high ratings. We’re still on the air as a TV show and that takes up a lot of time. I worked on the [first] movie simultaneous to the show, and it nearly killed the animators. But we have an idea, it’s just that we’re waiting to see what the environment is. Do we want to do it as a streamer? In theatres? Animation has been the slowest to come back to theatres. But now that [ages] five and up are getting vaccinated [in America], the business might resume. We’re in a wait-and-see mode. But there’s definitely the germ of something there."

Mashable says a Barbie sports car is on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car has a glittery silver paint job, gold star headlights and custom pink wheels. The convertible has a license plate that reads 'Barbie'. Walmart is selling a toy replica of the car. Mattel has no plans to turn the car into an actual vehicle

Holiday Gift Survey A new survey by Hasbro reveals that 50% of children have been left disappointed by a holiday present. Other findings:

- Grandparents, aunts and uncles buy children the most disappointing gifts. - 31% of parents say their children pester them into buying a gift

Secret Santa Survey

A new survey by Instantprint reveals that 8% of office workers toss their Secret Santa gift in the trash. Other findings:

- 31% of people dislike the Secret Santa tradition at work

- 35% of people like the Secret Santa tradition

- 13% of people say exchanging gifts with co-workers makes them anxious

- Most desired Secret Santa gifts ... Chocolate and sweets followed by alcohol, candles, food related items and gift cards

- Least desired Secret Santa gifts ... framed pics of colleagues, rude or adult themed gifts, soft toys and clothing.

Holiday Survey

A new survey by NC Solutions reveals that 47% of people say holiday food advertising puts them in a festive mood. Other findings:

- 66% of people say turkey is their favorite holiday food.

- 66% of people say mashed potatoes is their favorite holiday food

- 61% of people say stuffing is their favorite Thanksgiving food

Holiday Wrapping Survey A new survey by Slickdeals reveals that the average person plans to spend more than $250 on holiday gifts this year. Other findings:

- 52% of people say wrapping holiday gifts is the worst part of the holiday season.

- 50% of people go out of their way to buy easy to wrap gifts.

- 59% of people can tell what something is, and who it's from, based on how it's been wrapped.

- Hardest gifts to wrap include .... bicycles (55%), gym equipment (46%), sporting balls (45%), guitars (45%) and candles (22%).

THE MOST ANTICIPATED GIFTS OF 2021 … According to a new survey by Slickdeals

  1. New smartphones, laptops, TVs 43%

  2. Experiential gifts 42%

  3. Popular toys from the year 38%

  4. Video game consoles 36%

  5. Clothing 32%

  6. Board games 31%

  7. Kitchen appliances 28%

  8. Furniture 26%

  9. Fitness equipment 22%

  10. Self-care products 19%

AMERICA’S TOP THANKSGIVING SIDES … According to a new survey by Fresh Market

  • Mashed potatoes (46%)

  • Stuffing (43%)

  • Sweet potatoes (39%)

  • Cranberry sauce (37%)

  • Mac and cheese (36%)

  • Green bean casserole (35%)

  • Candied yams (33%)

  • Cornbread (32%)

  • Baked potato (31%)

  • Corn on the cob (30%)

  • Brussels sprouts (29%)

  • Butternut squash (29%)

  • Collard greens (29%)

  • Peas (28%)

Dear Fonseca

Some parents at my daughter's elementary school are trashing me online because I have been posting pictures of myself in my new bathing suits and my new workout wear. I've gotten in great shape and am looking forward to going to the Bahamas during my daughter's Winter break. The other parents say I shouldn't be wearing clothing that is so revealing because it does not reflect well on me or my daughter. One woman even called me a TRAMP. I disagree with what everybody is saying. I think posting pictures like this shows nothing, but confidence. I want my daughter to be confident and feel that showing off your body is a positive, not a negative. I have to be honest, the other parents are in my head. Who's right ... me or them? Is it wrong that I am posting pictures wearing hardly any clothing?

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