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Fonseca Trending 11/04/21


- Business Insider says retailers are sending 12 times more Black Friday ads this year than they did last year. Many stores are kicking off their Black Friday sales early because of supply chain issues.

- Inside Edition says Oreo cookie prices are expected to rise by as much as 7% next year. The price increase is due to supply chain issues

- Collider magazine says a new cereal, based on the horror movie "Scream", will hit store shelves in January 2022. The red cereal has crispy marshmallow clusters.

- The JoBlo movie website says the new Marvel movie, "Eternals", is expected to earn $75 million during its opening weekend in North America

- Deadline Hollywood says ''Wonder Woman'' star Gal Gadot is going to play the Evil Queen in Disney's live-action remake of ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.''

- CNBC says the rights to Alvin and the Chipmunks are up for sale for $300 million. The Chipmunks movies have made $1.4 billion at the box office

- Decider magazine says Jerry Springer, Michael Rapaport and Bill Bellamy will guest host the Wendy Williams Show while she remains out due to Graves disease.

- Fox TV is bringing back the reality TV show ''Joe Millionaire''. Entertainment Tonight says the show will have two single male contestants. Women will have to decide which one is the real millionaire and which one is not. The show debuts in January

- The Daily Mail says Conor McGregor and Johnny Depp recently partied together at a bar in Rome. They drank whiskey and took selfies

- KTVX says paleontologists recently found a 290 million year-old skeleton in Utah's Canyons National Park. The skeleton is going to be cleaned and scanned for further research. It looks like a small lizard


Aaron Rodgers Has The Coronavirus: WFRV says Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for the coronavirus so his back-up, Jordan Love, will start Sunday's game in Kansas City. The website says Rodgers is unvaccinated. Rodgers considered himself immunized because he used a vaccine alternative, which the NFL did not recognize. He received a homeopathic treatment from his doctor to raise his antibody levels.

Elite Daily says Chicago's Deer Path Inn has a Home Alone-inspired suite for the holidays. The Cornwall Suite is stocked with candy and popcorn like Kevin McCallister's house in the movie. Local pizza is also delivered. Guests will receive the same white bathrobe and slippers that Kevin had. The suite costs $800 a night

TMZ says Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had a secret dinner on Tuesday at a Staten Island restaurant called Campania. They entered through the back door and ate pizza and pasta. Kim is staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan. Pete lives with his mother most of the time. A source tells the NY Post, ''Pete arranged a dinner on the rooftop privately. It was just the two of them. They quietly were able to sneak in and out.''

Radar Online says Kim and Pete's date was filmed for the Kardashian's new Hulu show

The Sun says Kim and Pete had another date last night in New York City. They arrived separately to try and throw off the paparazzi

The Sun says Kanye West is outraged that his friend, Pete Davidson, held hands with Kim Kardashian last weekend while they were at a California theme park. A source tells the newspaper, “Kanye was really put off by Kim holding hands with Pete and he did not like it at all. He asked Kim to ‘please refrain’ from showing public display of affection with anyone until their divorced is finalized. He told her that it doesn’t look good for their family and it doesn’t look good for her, or in the ‘eyes of God.' Kris’s biggest concern is that Kanye will try to use this against her in the divorce proceedings. But the truth is that Kanye is no longer considered part of the Kardashian family and it drives him crazy how quick they were to dismiss him."

Woman's Day magazine says George and Amal Clooney will allegedly try for a third baby while he is in Australia filming his new movie. A source tells the magazine, “They’ve been talking about rolling the dice and trying for another child for a while now, but it took some time for George to get on board. Amal’s super clucky though, and she’s managed to talk him into at least trying for baby number three, and if it happens, it happens. She’s hoping they’ll manage it while they’re relaxed and happy in Australia, far from their demanding schedules in Los Angeles and London.''

In his new memoir, ''Will'', Will Smith writes that he fell in love with Stockard Channing while filming the movie ''Six Degrees of Separation''. He says he was married to his first wife, Sheree, at the time. “Sheree and I were in the first few months of our marriage with a brand-new baby and for Sheree, I can imagine that this experience was unsettling to say the least. She’d married a guy named Will Smith and now she was living with a guy named Paul Poitier,” his character’s name in the movie. “And to make matters worse, during shooting I fell in love with Stockard Channing. After the film wrapped, Sheree and Trey and I moved back to L.A. Our marriage was off to a rocky start. I found myself desperately yearning to see and speak to Stockard.”

Entertainment Tonight says Machine Gun Kelly is planning to propose to Megan Fox. A source tells the TV show, "He has been telling friends that he is planning to propose. They're very in love and beyond obsessed with each other. They are ready to take this next step in their relationship."

Kristen Stewart tells Howard Stern that she wants Guy Fieri to officiate her wedding to Dylan Meyer. ''We're either going to have like no one, we're just going to do it ourselves and just not have somebody officiate to sort of have another party involved in our moment. But we did hear that Guy Fieri from the Food Network officiates a lot of gay weddings.''

TMZ says Joe Exotic's cancer has returned. He posted; ''I have to tell you the doctors called me in today to break the news that my prostate biopsy came back with an aggressive cancer, I am still waiting on the results from other test as well. Right now I don’t want anyone’s pity and I’m sure Carole Will have her own party over this! What I need is the world to be my voice to be released, they have the proof I DID NOT DO THIS! And there is no reason for the district attorney to drag this out, So I can go home and get treatment on my own or enjoy what life I have left with my loved ones! Say a prayer everyone & be my voice''

Lady Gaga tells Vogue magazine that she spent nine months perfecting her Italian accent for the new movie ''House of Gucci''. “It is three years since I started working on it,” Gaga said. “And I will be fully honest and transparent: I lived as [Reggiani] for a year and a half. And I spoke with an accent for nine months of that. Off-camera, I never broke. I stayed with her.” She plays Patrizia Reggiani

The Daily Mail says rapper Cardi B has offered to officiate Kal Penn's wedding.Kal posted; 'Cardi B was on my flight to LA. I fell asleep and had a dream that she officiated our wedding on the plane and the three of us walked out of LAX holding hands.' Cardi responded; 'First, why didn’t you say hi! Second, I’m licensed to do that sooo……..let me know.'



Smile (62%)

Body type (60%)

Eyes (59%)

Hair (43%)

Voice (37%)


Smile (62%)

Body type (60%)

Eyes (59%)

Hair (43%)

Voice (37%)

Top 10 Grossest Things Pets Do ... According to a new survey by Vileda

1. Sit on the sofa

2. Sniff their owner

3. Roll in the grass

4. Sleep in their owner’s bed

5. Kiss their owner/let their owner kiss them

6. Vomit on the floor

7. Walk mud around the house after a walk/being outside with dirty paws

8. Bring in things from outside such as dirt etc.

9. Lick their owner’s face

10. Cuddle up with their owner’s children

Dear Fonseca

My fiance and I are planning our bachelor and bachelorette parties. We were out last weekend with our friends when we started drinking and joking about having one final Hall Pass before marriage. I thought he was kidding until he brought it up again at dinner on Tuesday night. I was totally against it until I thought about it all day yesterday. Now, I'm kind of into the idea. What do you think? Will it hurt or help us? Should we do it?

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