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Fonseca Trending 11/04/20


- As of 2 a.m. Eastern time, votes were still being counted in Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia. Both candidates were still short of the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the presidency

- The NY Post says 800,000 swing state voters received robocalls yesterday telling them to stay home. The FBI is investigating and trying to find out, who placed the calls. A robotic, monotone voice told people to 'stay home and stay safe.'

roBible says Kanye West voted for himself yesterday before posting the following message: ''The first vote of my life         We are here to serve      We pray for every servant leader in the world''.  Kanye only voted for himself and left the rest of his ballot blank 

- WTNH says DJs performed at some polling places around the country yesterday while musicians and magicians performed at others. Some voters ordered pizza while waiting in line to cast their ballot 

- WMTW says Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway has tested positive for the coronavirus. He is feeling well and working from home 


Kanye West's Presidential Bid Flops: The Daily Beast says Kanye West spent $10.3 million on his Presidential campaign. He appeared on the ballot in just 12 states.

Kanye captured .4% of the vote in Utah, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Vermont.

Kanye garnered .3% of the vote in Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Kanye got .2% of the vote in Louisiana, Idaho and Colorado.

Heat magazine says Hollywood producers are offering Adele blank checks to star in movies and television shows because of her performance on ''Saturday Night Live.''

A source tells the magazine,  "Adele is being wooed by Hollywood movie bosses as a bonafide actress. There's nobody in Europe or America with a hotter rep right now, and while she's been getting these offers for years, it's hard to imagine her star getting any brighter, so the feeling is that she'd be wise to move now. While she lost weight for herself and her own happiness, she knows this more glamorous image is more appealing to Hollywood producers. She's so happy with how she looks, and her Saturday Night Live appearance was the first proper public debut of her transformation. She'll always be a north London girl, but this is her life now and she wants to make the most of it." says Taylor Swift can't wait to tour again. A source tells the website,  “Taylor has been pretty chill with how quarantine has been going. She has had a lot of time to spend with loved ones and obviously work on music. She does miss performing live and is really looking forward to go back on tour sooner than later,” our insider tells us. And Taylor’s not only looking forward to her own schedule returning back to normal. “She’s eager to see her friends perform again and see boyfriend Joe Alwyn go back to work on a more consistent basis. She is handling it as well as one would expect.'' says Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani plan to marry in 2021.A source tells the website, “The goal for Blake and Gwen would be to get married after COVID so they have a chance to celebrate with everyone they want there. Planning is already taking place and the dream would be later next year [2021], when hopefully everyone is out of this COVID mess, or it is at least more contained.” says prison is scaring Lori Loughlin.A source tells the website, ''Lori is scared to be in prison but she can’t wait to get this over with. She hasn’t been thinking about anything but putting this behind her as quickly as possible and moving forward with her life. This has been a nightmare that she never thought would happen.”

The Star says Nicole Kidman is allegedly setting Charlize Theron up on dates with men from Nashville.A source tells the magazine, “Charlize gave up on finding love in Hollywood and Nicole believes she could find someone special and down-to-earth in Nashville. She has male friends who are 180 degrees from what you’d find in L.A, which is a huge draw for Charlize.”

People Using Coronavirus Masks To Be Unfaithful

The dating website Gleeden says people are using coronavirus masks to hide their infidelity. They conducted a new study and found,  “Seven out of ten unfaithful are finally able to visit their lover or mistress without dreading being seen and identified by the neighbors. Having the face covered by the mask helps travelling incognito and 76% of responders admitted that face masks have become a big help indeed when it comes to meeting with their lovers in daylight.”

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