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Fonseca Trending 11/09/20


- The Print magazine says Americans lost 138 million hours of sleep on Election night. The average American lost 30 minutes of sleep last Tuesday.

- Raw Story says Donald Trump plans to publish obituaries of people he says voted even though they were dead. Trump may also hold campaign-style rallies to garner support for recounts.

- We Got This Covered says Shia LaBeouf and Marvel are talking about him joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No word on what superhero or villain Shia would play.


Biden Wins Election: Joe Biden won the Presidential election on Saturday as people danced in the streets in Philadelphia. CNN had Joe winning the presidency with an Electoral College vote of 279-214. Fox had Joe winning 290-214. New Yorkers celebrated his victory by singing "I Will Survive" in Times Square. An unidentified Florida man celebrated Joe's win by running down his street in his underwear while holding a Biden-Harris flag. Joe Tweeted: '' America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country...I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.” 

Business Insider says Joe's wife, Jill, plans to continue teaching English once he takes office. WGN says Joe's dog, Major, will become the first rescue dog in the White House.

The NY Post says the Washington Nationals have asked Joe Biden to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day. They tweeted: “We look forward to hosting President-elect Biden on Opening Day of the 2021 season. We’re excited to continue the long-standing tradition of sitting Presidents throwing out the first pitch at the home of the national pastime in our nation’s capital.”

Donald Trump's campaign is planning to file several lawsuits to contest the election. They claim many ballots were illegally counted after the polls closed. Donald Tweeted:  'I WON THIS ELECTION BY A LOT!'. says Donald was golfing when it was announced that Joe had won the election. A Republican source tells the Daily Mail, ''He has no concession speech ready and no intention of recognizing Joe Biden’s presidency.''

Custom Production Piece ... 2020 Election Vic
Download MP3 • 1.20MB

The Sun says Adele has returned to London to work on new music.A source tells the newspaper,  "Adele wants to lay low while she’s here, which is easy with shades and a face mask. People don’t recognize her like they used to anyway. She’s not been able to release new music yet and she’s totally focused on that and getting each track just right. She still has a network of people she works with and links up with when she is over here." 

Metalhead Zone says Adam Levine made fun of the Presidential election with the following post:

“Joe Biden – 264

Donald Trump – 214

Blink – 182.”

Ariana Grande tells Time magazine that she has a 'potty mouth.'"I absolutely do. I’m Italian! I don’t know why people are so shocked by me. I think that people have a misrepresentation of me as a person because I’m friendly and I like to meet people and I like to talk to people and make people laugh. Sometimes people can confuse my niceness for weakness in a way — or ditziness or stupidity. But it doesn’t go hand-in-hand in that way."

Justin Bieber tells Rolling Stone magazine that he learned how to play the drums in church."I started playing at church. We didn’t have a lot of money, so people brought over instruments from church, and those would be my toys. Eventually, my mom bought me a drum kit and I took a few lessons."

Celebs React To Alex Trebek's Death

Ken Jennings: ‘’Alex wasn’t just the best ever at what he did. He was also a lovely and deeply decent man, and I’m grateful for every minute I got to spend with him.’’

John Legend: ''I was obsessed with Jeopardy as a nerdy kid growing up in Ohio. I’ve loved and revered Alex Trebek since I can remember. What an iconic career. RIP Alex Trebek.''

James Holzhauer: It was one of the great privileges of my life to spend time with this courageous man while he fought the battle of his life. You will never be replaced in our hearts, Alex.

Ryan Reynolds: Alex Trebek was kind enough to film a cameo for our film Free Guy last year despite his battle. He was gracious and funny. In addition to being curious, stalwart, generous, reassuring and of course, Canadian. We love you, Alex. And always will.

Justin Trudeau: We have lost an icon. Almost every night for more than three decades, Alex Trebek entertained and educated millions around the world, instilling in so many of us a love for trivia. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and all who are mourning this tremendous loss.

Jamie Lee Curtis: ""The answer is..... THANK YOU! Alex Trebek. You were grace and guts and humor and deep love.''

William Shatner: '' Very sorry to hear the news about Alex Trebek. Condolences to his family.''

Pat Sajak: ''Alex Trebek’s courage, grace and strength inspired millions and awed those of us who knew him. A tremendous loss for his family, friends, co-workers and countless viewers. I was honored to be a friend and a part of his professional family for all these years. A very sad day.''

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I have loved @jeopardy since I was child. I don’t believe in regrets- but if I had to pick one- it would be never having done #celebrityjeopardy with the incomparable #alextrebek . Alex you taught me a love of trivia, that has passed down to my children. You made being smart, cool. My kids don’t often think I am cool (or my husband for that matter) but every time we were a question on your show, our status went up with them. You will be missed, but your mark on tv is forever

Jimmy Kimmel: "Couldn't we have one nice weekend? A kind gentleman whose excellence was so consistent, it was easy to take for granted. Rest well, Mr. Trebek."

Jason Alexander: ''He was a sweet, smart and graceful gentleman always and will be missed as he rests in gentle peace. Who is Alex Trebek?''

Woman Spends $200,000 To Look Like Barbie:The Daily Mail says Australia nurse Tara Jayne spent $200,000 on cosmetic surgery to become a real-life Barbie doll. She's had several breast enlargement surgeries, nose jobs, Botox sessions and lip fillers. She says the surgeries have boosted her self-esteem even though she now has gigantic lips and cartoon-like features 

LEAST FAVORITE ASPECTS OF HOLIDAY DINNERS … According to a new survey of 2,000 people by LG Electronics 

Washing so many dishes 47%

Cleaning the whole home 44%

Prepping the food 36%

Cleaning up the dinner table 34%

Shopping for the food 31%

Waiting for things to be ready 30%

Too much noise 26%

Waking up early 25%

Catering to difficult family members 25%

Being in “host” mode  17%

Planning early meal in advance  17%

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