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Fonseca Trending 11/09/21


- The NY Post says two hyenas at the Denver Zoo have tested positive for the Coronavirus. The hyenas were tested because they had runny noses, were coughing and were acting lethargic. They are expected to make a full recovery

- CBS says four astronauts flew back to Earth yesterday on the Space X Capsule.The International Space Station astronauts wore adult diapers because the capsule's toilet broke. The astronauts were in diapers for eight hours.

- The Verge says over 700 people have purchased tickets to fly on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic rocket. The tickets cost $450,000. That's $200,000 more than when they originally went on sale several years ago.

- Newsweek magazine says a rare cotton candy lobster was recently caught off the coast of Maine. The lobster has a blue shell and has been nicknamed Haddie. The odds of catching a cotton candy lobster are 1 in 100 million. The fisherman, who caught Haddie are trying to get an aquarium to adopt her.

- The Daily Hive says the Vancouver Aquarium is celebrating the holidays with Scuba Claus. A diver in a Santa suit will be diving on a daily basis with aquatic life.

- Nation's Restaurant News says KFC is selling a limited edition "Finger Lickin' Chicken Mitten Bucket Hugger". The hugger is an ugly Christmas sweater for a KFC chicken bucket. Fans can get the hugger by ordering food through the KFC app or online

- My News LA says Kenan Thompson is going to host the People's Choice Awards on December 7th


Woman Celebrates Xmas Year-Round: Glasgow Live says Lindsey Sutton, of Scotland, celebrates Christmas on a daily basis. The 39 year-old spends $3,000 a year buying new Christmas decorations for her home. She says, "When the children came for trick or treat I gave them sweets and wished them Merry Christmas. Everyone calls me the crazy Christmas lady. My children used to love it, but now they say it is too much. One of my children's birthdays is on Halloween, and they would have liked some Halloween decorations. It can be August outside but I will still be watching my favourite Christmas films. My favorite is Santa Claus The Movie - I watch it, finish and rewind. I know that some people have obsessions with shopping and all sorts - mine is definitely Christmas."

Sutton's home has five Christmas trees and an inflatable Santa.

Walmart Using Driverless Delivery Trucks: CNBC says Walmart is testing fully driverless trucks. Since August, two trucks have been driving on a daily, seven-mile loop. The trucks have not had any issues. Grocery stores will be able to save 30% on their delivery costs by using driverless trucks.

The Daily Mail says Tina Turner is suing a Tina Turner tribute act because Coco Fletcher looks exactly like her. Tina says the resemblance is so similar that fans may confuse Coco for her. Coco is in her thirties while Tina is 81.

The National Enquirer claims Robert De Niro's ex-wife, Grace Hightower, is allegedly considering writing a tell-all book about their marriage. A source tells the magazine, “Grace plans to find new ways to make Robert’s life miserable. She’d love to paint a humiliating picture of his shortcomings as a husband, father, and even as a lover. She’s let him know about the book, and she’s counting on using it as leverage to loosen his purse strings. Grace knows Rob is a very private person. and the last thing he wants to see is her trotting his personal secrets on the talk-show circuit.''

OK! magazine claims Jennifer Lopez allegedly wants Ben Affleck to get up at 5 a.m. and exercise with her. A source tells the magazine, ''He can only get up early if it’s to send his kids to school. Ben refuses to be dragged to the gym, and Jen’s going to have a hell of a time getting him to change that.”

OK! magazine says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are having a hard time when they are filming in two different locations. A source tells the magazine, “Several times, Jennifer flew to Austin for only a few hours before she had to return to filming in Vancouver. It’s difficult for them to be apart. They are incredibly happy when they are together. The hectic schedule may even be making the couple more obsessed with each other. It’s like the distance has made them appreciate their relationship even more. Jennifer keeps gushing about how amazing Ben is. He makes her very happy.”

Emilio Estevez tells Deadline Hollywood that his departure from the Disney+ series ''Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" is due to a contract dispute and not a coronavirus dispute. Emilio says he contracted the coronavirus in 2020 and then battled Long Haul symptoms. He posted; ''My exit from the show was due to a myriad of creative differences – any other narrative is false. To the fans of the franchise – I am as disappointed as you are. To my “Ducks” cast and crew – have a wonderful Season 2 on the show and please know that I will miss you all. It was an honor and a thrill to be able to return as the iconic and beloved character, Gordon Bombay, a character which has been a celebrated benchmark in my 40 year career. And I thank the studio and the producers for creating an opportunity to allow me to visit him again.''

Deadline Hollywood says Alec Baldwin wants police officers on movie sets to monitor weapons safety. He posted; “Every film/TV set that uses guns, fake or otherwise, should have a police office on set, hired by the production, to specifically monitor weapons safety.” Alec accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of their movie "Rust".

Reel 360 says Turner Classic Movies is doing a virtual table read of ''It's a Wonderful Life''. Jason Sudeikis, George Wendt, Mark Hamill, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ed Harris, Rosario Dawson and others will do the table read on Sunday, December 5th. Tom Bergeron is hosting the event

Woman's Day magazine says Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may have another child during his Hollywood hiatus. A source tells the magazine, “Between movies and his businesses, he has no time for her and the kids, Blake is craving a normal life and she told him something has to go. Blake couldn’t be happier. She’s looking forward to domestic bliss and family dinners every night. She’s even hoping they’ll try for another child while he’s on this hiatus.”

The NY Post says Tiger King star Carole Baskin has joined a secret support group for traumatized celebrities. They quote her as saying, “Somebody reached out to me and said, ‘I have this group of celebrities and we meet, or before COVID, we would meet…’ I forget what day it was [that they met each week], but they would meet once a week and they’d all get together and they’d talk about what it was like to live their lives. And I can see why now, why celebrities run around in dark glasses and scarves and ducking like they’re running from the law from one place to another because it’s just… it’s overwhelming to just be constantly surrounded by people.”


Pet Survey

A new survey by One Poll reveals that 22% of people share their dinner with their pets. Other findings:

- 5% of people bathe with their pets

- 97% of people let their pet lick or kiss their face

- 42% of people say their pet rules the house

- 40% of people say their lives have become less hygienic since getting a cat or dog

Xmas Shopping Survey A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that the average person will spend $998 on Christmas.

Breakdown ...

$648 in gifts for family, friends and co-workers.

$231 for items such as food, decorations and cards.

$118 for other non-gift purchases.

The average person will purchase 15 gift cards for family and friends

Regrettable Purchases

A new survey by Aviva reveals that 10% of people have purchased something during the pandemic that they now regret. Other findings:

Most regrettable purchases during the pandemic ...

Gaming equipment


home gyms




musical instruments

kitchen appliances

outdoor furniture

pizza ovens

hot tubs

Exercise Survey

A new survey by Massage Envy reveals that 40% of people feel out of shape. Other findings:

- 60% of people are reluctant to exercise.

- 50% of people says exercising is a lot of work

- 47% of people dread post-workout aches and pains



Legs/feet (50%)

Back (50%)

Shoulders (36%)

Neck (34%)

Arms/hands (28%)

Hips/groin (23%)

Stomach/abs (21%)

Glutes (11%)

Side Of The Bed Study

A new survey by OnePoll and Slumber Cloud reveals that there is a link between people's personalities and the side of the bed that they sleep on. Other findings:

- people, who sleep on the left side of the bed, consider themselves "left-brained"

- people, who sleep on the right side of the bed, consider themselves "right-brained"

- people, who sleep on the left side of the bed, prefer oldies music and drama films

- people, who sleep on the right side of the bed, prefer rock music and action films

- 40% of people stick to their preferred side of the bed because it is easier to get out of bed on that side

- 31% of people sleep on a particular side of the bed because their partner prefers the other side

- 31% of people sleep on the side of the bed with the best access to their nightstand

- 25% of people sleep on the side of the bed with the best view of the TV

- 18% of people prefer sleeping against a wall

Dear Fonseca,

I met a guy online about a month ago. We went out once and then he ghosted me. On Sunday, he started texting me again and admitted he had been dating another woman until recently. When they broke up, he contacted me. My friend says I should ghost him and block his number. My sister says that I should date him because he has realized I am better than the other woman. She thinks he will treat me like a queen. Who is right... my friend or my sister? Should I give him a second chance? Am I the 'backup plan'?

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